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Have you bought a solar system since you got your quote? Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with? Mark Group
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes? Other - see below:
Other... The only company that come to site
What size system did you go for? 5kW
How much did you spend? $10,000 to $15,000
Value for Money: 3*
Quality of System: 3*
Installation: 1*
Customer Service: 1*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?
Worst experience ever!!If I had my time again I would have cancelled the Bank check! My children could have installed the system better than these cowboys! I acted in good faith and called the Sales guy Mike Dudley, didnt want know me after I had signed! Called head office, got the install mans number, took him 2 weeks to come back and all he did was straighten 1 panel. I repeatedly told the installer that all feet attached to the rack on my roof are not straight and all panels are not staight, so when you look up my roof not one panel lines up and all feet attached to the roof are not straight. They even scratched the colour bond guttering! Told the installer 3 times to call before arriving and he turned up when we were out! Called head office again to make a complaint, was told I would get a call back from management... that was last week.
Would have to be the worst tradesmen I have ever encounted, they were gone in 4 hours after installing a 5kw system. Now every time I look up to my roof I am sorry I ever went near this Mark Group!
I will at every chance tell everyone by mouth or electronically avoid these cowboys!! No wonder you don't see their advertising!!.