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My Energy Group’s vision is to become the leader in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry with the most affordable cost and the most reliable service. 

My Energy Group is a National Provider of Solar Power and LED Lighting solutions from Residential Home Owners to Full-Scale Commercial Systems. In what has now become one of the fastest growing industries, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the latest technologies while providing affordable, quality products with service that cannot be beaten.

At My Energy, we are aiming to make a positive difference to the clients, environment, and society in whatever we do with a combined experience of 50 years within the industry.

The migration to renewable energy is strongly supported by the Australian Federal Government with REC as well as the state-based NSW ESC program and VIC VEET scheme. These initiatives are helping Australians save electricity by switching to renewable energy.


Reviewers report paying: $3,500 - $8,750 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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Great system

We have a partially shaded roof and wanted solar to offset pool costs.

Tom designed a great system and quote to maximise the roof space and sun available.

The installers were professional, clean and polite and too about 6 hours.

We are enjoying the benefits now and savings!
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Reasonable price for good panels but poor post sale/installation support and ongoing inverter issues.

Sales experience was great. Unfortunately, once the panels were installed we had issues.

Sales process was great, with excellent planning and support through the process including revising the size of the installation.

Issues began to occur once the payment was made.

Firstly, of the three members of the install team, only one spoke English (and only a little). which was concerning as it made it hard to understand the process and to ask questions. There was no explanation of what they would and how they would do it.

Once installed, we had issues with the inverter and consumption monitoring part of the Solar Edge app, which would intermittently drop out (sometimes for days at a time).

This issue is yet to be rectified and getting a response from My Energy Group is difficult. We have had the installer come to check out the inverter but so far there is no resolution.

Furthermore, we had an electrician look at the installation of the switch for the solar inverter on our circuit board and their view was that the switch was barley connected to the wiring and had not been well installed.

I am happy with the sales process and panels, but the installation and after service support has really left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, I would not go with this provider again.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Lacked communication and electrician lied

MyEnergygroup only communicated via email and phone. They never visited property. I was constantly following up on queries and issues experienced.

I paid extra for black rails. Rails are black and all fixings are bright shiny silver so didn’t see the point of paying extra.

I wanted the wiring internal to the wall cavity, this was made clear at the proposal stage and on the day of installation. Electrician advised it was illegal for him to install the wiring in a brick veneer wall. I took the advice on face value. With further investigation after the installation was complete I found this not to be true. There is some minimum distances to the surface that do need to be maintained (advised by solarquotes) but my wall cavity was well within compliance. It would appear the electrician lied to facilitate an easy install. The electrician never even entered the roof cavity to investigate.

Brand new gutters have paint removed where they tied there ladders against.

Installation date was set but installers never turned up. No call, no email to advise. I followed up and they advised due to weather conditions they didn’t attend.

Supplier Reply:

We are sorry to hear about your concerns on the installation and we would like to provide you with a clarification on the matter, particularly the AS3000 wiring standards.

According to the AS3000 rules (also confirmed by Tom from Clean Energy Council which we have already shared with you), our installer had to run the DC cable conduit externally along the downpipe as the cavity inside your single brick veneer did not meet the 50mm each surface requirement (100mm in total). This is a safety standard and done to your best interest. Please also note that the water pipe and loose wires were also done on the external wall by other tradesmen before us. We would encourage you to get in touch with Clean Energy Council if you have any doubt about the wiring rules in your scenario.

Also, our consultant didn't promise you about the internal conduit installation as it was meant to be assessed and determined by our installer onsite as per our standard practice. We hope that you could be more respectful to our installer as he was never a liar and simply told you the truth that somehow you took it the wrong way.

Furthermore our contract stated that the black rails and clamps were included in which we delivered. The shiny silver thing was the tile feet which were meant to be the normal silver colour (black can't seem to be found on the market) as it is hidden under the panels anyway.

As for the claimed gutter's paint being removed by the ladder, our installer has used the ladder helper which was supposed to prevent scratches. If you could please send us a photo of the scratch, we are happy to send our installer back to patch it.

