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Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Solaray Energy Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd is one of the leaders in the renewable energy market and has a proven track record when it comes to providing households with energy reduction solutions. It prides itself on offering a reliable, honest and trustworthy service that follows the strictest professional standards.

Customers can expect high quality products at competitive prices - the company is a member of the Clean Energy Council.

Customers who sign up with Solaray Energy Pty Ltd can be assured that all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of to ensure they receive all the government rebates and incentives they are entitled to.

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The panels are connected to an Enphase micro inverter system, this was due to heavy shading from trees and roof restrictions, the system has performed well over the last twelve months considering the trees and produced a daily averaged of 17kw. Show additional information
I recommend Solaray. I had a smooth install with no problems.

I had Patrick propose a system for me in late May, which i accepted. The system is a 6.8kWh, 21 panel LG with Enphase Microinverters.
It was a smooth process with Patrick explaining the technology and layout (answering all my questions). Jessica and Tammy updated me on the progress, arranging an install date which was 2 July. (earlier than i expected)
The install was carried out on time, as planned by Matthew and another guy, they were professional, and were done by early afternoon. They showed me that system was working and there was a quick overview of the gear.
The next day i got the email for the Enlighten software, which shows all the details of power consumption/production, just as i wanted.
Jessica followed up again afterward.
All in all a good experience, no stress.
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Pre-sales - everything was good, they were very attentive and always responded within an hour or two.
After putting down a deposit, it took almost 3 months before the system was installed and I had to chase it up twice.

The installation went smoothly - the three installers were lovely, efficient and polite.

Post-sales service is very slow. I was under the impression that Solaray would arrange to change the meter over if we switched to their electricity provider, but I had to do all of that myself - which has added another 4 to 6 weeks before I can start using the system. I was also supposed to receive login details to the solar system within 24 hours, it's almost going on 48 hours and still nothing.

Overall, the price and quality is good, but post-sales it is incredibly slow.
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We are currently still awaiting installation however customer service / communication thus far has been good throughout. Show additional information
Was happy to look at potential layout and address my concerns about shading from a gum tree (but only after some prompting) at the northern aspect of the house.

We discovered it'll be fully shaded at midday during winter (and potentially always shaded a few years later) and so decided on an East-West split array at the rear of the house. Will see what happens when the system is installed.
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Good people, good service and an excellent installation Show additional information
Solaray did not come out to quote so a lot of my questions were by email or phone and own research. Penrith solar came to my place which was more professional. However price from Solaray was better for similar product Show additional information
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I chose Solaray from your website after being dissatisfied with the responses I received from the automatic 3 quotes. I chose them because they were one of the highest rated in my State, and had excellent reviews. I was very impressed with their knowledge and quality of their system for a fair price. The 3 automatic quotes all ignored the information I had included, and offered systems that did not fulfil my requirements. they also had extremely average customer service and poor product knowledge. Solaray had excellent service and knowledge, and responded specifically and flexibly to my very particular requirements. I have not yet had the system installed, so cannot comment on the quality of their work, but I am hoping it is in keeping with the level of service and knowledge provided so far. Show additional information
My experience with Solaray was perfect from start to finish. After engaging with Patrick, he ensured that everything was smooth sailing once I had placed my order with Solaray. Tammy aligned the installation date to suit my schedule, and the installation team was on time and non-interrupting on the day of installation. I am now able to generate more solar power than I consume. I highly recommend other’s utilise Solaray for their solar needs! I had a 5 star experience! ? Show additional information
We will have our system installed in April so will know a little more about the installation and service then. Many thanks for you assistance with Quotes. All were very knowledgeable and competitive. Show additional information
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Would like to have access to the Enphase interface, it’s password protected & Solar Ray won’t share the password. That’s my only negative otherwise they have been fantastic. Show additional information
I wish batteries were more affordable! Show additional information
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Show additional information
Solaray are great and we are particularly delighted with the Enphase system and the ability to monitor usage via the app and it tells us our carbon offset - the trees we save etc. We have reduced our power usage significantly due to awareness of how much different appliances use and we have been pouring power into the grid. We got 14 panels and 2 batteries installed but are thinking of getting 5 more panels and another battery as this would mean that we could draw zero power from the grid. Show additional information
I appreciate your service, and two of the three made speedy and helpful contact. In the end, we realised we wanted a better quality product. Show additional information
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Perfect Show additional information
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Solaray and a few others came back to me with quotes with Solaray being the most thorough and explanitive as well as being the most competitive price. Unfortunately the two suppliers you sourced for me made phone contact but have not come back with the actual quote despite me attempting to contact them and obtain the quotations. Thanks for your attempts and the information you publish, I have been well informed because of you. Show additional information
Very responsive to queries and happy to visit the house to quote. Show additional information
Opted for micro-inverter 4.5kW system, was impressed with flexibilty and how Solaray accomodated my changing needs based on panel locations, performance and my needs etc. Not installed as yet, will be early Feb, dealings thus far have been excellent. Hopefully that will continue. Happy to update after everything up and running. Show additional information
I will let you know once the system is installed. Very happy with Solaray's service in telling me where we are at. They also help me with choosing a supplier.

