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Captain Green Reviews

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About Captain Green, Solar Installers

Captain Green Solar is one of Australia's leading Solar Company's installing solar power systems for both residential and commercial customers. We take pride in delivering top of the line solar products at unbeatable prices. Our vision is to make going solar easy and affordable to all Australians and we guarantee to beat any advertised price by 10%.

Captain Green Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Sales let us down took longer for the instillation to take place, which was over eight weeks. Installers were outstanding and could not have been more helpful and left no rubbish on the site. Show additional information
After waiting 14 weeks I finally received my $500 deposit back due to Captain Green being unable to follow through with the contract.I was told when I signed up and paid my deposit it would be 4-6 weeks until installation. At 7 weeks I rang they said they were waiting on other people in my area to get approval and it would be another couple of weeks.
Still no calls so I rang again after 9 weeks, they said another 2 weeks. They came out unannounced on Saturday night at 6.00pm when I was going to a wedding saying they would be at my place in the morning.They came, got in the roof and said they were unable to fit the panels as my roof tiles (Monier) terracotta which are all over my estate, were too thick for the brackets and they would have to source new brackets.I rang the office Monday and was told the brackets would be sourced and installation would be the following weekend. No show, no phone call so my husband rang and was told it would be another 2 weeks.received a phone call from the office saying they couldn't get the brackets and they were refunding my deposit along with the permission letter from the electricity company.
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Finding a contractor to instal the system for my 45deg. roof was obviously difficult for Captain Green and the process after paying the deposit was frustrating and protracted but also understandable given I only ever received one quote from 10 providers for the job. The installation and follow up was excellent. I am extremely happy with my new system. Show additional information
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Yes i was told I could only have a 2 kW system because of existing system 3.3 kW doing my research so I challenged that and was told they could fit a 3 kW system which they then found out by my energy supplier I could have a 5 kW system which they fitted and told me the wrong size cable to fit twice it cost me money then they didn’t upgrade the inverter wiring and Circuit breakers and caused damage to my shed and carport roof 9.9.2017.I'im still trying to get compensation for that i got quotes for the damage like they wanted (captain green solar) they offered me a third of the price of the damage I wouldn’t recommend them to do anything for anyone. And it’s still ongoing 21.09.2017 apart from the last installer witch fixed the electrical issues he was very good. Captain Green needs to educate the people on the phone telling the customers what they can and cant have. Its been a very bad experience. I wish I could send them a bill for all the time I’ve wasted on this issue that’s still not fixed. Show additional information
All work done very professionally and kept us updated with the progress. Provided an upgrade of the inverter from 4kW to 5kW with no extra cost. Net meter installation was arranged earlier than expected and within 6 weeks of accepting the quote we started getting the full benefit from our Solar system. Overall we are quite happy with choosing Captaingreen Solar. Show additional information
Unimpressed with installation and misinformed by colin during the sale. Show additional information
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The installers didn't actually connect the solar to the power box and seemed to not know exactly how to deal with our old household electrical system but luckily Captain Green got a really good electrician to come in and fix it for us. Show additional information
Captain Green presented an ad in a local paper that offered a great deal on a large solar system. Show additional information
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The only difficulty was the length of time taken by Essential Energy to OK installation Show additional information
You can use this information using my first name only. Show additional information
Very impressed with experience of using Captain Green as our solar installers. The only faults we found was with the lack of promptness in dealing with our questions leading to the installation as well as their acknowledgement that we had made our final payment. Show additional information
Had 6.48 kw JINKO 270watt x24,zeverlution 5000 inverter wifi free extend warranty system is great last bill was only $130.normally in winter around under$400 can’t wait for summer to see what it will price was amazing no one could do lower than captain green service was ok 3 tiles broken but had spares and are terracotta tiles..install was good had to fiddle a bit to get all straight due to roof not as straight as use to be had to get back couple times to fix up cables otherwise fantastic Show additional information
Tony sales man is one of best always keeping us informed of how things where in place TREVOR Show additional information
It is a year since we had our solar installed and it is still not connected to the grid. We spent $11 000 on a 7 kW system. An inverter was attached to each panel due to our uneven roof. After payment is made there is NO customer service. We have been left to figure this out on our own which we have not been able to do despite trying to work it out with our provider (AGL). I have finally had to hire an independent person to sort it out. There is a simple step that Captain Green have not completed.
Unbelievably angry and frustrated! So far it's been $11k for nothing!!!