We hope this clarifies your concerns and hope you could kindly review your feedback on this project.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Kind regards,
MEG Management
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Good value installation

I had some reservations about MyEnergy, for instance, the other 2 companies from which I had a quote attended personally, while MyEnergy was handled over the phone. However, their price was more competitive and it looked like their product was good quality (based on SolarQuotes YouTube videos). The government rebate differed in all three quotes (I investigated STCs!), but MyEnergy's rebate was higher. This seemed like a good sign that they passed on their STC value to the customer. Anyway, I got on very well with salesman Jawad and took the chance.
Communication with the company was not the greatest and I had to chase up to get an installation date. Jawad, however, was always contactable and kept in touch and answered the several queries I had. Two days before that installation date I tried to get confirmation that it was happening (there'd been a lot of rain) to no avail. However, they turned up on the day as promised. The 22 panel installation was done in half a day, the battery, inverter and all electricals took the whole day.
As for the grid connection, I was told by all companies that 'they would do the paperwork'. After installation, I decided to call my supplier (AGL) and check they were recognising the 'back to the grid' power. They hadn't been contacted by MyEnergy, but would set it up for me based on my call. A week later, after my full payment, MyEnergy sent me the 'paperwork' and advised me to contact my energy supplier. So, it appears, I had to do it after all. I called AGL, who advised me it was all set up and they didn't require that paperwork.
The iSolarCloud app is giving me readings which appear odd sometimes, and I have sent in some queries to MyEnergy, and hope to get answers from them (they have confirmed receipt of my questions).
Based on the cost, I think I have made the right decision (the next lowest quote was $7,000 more). The system design was based more on my budget than the other companies did.
Top marks particularly to Jawad for his communication and attentiveness, before and after my signing up.

Panel rating: 4/5
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Great Solar System

The sales representative was very knowledgeable and explained that we will save even more without having a battery
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Fantastic experience with My Energy Group

I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience with My Energy Group regarding the installation of my 6.6kW solar system featuring Longi panels and a GoodWe MS inverter. From the initial consultation to system commissioning, every aspect of this project has been handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 18-01-2023:

System performs as Advertised

Waited a long time for the Solar Edge Battery. But happy to say it performs as expected and as advertised. Solar Edge Battery is relatively new to market in Australia. There had been some mixed reviews regarding this battery. I had also been considering a Tesla Powerwall.
We have had a 5kw Solar Edge inverter for almost 3 years and it has been very stable.

It seemed logical to stay Solar Edge and add their battery. Andrew at My Energy Group offered a neat solution, incorporating extra solar panels, with a free upgrade to the 8.25kw Hybrid Solar Edge Inverter along with a 10kwh Solar Edge Battery and Backup.
The only frustrating part was waiting almost 5 months for components to arrive. The installation by Michael and Team went flawlessly and the operation of the whole system has been seamless and exactly as advertised.

We have been effectively’ off-grid’ now for the past 2 weeks. We no longer buy electricity, now only export. Our daily electricity bill is always negative... Having a battery is a game changer. Highly recommended.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 4/5

10 months later we asked Alex: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

After 1 year our upgraded solar panels and battery overall performance has been great. In fact with a recent software update from SolarEdge the battery seems to be performing even better.
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Good system and installation, but i didn't expect the poor communication

Sales/quoting process - Renato is knowledgeable and recommended few good options to me

Installation - did went smoothly and they cleaned up after each installation

Customer service - very poor, i need to follow up on the battery installation. There was a delay (4-5 months) by the supplier but nobody bother to contact me or notify me of the delay. Feels like if i don't follow up the installation will just drag on. They also changed the battery installation date twice which i have to move my work meetings to be able to work from home. Not happy!

