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About Captain Green, Solar Installers

Captain Green Solar is one of Australia's leading Solar Company's installing solar power systems for both residential and commercial customers. We take pride in delivering top of the line solar products at unbeatable prices. Our vision is to make going solar easy and affordable to all Australians.

Captain Green Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I paid a deposit on the 4th December 2017, now 15 March 2018 and still no date for the install many excuses but no action so far.
I was promised a call back as the person concerned had just gone to to a meeting, that was 4 days ago and she still has not contacted me.
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Happy with system and service from CaptainGreen. Did have some hicups with Essential Energy only allowing export of 3kw from 5 + kW system which needed more expensive inverter from Fronius (Primo). Having monitored system for 12 months this is a limitation of the power line/transformer as anything over this will generally cause inverter to go in to voltage reduction mode. Still would go with 5kw system as it maintains a higher average export on overcast days and morning/afternoon. Must have Fronius smartmeter option fitted as will allow output to reach full 5kw when consuming own power for washing etc. So far best result has been a $300.00 credit on last quarter account. Show additional information
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Too early to tell. Show additional information
This is the 3rd solar system I have had installed on various properties. Captain Green are by far the most professional, knowlegable and affordable company I have dealt with. Their customer service has been second to none and their after sales has been amazing.
My system was installed 2 weeks ago which was well within the quoted time period. I was kept up to date throughout the entire process.
The installers were professional, tidy and went out of their way to ensure that I was happy with the placement of the panels and the position of the inverter. They cleaned up after themselves and took the time to walk me through the system operation and how to use it.
After sales service has been amazing. The phone app is simple to install and use.
I highly recommend Captain Green. Their years of experience and knowledge is evident.
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Great service from start to finish. Knowledgeable sales staff who explained everything thoroughly.

Installation was done within the allotted time frame by Jackson and his team. They done a brilliant job and explained exactly how the solar system works.

Would recommend to anyone seeking best quality and best price.

Looking foward to my next bill !
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We bought our system, end of November and because of the Christmas rush and the holiday season, our solar didn't get started till the new year ...but we were fine with that, as we needed that time to reposition and renew our Metre Box and get that signed off-on, by, our Electricity Provider. We had 1 or 2 hiccups along the way, but at the end of the day, those issues were overcome and we are very pleased with the end results.

Our thanks to Saad who sold us our 5Kw Solar system......"Saad thank you for taking the time to listen to me, explaining the process, the product mechanics, solar package option's to suit our budget and walking me thru the process up to the installation of the panels. I appreciate that you took the time to answer all of my questions (of which, I had lots) I thank you that you were very generous with your time and I appreciated you returning calls and keeping in touch -- You kept this customer informed and happy.Thanks
"We are Very Happy with the finished work".

To the Installers - Our panels look great. "Thank you Neil and your offsider, for a job well done, for putting our 20+panels on our tin shed roof on a very hot, hot, hot day. Really Great job Guys. Cheers". go "Smart Power Solutions'
The installers were on time, no messing about, no mess left behind and they got the Job done quickly.
Neil walked me thru the installation and liaised with me, keeping me in the loop of a couple of small changes and then took me thru the workings of the system that I needed to know about, when the instalation was completed.
Thank you again for the great job you did ..