Supplier Reply

In Summary, Client had a Solar system installed on the 20th of September 2016.

Client emailed on the 26th of Jan to [email protected] stating that her bills were too high, so we asked for copies of the bill.

Upon looking at the bill it was clear that AGL was not providing the customer with Solar Feed-in Rebate.

So we contacted Ausgrid (Grid Provider) to confirm that the solar meter was installed. Ausgrid (Grid Provider) had confirmed that a Bi-directional Solar Meter was installed on the 22nd of September 2016.

We then proceeded to inform the client that she will need to contact her Retailer and advise of issue.

We would love to be a able to contact the retailer on her behalf, but the retailer would not communicate with us on behalf of the account holder.

We then informed the customer the below:

"Hi Carrie,

Apologies for the delays in getting back to you.

Upon looking at your bills we can confirm the following:
AGL is not providing you with a Solar Credit for energy sent back to the grid (as of the 21 Nov 16 Bill). Ausgrid (Grid Provider) have confirmed that a Bi-directional Solar Meter was installed on the 18th of September 2016.

You will need to contact AGL and inform them of the above, they will then credit your bill with the relevant solar feed-in.

We would have done this on your behalf but are unable to due to privacy restrictions.

Let me know how you go.


Since that email there was no correspondence from the client with relation to the issue, we were under the assumption that the issue has been resolved

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I had a 3.2 kw 12 panel North West facing system already installed within the last year by Euro Solar . I wanted to expand to 5kw. I couldn't even get Euro Solar to give me the missing wifi antenna and as a result I went with Captain Green for the remaining 2kw having a 9 panel North East facing system. Captain Greens panels produce 2kw more each day than the other system and the wifi antenna was installed :). Show additional information
Generally very happy with the product and service. Show additional information
Fast installation, only took 2 weeks from signing the contract to get the panels installed. Zeversolar inverter and Jinko panels were used. Slowest part was waiting for the meter changeover.

Very neat installation with cables run behind walls to the meter box rather than through conduit across walls. Installers very professional, showed up when they said they would and cleaned up after themselves and took all garbage with them. Listened to what I wanted and installed the panels as requested.
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There was a mix up over extra charge for two story and roof pitch which increased the price markedly but I decided to use them anyway as price was still competitive, Colin was a nice guy to talk to, and the installers were absolutely brilliant...VERY happy! Show additional information
The inverter supplied had a error fault on the second day then a couple more times after that so for a couple of days had no solar.The new inverter only arrived 11/9/17 took 3 weeks wont be changed till 15/9/17.So this is a little disappointing . So it looks like if you need to use the warranty the turn around to be fixed will be a while. No solar = more money I am losing.But the installers were tidy and pleasant. Show additional information
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Whole process from start to finish was very professional. Sales rep was very informative, paperwork flow was flawless and the install was excellent. Special thanks to the installers who turned up on time, walked me through the process, completed the job in a timely manner and even helped me get the wifi comms going. The actual install was straight and level and the inverter and associated equipment was neatly attached to my utility wall. Show additional information
Captain Green Solar have been good - all delays so far have been caused by Essential Energy and our retailer, Red Energy. Essential Energy caused a delay of at least seven weeks before installation work was approved to proceed. Installation has not yet begun but is soon to happen, according to Captain Green. Show additional information
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Easy process from discussing my needs, getting a quote/price, 10% deposit and a satisfactory installation time. The installers were professional and knowledgeable and efficient.
The payment to settle account was easy and their backup documentation regarding receipts, warrranty infomation was forthcoming promptly.
Overall very satisfied.
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Although early days yet- (still waiting on Meter install) the installation by Captain Green crew was faultless; efficient; quick (<4 hrs 24 panels); the crew were courteous, well mannered, and obviously skilled. we were left with an understanding of operation etc and NO broken roof tiles and a NEAT install.
When considering which system and company to go with I was a little concerned that the install would be conducted by less than skilled trades people (rumours from some) -so I was pleasantly surprised when the crew arrived and proceeded to work. the site was left free of debris and clean. AAAAA service.
Hopefully the equipment will do all it states and that no Warranty work will be needed.
NB when you get your solar quote make sure that your meter, smart meter and all accessories are included - or you will be buying on equipment price and install ONLY! ie a good quality 5KW system should cost around $6,000 all up!
Very happy camper to date!
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no Show additional information
The whole process was handled very well by everyone I spoke to. On the day of the installation the fellows arrived on time. It was a really good group of fellows and in no time the panels were on the roof. The inverter was explained to me and off they went. No mess, no fuss just good old fashioned service that is oft times hard to find these days. Thank you all. Show additional information
The sales team did not try to sell me a system which was too expensive but a good system which was very reasonable and explained all the options available . From the time I accepted the quote, completed the paperwork and paid the initial 10% deposit the system was installed within two weeks. The first guy came at 8.15 am and the other two guys
came a bit later . Because of the dew in the morning the roof tiles were wet and slippery and the team leader went on the 2nd storey roof and did the measure up .
The whole job was completed between 1.30pm /2.00pm .
I have no hesitation in recommending Captain Green Solar to anyone who require their services .