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Installation excellent / after service terrible

In 2021 my energy group installed a 28 panel system (Longi 370 W) with enphase IQ 7 micro inverters for us.
It was great to deal with them prior the sale. That installation was done well and we are happy at the time. 4/5 stars.
In regards to after-service: 0/5 stars: Absolutely poor.
We have tried to contact the company in regards to a technical question and adding batteries and maybe a few more panels at the same time. We have sent several emails (over 10!) to various emails: [email protected] and also some emails to the staff we had email contact when we installed our system. We also made phone calls.
We received several replies that someone will be in touch, or that someone else will be contacting us. So far - over 6 months no genuine response - which is very dissapointing. So I would not recommend this company even the installation was good.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Supplier Reply:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your review and sorry to learn about the communication issues.

As your account manager has left, we didn’t receive your earlier emails regarding your system expansion request until your most recent emails to our general email address.

Also we have notified you that we were not able to help you as we had suspended our residential solar sales operation in VIC due to market and support challenges. We recommended that you find another installer who can expand your system and offer you a battery altogether. Hope this is all sorted if not we can refer you another installer we know.

If you have any questions about the current system, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are always here to support you.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,
MEG Management
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Very happy with service

The sales process was smooth and the salesperson was much more knowledgeable than the others we got quotes from.
They offered a system that was $4k cheaper than the competitors without compromising on quality.

The installers were very professional and everything was installed without a glitch.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic installation

Excellent installation
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Excellent service with competitive pricing

The quoting process was smooth and quick, the contractor was professional through the installation process. The next day following up was very helpful all the answers were given and very thorough
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No fuss Solar install

Hello, Ash from My Energy was the last to quote. Came to site and was very pleasant and up front with the quote. Was happy to answer my questions and make adjustments. No pressure from him in regards to the quote, or denigrating other companies.

Customer service communicated via email, sms where required. Arranged grid connection prior to booking an installation date. and were able to accommodate my preferred date. Consumption monitoring was included in the quoted.

Installation was via contractors. They were efficient, clean and polite while doing the job.
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Friendly and helpful.
Installers were polite even though they sometimes had difficulty with the English language.
Excellent customer service.
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Ended up being very disappointed

Salesmen was convincing we got 2 other quotes. Installation took 3 days first day came around with wrong equipment.

Salesman said we would get all this great info from their app but it turns out we can only get production info not even panel information since we have 30 optimizers so there is no way of telling if all 30 panels are working properly. This was very disappointing as I was really looking forward to monitoring the system, I feel like I have been misguided greatly in this.

If I had of known I would not be getting any information I would not have gone with solaredge or myenergy group.

Inverter rating: 2/5

Supplier Reply:

Hi Scott,

We are sorry for your disappointment and would like to work with you to get things sorted.

We have reviewed the signed contract and all the correspondences between our consultant and yourself. Here is what we have discovered. First of all, Solaredge only offers solar production monitoring out of the box and to view a realtime energy consumption an optional Solaredge meter needs to be purchase which was not included in the contract. Our consultant has been upfront with you during the sales processes including showing you his own solar system with only the solar production. To resolve this problem, we offered you a heavily discounted price to add the energy meter but you will need to get a level 2 electrician to free up the space in your meter box which is already full. If you don't have one, let us know and we can refer a qualified electrician to you. Also you now have got the panel monitoring on your app.

All in all, we have done all we can to help. The ratings from you don't seem to be fair. 1 star for quality of system? (nothing wrong with the iinverter and panels); 2 star for installation? (no issues during the installation); 1 star for customer service? (again we have communicated with you extensively both emails and calls).

Should you need further assistance with the extra energy meter installation or have any question, please feel free to get back to us.