Thank you for your help.
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The whole process with Solaray was very good. From quote to installation to after sales service, I recommend them highly. Show additional information
System has been ordered but not installed on time as promised. probably would not recommend them. We are using these people because a friend used them successfully. Show additional information
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I didn't really read this site until after I paid my deposit. Once I did pay and saw some reviews I was concerned...but i shouldn't have worried. My experience is 100% satisfied.

My 4 star rating for value is based on the fact LG panels and Enphase microinverters are more expensive than other tier 1 equipment. They are certainly top quality though.

Patrick in Sales was excellent. A helpful straight-shooter who sent me the quotes as I chopped and changed. Not once did he drop the ball.

Signup and paying my deposit was easy. I had to wait about 4 weeks (tough wait but understandable at this time of year). I rang the week prior to check everything was on track and it was. If I had checked my email I would have seen the installation confirmation from Tammy already sitting there.

Day of install. Matt and Chad turn up 7am as expected. They were ready and got stuck into it. Top blokes and happy to answer my questions. They confirmed the panel layout and where the controller would live and off they went. Methodical, professional and helpful. By around 1pm the system was up and running, making power and saving me money.

Day after install. Around 2pm a non-related sparkie replaced the meter and accidentally switches around some wires which only affects the monitoring.

Day 2 after install. 8am I receive a call from Andrew at Solaray saying something up with the system. Happy to send a tech to fix free of charge, even though it wasn't their mistake. I call my parkie who comes around and fixes the issue with the help of Andrew.