Would we recommend Captain Green Solar and the Solar Installers ? YES!! and YES!!- And we have already recommended Captain Green Solar to Friends who are looking at installing solar.
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I waited around 8 weeks from the time I paid the deposit through to installation. But I expected this so no surprises. As soon as I was allocated an installer I contacted him & negotiated an installation date. Local installer too which was reassuring. Took the team of 4 blokes just over half a day to install 24 Jinko 270w panels with ZeverSolar Inverter. I'm loving the ZeverCloud & daily emails reporting the solar activity. With full sun the Jinkos are punching out big numbers. Really happy with this solar experience. Great quality & price. 10 year inverter warranty is a massive bonus too! Show additional information
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Very quick response from the suppliers. They contacted me alot quicker than I expected. However, the end of the year and the reduction of the government subsidy was drawing near. By the time the surveyors would arrive at my place and give me a quote, the grant would have been lost. Hence, my family made a quick decision to go with a Supplier with a fixed price that offered the government subsidy Show additional information
They haven't installed it yet and I ordered it in the middle of December, they said they've got someone coming to do all the installations in Lithgow next week Show additional information
We had a solar system quoted and deposit paid for in early November and hadn't received much communication after that regarding progress or when the system will be installed. Until about 6 weeks later and only after I made contact with Captain Green Solar that the system wouldn't be install until the new year. I accepted the fact it was close to Christmas and it is a busy period of the year but wasn't given a fixed date for installation.
After not receiving a call at the beginning of January I waited till the second week before contacting CGS again, and was subsequently told that the installation will bepbut back further to February. I accepted the appointment at the earliest date possible for Monday the 5th of February.
On the 5th no one turned up and I called CGS in the morning to see what was happening and received a phone call from the installer that he couldn't make it saying he was given the wrong date from CGS and he would like to make another appointment to come out. The installer had come out on the following Saturday and told me it will done over 3 days. Installation of such system should only take a day or two.

Very disappointed in the communication with CGS. If I hadn't called to ask for progress or even push to get anything done I wouldn't even have a solar system to install.

CGS needs to improve customer contact or decrease the amount of expectation they put on the customer about CGS providing exceptional customer service.
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Suggest you shop around and get at least 3 quotes from different providers because you get a range of different opinions and prices.
Make sure all items are included and costed into the quote separately.
Check carefully and make sure you get the panels in the best place for efficiency and not just the easiest option for the installers.
Check the warranty offered and conditions
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The Guys did a very good job. Fantastic service. I can recommend them. Show additional information
Installers were very meticulous in identifying most efficient nesting for the x23 panels and the location of the inverter inside the garage o/s wall. Meter installer was friendly and efficient and was very impressed with the installation job. Show additional information
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I could not receive solar feed in rebate yet. Show additional information
The staff from Captain Green have been extremely helpful and polite. They have been available to answer my questions. One of the reasons for choosing them was that they are situated not far from my home, I have called a couple of times and they have assisted. I did have problems with Origin's form to change my meter and once again the staff at Captain Green came to my aid. The installation staff were polite and my home was left clean and tidy. Show additional information
Prompt service with good panel installers and meter installers Show additional information
Responded to newspaper advert by contacting CGS's Saad. Full quotation including technical description based on Jinko 270W panels and 5kW Zever inverter emailed to me same day (23/10/17). Indicative timeframe of 4-5 weeks. Order placed by return email with deposit. SEG form provided by CGS forwarded to SAPN and approval received on 31/10/17. Advice received from CGS 3 weeks later of panels and inverter being shipped to Adelaide, followed by phone contact from CGS's installer (TA Reliable Electrical). System installed on 30/11/17 and 1/12/17 (not made easy due to very hot weather). Whole process was straight-forward and was impressed by attention to detail and ability to answer questions by both CGS and TA Reliable Electrical. System is performing well and on-line monitoring on PC via ZeverCloud is useful. Happy to give 5 stars on the basis of CGS delivering the system as contracted, on time, without 'hidden extras' and significantly better value for money that other quotes. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Every thing went fine.The only issue was the installer left some tiles of the roof. I put them back in without much trouble Show additional information
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Sales let us down took longer for the instillation to take place, which was over eight weeks. Installers were outstanding and could not have been more helpful and left no rubbish on the site. Show additional information
After waiting 14 weeks I finally received my $500 deposit back due to Captain Green being unable to follow through with the contract.I was told when I signed up and paid my deposit it would be 4-6 weeks until installation. At 7 weeks I rang they said they were waiting on other people in my area to get approval and it would be another couple of weeks.
Still no calls so I rang again after 9 weeks, they said another 2 weeks. They came out unannounced on Saturday night at 6.00pm when I was going to a wedding saying they would be at my place in the morning.They came, got in the roof and said they were unable to fit the panels as my roof tiles (Monier) terracotta which are all over my estate, were too thick for the brackets and they would have to source new brackets.I rang the office Monday and was told the brackets would be sourced and installation would be the following weekend. No show, no phone call so my husband rang and was told it would be another 2 weeks.received a phone call from the office saying they couldn't get the brackets and they were refunding my deposit along with the permission letter from the electricity company.