Kind regards,
MEG Management
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Great experince, although felt like I had to chase updates

We had a great experience with My Energy Group. The salesperson was fantastic and was with us all the way through the process. Third party installers were curious and professional, although not strong in English which raised a concern if we had to discuss anything in detail (it went fine though).
Only feedback would be that once we signed the contract it felt like we had to chase for updates on the process and where things were up to. Our sales rep was always available and assisted us through the process. Would certainly use My Energy Group again or recommend them.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Highs and Lows

Sales and installation were excellent however after sales has been lacking a little. Lucky I’ve got the sales guys mobile who moves things along
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Good service, good brands, reasonable value, fast install

Sale person (Michael) was responsive and answer many questions I asked (over multiple email). Proposal was quite detail and Michael was able to answer question on the modelling they used. Project manager was good, provided all the documents for grid connection, also answer email quickly. Installer (contractor) was punctual, good knowledge, end up saving me a few hundreds dollars, as he found enough space for consumption meters behind the main switchboard, so no need for optional board. Only just got the meters changed to smart meters today, so can't tell how the economic works yet.
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Poor Communication, No Action, Sub-Contractor Woes

The sales process was good.
The salesman inspected the site and was fully aware of site access issues (narrow path) and the height of the building (3 stories).
The salesman did not try to over-sell and made recommendations that aligned with my quality expectations.
He was not pushy and there was no pressure to sign up. He did make a big point of how responsive to customers needs they were.

After signing the contract and paying a deposit (22Nov2022) the problems started.
We were told 6-8 weeks for installation with a possibility of a small delay due to labour problems.
The next contact with My Energy Group (MEG) was 26 Jan2023 (9 weeks later) advising the installation was the 30thJan, a work day for me on such short notice. The date was re-negotiated to 31Jan.
During my conversations with the MEG project manager I repeatedly requested that they send a Team Leader prior to installation to inspect the site due to the access issues and height of building. MEG said this wasn't needed.
The installer arrived several hours later (mid-afternoon) than the appointed time of 9.00am. They looked around and said "The access is too difficult. We haven't got a ladder that high." They left.

Note that My Energy Group only use sub-contract installers. This is an issue as the installers only want to do the easy jobs.

I had several conversations with the MEG Project Manager and he appeared to be at a loss on how to move the project forward as the sub-contractors didn't want to do the job and didn't have suitable equipment.
MEG then went silent for several weeks. It was only when contacting the sales representative that we got some action.
MEG then tried to back out of the contract without any compensation to go to another installer (prices had risen on the 01 Jan) saying the job was too difficult despite my pointing out the site access and height issues during the quote process.
MEG then suggested that I hire a ladder for them as they didn't have a long ladder. I refused.
A new date for installation was agreed to in mid-April 2023. 5 months after paying the deposit.
The installers arrived 3 hours later than advised. The had a ladder. It was broken. I had to lend them rope to fix it. I had to give them conduit saddles because they didn't have enough.
It took 3 days to install two 15 panel systems. They were unbelievably slow and appeared to be incredibly fatigued and overworked.
I took unpaid time off work to give them site access. Fine for 1 day but 3 gets expensive.
There are aspects of the installation that are poor in execution.

In the after-installation process I asked for photos of the panels on the roof. They sent photos of the wrong roof. They had none of my installation.

I could not recommend using My Energy Group, especially due to their exclusive use of contractors.
NB: this is my 3rd solar PV install and the worst I've had to deal with.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Supplier Reply:

Dear Bradley,

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you have had some issues with our installation.

First of all, the initial delay was due to the massive stock shortage on the solar panels during the busiest time of the year. It was simply out of our control and we apologised to you on the delay and absorbed the loss of rebate.

Secondly, may I note that all solar installations on a triple storey in an unit block with narrow access pose significant challenges as it is too high and risky hence very difficult to carry out the job. Not to disappoint you, we have decided to accept your job. After we sent out your job to all our installers, only one came back with an acceptance. On the day of installation, our installer under-estimated the height of the roof and the risks involved hence he couldn't carry out the job. We could have cancelled the job and refund you the deposit, but we decided to stick on our commitment to you and convinced our installer to give it another go with the required equipment. Eventually we completed the job but due to the extreme difficulty of this job, it took us 3 days instead of the standard 1 day. The extra labour charges were covered by us. Rest assure that the installation has done according to the CEC standards if not higher.

