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Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Solaray Energy Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd is one of the leaders in the renewable energy market and has a proven track record when it comes to providing households with energy reduction solutions. It prides itself on offering a reliable, honest and trustworthy service that follows the strictest professional standards.

Customers can expect high quality products at competitive prices - the company is a member of the Clean Energy Council.

Customers who sign up with Solaray Energy Pty Ltd can be assured that all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of to ensure they receive all the government rebates and incentives they are entitled to.

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I ended up getting 5 different quotes and had great conversations with only 3 of the 5 suppliers, Patrick from Solaray was one of the suppliers whom I had a great conversation with.

Patrick was happy to come over to my place to meet me and answer all my questions. He was also very responsive to follow up questions and competitive with the price the quoted.

Once I made my decision to proceed installation was scheduled within 2 business days and the installation happened within a week.

Everything went very smoothly and overall it was a very good experience dealing with Solaray.
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They provided me with all the information I required. The installation went smoothly and to schedule. Show additional information
Prompt service when i was looking for quotes. I ordered a 10kW system. Installation was on time and went well. Very happy overall. Feel confident they have done the job well. Show additional information
I was surprised how much power is produced on overcast days. We have an east facing roof, lots of trees, and only about 3 hrs of direct sunlight on the panels each day, but still get significant input to the system (now late autumn). Show additional information
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Their tech guy Andrew really knows his stuff well but at times can be hard to get a hold of.
They use contractors to install the panels and invertor but regularly? use the same ones.

It took over two weeks to get the monitoring up for my solaredge inverter but it's up now and it's awesome. Just saving up for the Tesla battery to get the most out of the system.

Because our roof isn't facing the optimal direction, we went with LG panels to get the higher output. Wanted Sunpower but just don't have the budget for it. For our 4 kW system/inverter, we installed 5.2 kW worth of panels. Two panels on NW, 14 panels on SW. The two facing NW are generating about 25% more power than the SW ones

In late March and early April sunny days, we were able to get peak generation of 3.6 kW and over 20 kWh per day.
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There seems to be confusion with one of your suppliers about how much solar I can put on my roof with a single phase installation. Show additional information
It's still new but seems to be functioning perfectly.
The team doing the installation were efficient and on time. All in all a great effort, now we just have to see it work.
Well managed, well explained, seems like good value for money spent.
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The new panels are working well. On a sunny day, we make 3x more power than we use. We are now waiting for the price of storage batteries to come down so we can go off-grid. Show additional information
Rain delayed our install and communication from their office was not up to scratch.
Installer was good with explanations and answers to any questions.
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They were the only company that drew my attention to panels with Enphase micro-inverters which I eventually chose. I'm really happy with them at this early stage. Show additional information
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We had a very good experience with Solaray. Our system comprises 15 x LG panels and Enphase microinverters. Very happy with the Enlighten app. It gives so much information on production and consumption. Carlos was fantastic as a sales person. He was very patient and knowledgeable and it did not matter what questions I asked (and there were quite few), he knew the answer, listened to what my thoughts were and then came up with a system that we believe will serve us well into the future. In terms of installation, Tammy kept us well informed (mostly by email) of where we were up to. The installers were great, provided some good suggestions on how best to layout the system and undertook a nice, neat installation. Overall, nothing was a problem and we are very happy with the final result. Loving having solar power and wishing we did it earlier. Show additional information
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Salesperson and installation people were excellent but that's where it ended. I bought 2 systems and both had issues with the inverters. Solaray told me there was nothing wrong with the first inverter even though they got an error message everyday for a month. I had to contact Fronius to get it replaced. The second inverter had an issue also and again Solaray didnt do anything about it. I had to chase Fronius again to have it replaced. Then after it was replaced the settings were incorrect and the inverter doesn't work at all. Still waiting for them to fix.
Solaray provide great sales support and installation but thats where it ends. If you end up going with them, pray you don't have any problems because it will be a couple of months before they get to you, if they ever do!!!!!!
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After system was installed I emailed several times to find out whether my meter was bi directional and how to use system and the monitoring software. I got no reply and 3 months later I get my first power bill with little to no difference and no feed in tariff. Am currently still trying to chase it up. Would I do it again? NO WAY! Show additional information
Sometimes they didn't respond to emails. Otherwise so far, so good. Show additional information
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Panels not yet installed. I had to delay the installation until some maintenance work is done on our roof.