Supplier Reply

Hi Maureen, we are sorry to hear of your poor experience with us. Given the unprecedented increase in orders coming in we were unable to tend to your Solar install with in the proposed time frame.

Once we were aware of the situation , we advised you to allow upto 2 weeks for us to source the suitable brackets. Captain Green had also informed you that if the brackets were not sourced within the 2 weeks you had the option to cancel the contract and get a full refund on the deposit . During this period we contacted over a dozen Solar wholesalers for the brackets but were not able to source the right ones. Following this we advised your husband of this who requested a cancellation, which we complied with.

Having installed over 5000 systems nationwide , we have come across a varying degree of pre-installation issues and we can say with certainty that each time these issues were dealt with in a manner which did not comprimise on our quality of work .

Do accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused and we will strive to improve our internal systems to ensure such circumstances do not present themselves in the future.

We wish you the best of luck with your Solar Endavours.

If you have any further questions with relation to the above feel free to contact us on 1300 361 682 or via [email protected]

Captain Green Solar
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Finding a contractor to instal the system for my 45deg. roof was obviously difficult for Captain Green and the process after paying the deposit was frustrating and protracted but also understandable given I only ever received one quote from 10 providers for the job. The installation and follow up was excellent. I am extremely happy with my new system. Show additional information
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Yes i was told I could only have a 2 kW system because of existing system 3.3 kW doing my research so I challenged that and was told they could fit a 3 kW system which they then found out by my energy supplier I could have a 5 kW system which they fitted and told me the wrong size cable to fit twice it cost me money then they didn’t upgrade the inverter wiring and Circuit breakers and caused damage to my shed and carport roof 9.9.2017.I'im still trying to get compensation for that i got quotes for the damage like they wanted (captain green solar) they offered me a third of the price of the damage I wouldn’t recommend them to do anything for anyone. And it’s still ongoing 21.09.2017 apart from the last installer witch fixed the electrical issues he was very good. Captain Green needs to educate the people on the phone telling the customers what they can and cant have. Its been a very bad experience. I wish I could send them a bill for all the time I’ve wasted on this issue that’s still not fixed.

Supplier Reply

Hi Jamie,

Thank you for the feedback, please see our response below.

At Captain Green we strive to offer the best system suitable to our clients need, without comprising on quality or cost.

In your situation, the existing system had prompted us to only offer the 3kW system instead of the 6.48kW system on special. Reason for this was Ausgrid would usually approve application for systems larger than 5kW with an export limitation condition (meaning you would not be able to feed in anything more than 5kW)

Once the 3kW system was installed, you had informed us that Ausgrid did in fact allow more than 5kW to be installed without any restriction, so we offered to fix this by giving you the special on the 6.48kW that was running during the time of your first purchase.

During the installation of the second system our team did make a few errors, these were rectified by our head installer our from Sydney. With relation to the dents we offered you a $1200 goodwill to make sure we can keep a strong relationship going, despite our short comings.

Do know that if any further issues were to arise with you Solar system or you had any questions with relation to it, we are always here to help. You can reach us on 1300 361 682 or via [email protected]

Captain Green Solar
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All work done very professionally and kept us updated with the progress. Provided an upgrade of the inverter from 4kW to 5kW with no extra cost. Net meter installation was arranged earlier than expected and within 6 weeks of accepting the quote we started getting the full benefit from our Solar system. Overall we are quite happy with choosing Captaingreen Solar. Show additional information
Unimpressed with installation and misinformed by colin during the sale.

Supplier Reply

Hi Daniel ,

We are sorry to hear for your experience with Captain Green.

Unfortunately we do not have enough information to locate you on our database and address your concerns.

If you could please contact our team directly on 1300 361 682 or email us at [email protected] we will do everything possible to rectify the situation.