Hiring contractors is a common practice for an established company like us. We ensure that our installers follow the CEC guidelines and our own set of higher installation standards. Generally, you will find owner installer with their own inhouse installer which is themselves.

Again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We have done everything we could to get your job done and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
MEG Management
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Very slow very to start after paying a deposit and then made a mistake that they had to rectify before turning the system on, so more delay.

Our system is actually 4.290 kW single phase. We have 13 x 330 W halfcut black frame/cell 13 x IQ7 Enphase microinverters with wi-fi set up.

The mistake was that because we chose microinverters there had to be an extra wire going from the meter box to another small fus box connected to the inverters.

They didn't know that it had to be done and they took a long time to come back to rectify their mistake.

Panel rating: 5/5
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Quality system and value for money

The supplier selected was mid-range in pricing from the suppliers (6) selected to quote. A lot of research went into systems prior to obtaining quotes. Price was not the main criteria for selection. The companies that only used Google Earth to quote were generally cheaper, but if you are not bothered to look at the site/meter how can you be sure there will be no additional costs. The installation team were very good and obliging. Their method of securing the frame ensured no holes in tiles or cracks.
The only thing to monitor now is their payback calculations.
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Good information and options at quote. Punctual install.

Sales pieces was very helpful with person responding with answers to all my questions (I am the type of person who wants to know lots of detail). A few options were offered, with information on the advantages of each.
Installation was done in a day (panels and battery). They arrived on time, and despite suggesting we have spare roof tiles in case of breakages, they didn’t break any. We have only just had it installed, so still finalising the grid connection details, but that is being organised by the sales person.
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Good sales and installation

Sales and quoting was good. Very efficient. Good placement of solar panels. The installers (contractors) were friendly, punctual and cleaned up afterwards which can be a rarity.
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Personalised service, quick and efficient installation, great price

I had a really great salesperson who came to the site and designed the system to suit my needs. I have a lot of shade on the roof and most other companies did not properly take this into account when designing panel placement. MyEnergy spent the time to do the modelling and recommended a big system placed in an area of the roof others had not considered. The installation was later than promised (largely because of supply chain issues) but I was notified well ahead of time. The installation team were through, fast and explained the system to me in detail. I have followed up with MyEnergy post-installation about getting a heat pump hot water system and they were slow coming back to me - mainly specialising in commercial installation of these units. Otherwise all good.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Extremely Satisfied! Perfect provider!

From start to finish Kenwit from My Energy Group has been on the ball. Always fast to respond + delivered much needed guidance to the correct system for me. At no point was he 'salesy' - just seemed to want the best for me and my needs. Other quoter was just a greedy sales pitch and the other barely bother to even quote. Installation was on time + was performed by a hard working team that worked in super hot conditions to get the job done. They were all friendly, professional and clean. Thanks all!
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6.6 kw My Energy Group Solar Installation

Sales quoting process was fine.

The sub-contracted installers were apparently technically good but spoke little English, and there have been ongoing WiFi connection issues, which seem to have been resolved today through the Inverter company, Sungrow's Help Desk. Sungrow also replaced an apparently defective dongle on the Inverter, and helped me connect it to the WiFi.

It only became apparent today that the inverter does not work with 5G WiFi.

There was a insufficient after installation advice and support, provided by email.

The best support was provided by Sungrow.

Supplier Reply:

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your feedback.

As you are aware, the issue was on the faulty dongle which was subsequently replaced by Sungrow. Also Sungrow was incredible in providing support for all technical matters which couldn’t be handled by us, the installer. As for your 5G wifi issue, it is not common and unrelated to the installation quality and system performance. It would be nice if you could revise the rating for both installation and customer service as the issue is more of a hardware and technical issue that were beyond our control. We did promptly sent out the replacement dongle and the issue was subsequently resolved by Sungrow.

Kind regards,
MEG Management
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Surprisingly Quick

The entire process went very smoothly, from the quote through to the surprisingly quick install.
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Totally trustworthy.