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As the roof profile was unusual, I visited the Captain Green Solar office and warehouse to get a better understanding of the issue for the supplier in fitting tilting panels to the roof. I was very impressed by their attention to the standards to be met by the fixing system they proposed using, and also by the quality of the fixing brackets and supporting legs and frame materials. Altogether very good quality - both the product and the installer's approach. Show additional information
Took 6 months, from deposit till instalation. Show additional information
Great customer service and installation were great, I didn't expect the system to be installed so quick and smooth. I would recommend Captain Green to all my friends!! Show additional information
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From Start to finish, Captain Green were professional and had a good knowledge of the industry.
Tony the salesman was very easy to talk to and understood the issues I had.
Installers were amazing. Carried out work in around 5 hours, tested the unit twice to ensure working correctly and even set up the wireless system.
Very neat a clean job, would recommend Captain Green and installer in Perth
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Very professional service and delivery. Installation was done ahead of expected time by two very good operatives. Show additional information
Installation was difficult when we had such wet weather however we worked together to come up with an acceptable solution
This was important as it was for a holiday house and I had to arrange to be there to accommodate access.
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The Solar panel installers arrived early and installed the panels and connected the Solar to the fuse box, switched on the electricity, completed the paperwork all in 4 hours.
The installers were friendly and efficient. A very good service/job. Very happy
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An integral part of the process is the installation and supply of a net meter and the relative tariffs. This research I had to do myself and most would find it difficult. Perhaps this is a second niche for you. Show additional information
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I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with the installation, installation team was professional and they did a top notch work I must say. I would like to extend my special thanks to Belal & other co-workers for taking ownership and delivering top quality work. Show additional information
Friendly non- pushy staff , easy to deal with. Was not pressured on upsells etc , which I hate when looking at buying goods or services. They were able to answer questions I had honestly without sounding like they were reading from a script. Would recommend this company to anyone looking at solar in particular to people that may not know a lot about solar technology
The system is performing better than I thought and that is including on the wettest day we have had in Perth during Summer. The installers who came out were friendly and did a great job on the install.
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This is the 2nd system Captain Green has installed.
From sales to installation they were very professional.
Brendan installed the system and did a great job.
I would recommend Captain Green to anyone considering a new solar system.
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Your website gave a convenient way to get three quotes from companies that had presumably been screened in some way. It is a pity that two took more than a week to respond, though I fully understand that December was a hectic time for them.

Now I have to chase up Captain Green - they said they'd install late January but I haven't heard from them. I'm not in a rush but a quick update email would have been nice.

Thanks for reminding me to do your survey. I'm glad I finally found the time.
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