As you can see before, during and after sales service is excellent. Thanks to the Solaray team. I'll certainly be back for more panels and a battery system.
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Sales person was friendly and knowledgeable. He was very patient with all my questions and answered everything to my satisfaction.
Installers were on time, friendly, efficient and tidy! They put the inverter exactly where I asked them to and I was very happy with the work they did.
Overall, communication between when we ordered the system and the install could have been a bit better as I had to chase up the installation manager a few times but once I did she was very quick to schedule my install.
Can't make a great deal of commentary on the system itself at this stage as it has only been running a few days but output seems good.
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4.2kW system consisting of 14x 300w trina panels and a 4kw fronius inverter - installed in just less than 4 hours. Amazing customer service, great pricing, high quality installation - not sure what else one could want. AAA+ Show additional information
We have placed an order and payed a deposit. The installation has been approved by our electricity supplier and we are waiting for an installation date. Possibly in the new year, so cannot comment on installation and customer service yet. To date we have been kept informed with the progress of the job. Show additional information
Frustrated with ongoing changes from the company .
Original scope is 3.5kw and end up with 2.9kw
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The supplier we decided to go through was very good in communicating with us at first (only thru mobile and email, no personal meet ups.) After we settled the downpayment (29 October order placed and dp made), we haven't heard from them an update of what's going next. Took them 4 weeks to respond to our calls and follow up emails regarding the status. And we're now scheduled to have our solar installed on 21 Dec.2017. And yes another long way to wait. Hopefully it's not going to be a move to a later date. Show additional information
After three months research and more than 10 quotes . I chose Solaray to install a 11.52 kW Solar system. Consisting of 36x LG NeON2 320 watt panels.with MyEnlighten monitoring system. And also a Tesla Powerwall2. Patrick from Solaray actually came to my house and looked at my house roof . And then gave me several options on panel layout and system configurations with pricing. And also worked out where the best place would be to place the Tesla Powerwall2 when Time comes for it be installed. Patrick gave great advice. He was never pushy or tried to flog certain product. And that’s more than I can say for the other companies I dealt with through out this process. After paying my deposit then dealt with Tammy, Solaray's installation coordinator. Who was absolutely brilliant. After couple of weeks of paperwork I had my system installed on 23 November. The guys who installed the system turned up on time and did a great job. Since the system has been installed it has been performing above my expectations. On one particular day it produced 80 kW. And on average around 65 kW per day. That is around 30% more than what Patrick told me this system would probably produce. I think he was being very Conservative at the time. I am just waiting now to have my Tesla Powerwall2 installed. I would highly recommend using this company. They sell a quality product and the service doesn’t stop after you pay your deposit. In my experience so far The service only gets better. I hope this review will be helpful to anyone who reads it. Show additional information
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We have a friend who has used this company, so went with his recommendation. To be installed next week so hopefully all smooth sailing. I also checked with you to see if you knew of this company and was told they were a "gold" supplier. (I don't actually know what your rating system is for suppliers but hopefully gold means good!!) Show additional information
Best of three quotes for a micr oinverter system- quoted exactly what I specified (one other substituted a lesser panel spec), Solaray beat the remaining guy on price.
Was very pleased with installation and service.
So far, system is consistently performing slightly above the estimated output on final quote
Would recommend them as a supplier to anyone who asks
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We have just signed with Solaray for a large ($20,000+) system with battery. A big purchase, so we really did our research. I have to say that this experience is as bad, if not worse than buying a car - lots of conflicting information - you think you know all you need and then another curve ball; lots of BS and attempts to mislead; lots of load mouthed, self opinionated salesmen (yes they were ALL men). So given my "interesting" three week journey I am keen to share with everyone else out there on the solar merry-go-round. This is my INITIAL review, because as said, we have only just signed. I will provide feedback after installation and then after assessing the efficacy of the product and the follow-up service from Solaray.

I have explained elsewhere (further information) why we decided to go with Solaray. Only time will tell whether we have made the correct decision, but we really did our homework - indeed I think my stack of papers and spreadsheet comparing quotes (product; retailer; price etc) scared some salesmen because some did not even send through the promised quote!

SQ feedback: Goodness Solar Quotes - having "fantastic" as the top rating choice is an incredibly high bar, and probably in the scheme of questionnaire/ratings design not really best practice. It is such an enormous step up form "good" that I had significant difficulty choosing it for any (felt like the time I awarded 100% for a university essay)! All that being said your site was very useful and a good stepping off point for other sites/information.
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The rail system to mount the panels isn't flexible enough to adjust the panel position relative to the purlins. Our panels jut above the ridge line when there is plenty of space for them to be neatly flush or just below. This is why the installation only got a "good" rating.

The power output peaks at 2.7kW. Yet there are 10 LG 320N panels rated at 320 watts. The sun angle at the ideal time of day is currently less than 10 degrees off being perpendicular to the panels. So the real world performance of the system is about 15% less than it's claimed performance. Thus rating for quality of system only gets a "good".

The system uses Enphase micro inverters and tracks the performance of each panel. There are other systems which produce similar power for less money, so the system is not the "best" value for money, but is still very good. We preferred the AC coupled arrangement so that we can add additional panels in the future which may face other directions and were prepared to pay a little extra for this ability.
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My impression is that there is a lack of hunger for work in an industry that has such massive potential to create jobs in this country. The systems in place are so massively inefficient that I have contributed over 500kW/hrs into the grid and am still not receiving a cent for it. This is probably how Ausgrid would like to keeps things working. They will pay ridiculous prices to inefficient obsolete coal-fired units but delay recognising any other power inputs. The industry is not helped by a government that apparently will defiantly resist the momentum of industry, power comps and the population to transition to economically and enviromentally superior solutions.

It seems better to fight one battle at a time. When I get the grid to recognise my system I will start looking at batteries. My system is, however, a thing of great beauty and I marvel ay how we can't find enough devices to absorb its output during the day even in early September.
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