Great sales advice.
Brilliant installers
Orgnised the grid after install.
Helpful after sales contact advice and care.
As I am in the service industry myself I can highly recommend My Energy Group Pty Ltd.
The whole experience was very professional and honest.
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A fantastic installer

All in one go, good price, hassle free, trouble free, works smoothly. Highly recommend.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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It was ok - Communication could be better

Could work and improve on customer communication and transparency.

The first impression was great, and quick turnaround from sales rep. However, communication between the
(me) consumer and retailer took a turn after signing the deal/deposit paid. Had to go through solar quotes to chase up the retailer in order to obtain an update on where the process is up to - ie, no confirmation if the deposit was received, nor an application for grid has been submitted or what so ever.

Was promised a Black Friday Deal / Offer - To date ( 2 weeks after solar installation ) no correspondence or follow-up.

Installation was - ok. Sub-contractors arrived late and finished the job at approx 6.30 pm. My new colourbond carport was scratched while installing the flexible conduits.
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Very happy with installation

Great experience during quotation process. All my questions were answered and alternative systems were evaluated. Very happy with the system chosen. The installers arrived on time. Existing system was removed and new installation was smooth despite very threatening skies followed by torrential rain. Rather than leaving the site, the installers waited out the rain and completed installation the same day despite being held up by the terrible weather. The site was left tidy and grid connection organised before they left
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Good Bang for buck

Ken the salesperson was awesome to deal with, came up with multiple different options which allowed me to choose what i thought was the best bang for buck

installation took longer than expected because we have a very steep roof so it would have been nice for the installers to come and see and confirm they can do the job before committing a date. had two scheduled installs cancelled because the installers arrived and saw how steep the roof was and said they could not do it, even though i told my energy group that we had a steep roof

However, when we did get the installers come they did a fantastic job, completed all in one day, it was a very difficult install where we had panels on the N, E & W sides. they cleaned up after themselves and left no mess

After sales service was ok, got the papers within two days, could have communicated better about grid connection approval etc.

overall, i am very happy with the install and the amount power it is generating. one thing to note, we have duel Huawei hybrid inverters and these really slow down the wifi/internet. Not sure how to fix that issue

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Swift installation to another 5 kWh inverter and Solar Panels

I received a phone call from MYENERGY group sales desk the day after I required my 3 quotes from Solar Quotes
The sales person was very knowledgeable and offered me the best solutions and quotes from the other 2 solar companies.
The second company didn't bother calling me but screen shot me his diary page probably too busy to make a phone call to a new customer. The third one texted me and called me to agree on a day and time for on site inspection, for which I took a morning off work. Two hours before the onsite visite I got a text message telling me he was under the weather and couldn't come. I wasn't happy with the situation. MYEnergy Group will get the contract.
I contacted privately a fourth company ( the one which installed 2 years ago my 5 kWh Sungrow inverter and Canadian Solar panels ) . I was quoted a premium price for a premium system and no other solutions or offers.
The installation dates and time was changed from someone without my conscent but I got it rectified after a few phone calls.
The installer turned up on time and removed my 10 years + old legacy Eco 2000 1.5 KWh system as per our agreement.
However I wasn't impressed by the 2 tradies, one having a few smokos while working on my double storey roof and both men not wearing any harness at all ? The tradies didn't clean the gutter after leaving, I found 2 big brackers and a lot of small roof screws left behind.In my garage I found 2 pieces of conducts on the floor.
Overall the installation took a little over 5 hours, The electrician was competent organising my 5G wireless internet connection to be split between the two frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz to enable the 4 G connection to the SEMS portal to work.
I was shown how to operate the App to monitor the Solar System.I'm very happy with my 5 kWh GoodWe inverter and 17 JASolar Panels.As I was after a good budget price system.
I have now 2 lots of 5 kWh Inverters one Sungrow with Canadian Solar panels and the new one GoodWe and JASolar panels both systems via the Solar Quotes web site.
I'm ready for the next phase for the coming years to add a solar battery.
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Excellent sales person and honest

