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Have you bought a solar system since you got your quote? Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with? Mark Group
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes? Best Quality System
Best Service
What size system did you go for? 2kW
How much did you spend? $10,000 to $15,000
Value for Money: N/A
Quality of System: 5*
Installation: 4*
Customer Service: 4*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?
We installed an 8 panel 2.5kw system (we hope its fantastic), probably $3k more than initial system 12 panel 2.5kw we'd chosen. We had to change as the initial system wouldn't fit on our roof space and I didn't want to go smaller. Good advice from both sales and installers and very helpful admin.

We still aren't operating yet but this is due to the Safety inspector not advising and paper work not arriving with our electricity supplier. First we found out about this was a letter from our distribution company (Jemena).

We live in hope that when it is all finally running it delivers. Mark Group even sent out a sparky 2 months later just to check on the installation.

Well done Mark Group!