Best Regards
Captain Green
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The installers didn't actually connect the solar to the power box and seemed to not know exactly how to deal with our old household electrical system but luckily Captain Green got a really good electrician to come in and fix it for us. Show additional information
Captain Green presented an ad in a local paper that offered a great deal on a large solar system. Show additional information
Show additional information
The only difficulty was the length of time taken by Essential Energy to OK installation Show additional information
You can use this information using my first name only. Show additional information
Very impressed with experience of using Captain Green as our solar installers. The only faults we found was with the lack of promptness in dealing with our questions leading to the installation as well as their acknowledgement that we had made our final payment. Show additional information
Had 6.48 kw JINKO 270watt x24,zeverlution 5000 inverter wifi free extend warranty system is great last bill was only $130.normally in winter around under$400 can’t wait for summer to see what it will price was amazing no one could do lower than captain green service was ok 3 tiles broken but had spares and are terracotta tiles..install was good had to fiddle a bit to get all straight due to roof not as straight as use to be had to get back couple times to fix up cables otherwise fantastic Show additional information
Tony sales man is one of best always keeping us informed of how things where in place TREVOR Show additional information
It is a year since we had our solar installed and it is still not connected to the grid. We spent $11 000 on a 7 kW system. An inverter was attached to each panel due to our uneven roof. After payment is made there is NO customer service. We have been left to figure this out on our own which we have not been able to do despite trying to work it out with our provider (AGL). I have finally had to hire an independent person to sort it out. There is a simple step that Captain Green have not completed.
Unbelievably angry and frustrated! So far it's been $11k for nothing!!!

Supplier Reply

In Summary, Client had a Solar system installed on the 20th of September 2016.

Client emailed on the 26th of Jan to [email protected] stating that her bills were too high, so we asked for copies of the bill.

Upon looking at the bill it was clear that AGL was not providing the customer with Solar Feed-in Rebate.

So we contacted Ausgrid (Grid Provider) to confirm that the solar meter was installed. Ausgrid (Grid Provider) had confirmed that a Bi-directional Solar Meter was installed on the 22nd of September 2016.

We then proceeded to inform the client that she will need to contact her Retailer and advise of issue.

We would love to be a able to contact the retailer on her behalf, but the retailer would not communicate with us on behalf of the account holder.

We then informed the customer the below:

"Hi Carrie,

Apologies for the delays in getting back to you.

Upon looking at your bills we can confirm the following:
AGL is not providing you with a Solar Credit for energy sent back to the grid (as of the 21 Nov 16 Bill). Ausgrid (Grid Provider) have confirmed that a Bi-directional Solar Meter was installed on the 18th of September 2016.

You will need to contact AGL and inform them of the above, they will then credit your bill with the relevant solar feed-in.

We would have done this on your behalf but are unable to due to privacy restrictions.

Let me know how you go.


Since that email there was no correspondence from the client with relation to the issue, we were under the assumption that the issue has been resolved

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I had a 3.2 kw 12 panel North West facing system already installed within the last year by Euro Solar . I wanted to expand to 5kw. I couldn't even get Euro Solar to give me the missing wifi antenna and as a result I went with Captain Green for the remaining 2kw having a 9 panel North East facing system. Captain Greens panels produce 2kw more each day than the other system and the wifi antenna was installed :). Show additional information
Generally very happy with the product and service. Show additional information
Fast installation, only took 2 weeks from signing the contract to get the panels installed. Zeversolar inverter and Jinko panels were used. Slowest part was waiting for the meter changeover.

Very neat installation with cables run behind walls to the meter box rather than through conduit across walls. Installers very professional, showed up when they said they would and cleaned up after themselves and took all garbage with them. Listened to what I wanted and installed the panels as requested.
Show additional information
There was a mix up over extra charge for two story and roof pitch which increased the price markedly but I decided to use them anyway as price was still competitive, Colin was a nice guy to talk to, and the installers were absolutely brilliant...VERY happy! Show additional information
The inverter supplied had a error fault on the second day then a couple more times after that so for a couple of days had no solar.The new inverter only arrived 11/9/17 took 3 weeks wont be changed till 15/9/17.So this is a little disappointing . So it looks like if you need to use the warranty the turn around to be fixed will be a while. No solar = more money I am losing.But the installers were tidy and pleasant. Show additional information
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