Very happy with purchase of a 11.3 kwatt solar system at a competitive price and top of the range panel and inverter . Installation went well and after service is going so far
Renato goes to a lot of trouble to allow me to change system to top quality panels and size of system
Very impressed with his professional approach and willingness to get me the best deal and system of which I am happy and satisfied.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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This 2.25 star review was removed at the request of the reviewer

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Thorough, Attentive and Professional

Until I was introduced to My Energy Group through SolarQuotes, I had begun to doubt the integrity of the solar industry after:
1. calls with, what appeared to be "call centres" rather than knowledgable sales folk (who seemed to be pushing me down the road of what they wanted to sell me more so than what was most suitable for my property and circumstances) 2. previous experiences of sales people insisting on coming to my house for the initial meeting which was more a sales strategy to have me sign on the spot rather than because they actually needed to constructively survey our property
3. receiving inflated quotes from companies which, when advised they were not competitive, somehow cut a few grand off their price

Renato, from the sales team at MyEnergy restored my confidence (he fortunately negated each of my previous experiences I had had with other companies listed above) and I knew early on that this was the company to go with.

Installation team (led by Michael) were very tidy and considerate on site. I quickly gained confidence that they cared about my property not just getting onto the next job. Their work is impeccable with so much care placed on the finished look at our property (examples: 1. feeding the cable from the double storey roof to the board inside the double brick rather than surface mounting ugly conduit, 2. workmanship is very neat (connections at inverter, at electrical board and on the roof) 3. they left the property clean and tidy, 4. there was a router issue connecting the wifi to the inverter and they managed the entire support process with the manufacturer of the inverter to troubleshoot this before leaving).

I have already recommended MyEnergy to friends and family and will continue to do so. They are very worthy of a 5 star rating. Thank you
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Easy Selection and Purchase Process

Received 3 quotes promptly and worked with the supplier to modify the system to best suit my needs.
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Customer Service and price

Was able to provide a competitive price for Solar Edge. Other vendors were quoting $9000 for Solar Edge.
Installation was good and well organised.
Customer Service is yet to be tested, a new system.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Very Professional

My Energy Group's team are very professional in every way, their price is excellent also very competitive. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful. The installation went quickly. Overall I would recommend My Energy Group.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent service!!!

Excellent service from initial enquiry to installation. They kept informed me all the way via email, phone calls and SMS. I would be happy to recommend My Energy Group to anyone wanting a solar system.Thanks.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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This 2.50 star review was removed at the request of the reviewer

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Outstanding service, excellent products, so easy to deal with ...

We recently had My Energy Group install a solar system on our roof. We have left this review until 30 days after the Smart Meter installation was done. We are very happy that we chose My Energy Group though Solarquotes.

From start to finish; the job was perfect. The Sales Electrical Engineer, Henry W., didn't push us. He visited our property first, and checked everything thoroughly, as we are fussy about any work around our home; particularly, our concern with possible roof leaking from read lots of other online blog

Henry maintained contact throughout the quotation period to ensure our requirements were met and he was patient as we went through all the different systems until we found the right one. We eventually signed up and M.E.Group delivered on time. The quotation Henry provided was most detailed, competitive and very professional in its layout, which gave us the confidence to go ahead with them.

Ray, the certified installer, he and his team did a great job by installing the system. It was quick, with no damage to our roof or mess left after the job. At the finish, Ray took his time and explained everything to us, including taking roof photos before and after, which were emailed to us immediately.

A special thanks to Henry and Ray. We have no hesitation in recommending MEG to anyone looking to install a Roof Solar System.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Unbeatable Price!

We have received several quotes, however, we chose My Energy Group as we like the product offered to us. The price is unbeatable and great value for money. I can already see the savings after one week of the system running.
Well done and thank you.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 27-06-2021:

Great sales consultant and installer

Installer came onsite multiple times to look at our setup. Discussed options at length and helped select a quality system without gold plating it.