Sales person was easiest to talk to, understood the products and seems to have a keen interest in solar beyond just selling stuff.
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We signed with Solaray because they quoted for a good system first off. The only change we made was to add two extra panels. The sales person, Patrick, was friendly, knowledgeable and very patient with our questions. He was also willing to come around and do an onsite inspection. As we signed just before Xmas, we knew there would be a delay with installation. We were booked in for Jan 4, but were informed just before Xmas that there was a delay sourcing the Fronius inverter. Installation is now set for Jan 13. Crossing my fingers! I will keep you posted. Show additional information
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Very difficult for me to get them to ring back to discuss technical issues. Installation was not ideal, cancelled on the day before, due to insufficient solar panels available. I had to take a days leave....... not happy at that time. Second time around the installation went ahead no problems. Still waiting for my Solar Meter for the home fuse box, bit tardy getting Ausgrid to install this device. Show additional information
Despite all your great info it is still a confusing exercise. Big difference in price between panels & big differences in approach & sales tactics of different suppliers.
It's worth getting several prices from the same installer for different equipment or more or less panels. Surprisingly you can sometimes get an extra panel for almost no extra cost!
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Great experience throughout, always make sure you do your own research on the system you are purchasing and get multiple quotes. On the quotes make sure the panels are the same and the components are the same, as some suppliers use different types of panels from the same brand. Show additional information
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In the end most quotes were fairly close and the market is very competitive (at a little under 6kW of panel capacity they were generally around $1k per kW of panels using a good inverter).

It's worth checking the Ts+Cs, and in particular, whether there is a split of supply and install risk - some suppliers do this so that as the consumer, you end up taking your chances with the installation contractor if there is an installation issue.
Beyond Solar, Space Solar, Energus and Soltek were also all very prompt and helpful and also operate on the one stop shop, not split risk structure, so I would recommend seeking quotes from them also.
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I purchased a 4.8kW LG NeON 2 and Enphase Microinverter system from Solaray. Their sales person Carlos was the most informed person I spoke to out of all the companies I got in contact with and gave me the confidence to go ahead with them. He was able to talk me though all my options rather than what most sales people do which is try and push you towards whatever is quickest and easiest for them to sell.

The installation coordinator Tammy was great and was able to get me booked in for installation very quickly after moving into my new home. The installers were very professional and installed everything very quickly and once they were done you'd wouldn't have known they'd been there.

I look forward to expanding my solar system with Solaray in the future and getting some batteries installed once I have some usage data from the Enphase system.
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The installers were here on time and finished the installation of 23 panels in less than half a day.
So we were generating electricity that afternoon.
Tammy, who coordinated everything was very helpful.
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Came in with best price and greater number of panels when asked for final quote.
Installed system exactly when committed to. Competently managed by Tammy.
They have a good system for rolling these things out. Excellent and neat installers.
System worked immediately. No short supply or hassles of any kind.
Very happy and satisfied customer.
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Still haven't received info. to track my usage on my pc. Inverter was faulty and had to be replaced so lost 10 days before set up. Show additional information
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It's the 3rd weeks since placing the deposit for the solar system, I haven't heard anything further since the confirmation email.
Though the email mentioned to allow 7-10 days to get grid connection approval, then the install date can be arranged.
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We contacted SolarQuotes after receiving a quote from a supplier at a Senior's Expo which we thought was far too expensive. The quotes from the suppliers that SolarQuotes put us in touch with were less than half of the original quote with superior components. Show additional information
We are happy to speak to new clients once we have our system up and running, i think it helps u to decide what system is best and how easy the system is working for u Show additional information
My system expansion included 12 Enphase 1.2 kWhr AC batteries each costing $1990 installed and an 8kW microinverter panel array facing North. Under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme with a 1.5kW array I grew accustomed to NOT paying electricity bills so I am ensuring no bills in future in winter as well as summer. Show additional information
Well My friend, I was thinking to send an e-mail to thank you for your recommendation of the Companies you Mention.
But now I would like to take the opportunity to realyl Thank you for what you done.
Im. happy with my new 2.6 Kw. solar system. Thank you and have a good day

Kind Regards.


Just my first Name, please.
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The on line monitoring site doesn't seem to be giving the right information. It says that there is no production over the middle of the day on almost every day. I'm currently trying to sort this out. Show additional information
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Very happy with their service, though installation has not commenced yet Show additional information
We have only had our system installed during winter, so may change the rating of both the value and quality of the system once we have had some more data collected. The company installed within 2 weeks, and that went seamlessly. Show additional information