Smart meter has only just been connected, which was about a 3 week process after the Solar panels went in.

Installation was a 2 day job, even with a flat roof design the installers had not worked on before, but were able to sort without any fuss.
On a sunny day we are producing 8KWh more per day than the original estimate, so I am not complaining!
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

3 months later we asked Paul: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

System has exceeded expectations. We would have done this earlier if it was possible, but the planets finally aligned and we could decommission the pool equipment on the roof, and a backyard extension gave us space for an extra 10 panels.
So far so good!
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Excellent Service!

Thank you for the quick installation guys. Great start to finish. The installation crew were very polite and efficient. They explained everything about the system.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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I'm happy with this company

I have the new 6.6 KW solar PV system bought from My Energy Group. The price was fantastic and the installation has done on time.  I'm happy with this company. Thanks!!!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Good service

My experience with they has been wonderful. No question went unanswered, no matter how silly it might have seemed. I loved the little time maps they sent so we could see what was next as we reached each stage.
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Terrible Installer, avoid.

Terrible installer, Sold us an unusable inverter (noisy), and getting replacement was extremely difficult.

Electrician for replacement inverter spent 30 seconds looking at it, talked about missing plugs, and then left.

Sales communications was terrible, without me constantly harassing them for updates and progress, I would still be waiting.

Inverter rating: 5/5

Supplier Reply:

Hi Cameron,

We have worked with Fronius and yourself on this matter extensively. As per Fronius, their inverter was working fine and the alleged “noise” was purely from the fan as it is on active cooling hence the case was dismissed by Fronius.

After SolarQuotes contacted us about this matter, we have come up with a solution to give you a FREE replacement at the costs of both SolarQuotes and MyEnergyGroup to a Huawei inverter with a passive cooling technology. We believe that we have gone the extra mile to help you hence your review was unfair and inappropriate to reflect the nature of the matter.

We would kindly request that you revise or remove the review accordingly to avoid confusion to the public.
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Taking TOOOOO long, customer service stops at the sales team

Sales quoting process was excellent, nevery pushy, knowledgable, pleasant to talk too.
HOWEVER, the good things stop here.

1) I was told we get our system installed by end of 2020
I sent my initial deposit October 2020
after 2 weeks, we finished solarvic application
but lo and behold suddenly change of timelines, blah blah blah, covid blah blah blah
fine, i brushed that off and moved on
Finally by 25-Jan-2021, I finally got the call to have installation date
Installation date set at 7-Feb-2021

2) Installer arrived 2 hours late
Installer arrived with wrong models of the solar panels (or inverter, forgot which one)
had to reschedule, NO ONE BOTHERED TO CALL about the rescheduling, no apoligies whatsoever
i had to chase them up myself

3) reschedule took another month, 9-March-2021
Installers arrived on time
Hard to understand and talks very fast (but i brushed that off)
When they finished, still lots of small rubbish left on the ground
installation looks neat, but i'm no expert here

4) Inspector came in on 19-March-2021
very quick, just gave us a 'thumbs up' sign, and left
I had to chase him back to his car to ask more details

5) now the waiting game
more than a month has passed and our system is not yet connected to the grid
(i think) we are already using the harvested energy because when i check via Ausnet home dashboard, energy consumption is 0 at the time the sun is up (i had to assume coz no one explained!)
I checked my energy provider, they said no paperwork has been received yet from said inspector
had to chase up MEG again, and got the response that they are still chasing up the inspector to the CES

How hard is it to submit the paperwork, i was very patient with them due to the whole covid situation, but barely any communication and no updates after inspection and taking suspiciously long!

I wish i never signed up with them.
Well you can sign up with them if you are still saving the money for the solar, coz anyway it will take more than 6months until the final deposit.

They have sent the final invoice, but that will have to wait until i can confirm from my energy retailer that my system is connected to the grid.

Still waiting as of this writing, the saga continues...
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Very professional installer

Kenwit was very friendly and very professional, quote was reasonable priced, a bit of delay on the installation.
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