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Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Solaray Energy Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd is one of the leaders in the renewable energy market and has a proven track record when it comes to providing households with energy reduction solutions. It prides itself on offering a reliable, honest and trustworthy service that follows the strictest professional standards.

Customers can expect high quality products at competitive prices - the company is a member of the Clean Energy Council.

Customers who sign up with Solaray Energy Pty Ltd can be assured that all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of to ensure they receive all the government rebates and incentives they are entitled to.

Solaray Energy Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Ordered a system with Tesla battery, have had the panels installed but will have to wait 8 weeks for Battery

Supplier Reply

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the review and congratulations on going solar! We can't wait to install your Tesla Powerwall 2, and we will be in touch closer to the date to confirm all the details.

Powerwall 2 has been a huge success, and Solaray is now the most experienced Powerwall installer in NSW with hundreds of households lining up to be amongst the first installations in Australia.

The good news is that Tesla has significantly ramped up production and some very large shipments are on the way to Australia, so the waiting list is expected to clear very quickly. The feedback from our first customers is nearly perfect so far, everyone is loving Powerwall 2 and the effect it is having on their power bills.

Thanks again, and please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Tom Sedgwick
Customer Support @ Solaray Energy
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Company acted completely professional and did everything they said they would do exactly on time

Supplier Reply

Thanks a lot for the 5 star review, Robert. We really appreciate it.

Congratulations on the new system, and please call us any time if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help.
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Had a great experience with solaray

Supplier Reply

Hi Craig, thanks a lot for the review and congratulations on your new system.

If you have any questions, please call our customer support team. We can't wait to turn that 4 star customer service rating into 5 stars. ;)

All the best
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Good price for quality system. Quick installation. If they are more assertive in explaining the entire installation and post installation process, it would have been perfect.

Supplier Reply

Hi Jun,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear we didn't explain the post install process clearly, I'll pass on that feedback for you. Please let me know if you have any questions moving forward, especially now that you are up and running. We have a dedicated support team who can help you configure the Enphase online monitoring and to make sure you understand how it all works.

We'd love to hear from you later in the year to see how the system is performing, especially now that the days are starting to get a little longer.

All the best,
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We had a good deal with them, EOFY sale. They were a good deal cheaper than the nearest quote for the same LG panels 330Kw with Enphase S270.
They were responsive and installed on the day as promised. The system is up and running and I'm getting the good production stats.

Supplier Reply

Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for the 5 star review, we are delighted that you are happy with your installation.

Please let us know if you have any questions with your Enphase system. We are the largest & most experienced Enphase installer in NSW so we can help with any technical issues.

All the best, and enjoy the lower power bills!
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Solaray were professional and informative about the whole process ...from product quality and payment choices..the installers were experienced and professional..they wernt the cheapest quote but after accessing your site for reviews and ratings of previous customers it really helped me to decide which way to go with my solar product many thanks

Supplier Reply

Hi David,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Finn offers a great service here at SolarQuotes so I'm glad he helped you along the way.

We pride ourselves on being the Solar & Storage Experts so it's fantastic to hear you valued our professional and informative approach.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your system, we would be happy to help.

Tom Sedgwick
Customer Support @ Solaray Energy
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Solaray has agreed to rectify a problem with monitoring at their own expense (as it may not be under warranty). This is a welcome decision which I commend. Show additional information
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I could not connect to the internet, so monitoring is being provided, and the Bidirectional meter has yet to be installed and no indication when this will happen. Things we agreed that Solaray would do. One phone call and two emails have not been answered.

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Two quotes offered Trina panels or the more expensive LG, both with micro-inverters, one quote just offered Trina. Given the consistency of the sizing and technology offered, I went with Solaray because they were first to respond and were very engaging in understanding the site, the new build situation and sizing the system with regard to our living patterns of home use and our estimated consumption. They were also patient in explaining the technology and rationale for their recommendations. Show additional information
In retrospect, if I wish to get Storage Battery, I should have gone for the system with a SolarEdge inverter. This simplifies the installation of a battery and reduces losses because the power has to be inverted twice. This was not explained to me properly by either parties at the time Show additional information
Customer service has been rated poor. Our inverter broke down several weeks ago while still under warranty.
It took 10 days for e service person to call around to confirm the break down.
Several weeks later we are still waiting to have a replacement inverter installed.
Very poor after sales service.
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7 weeks on from installation and radio silence, having raised issues with the company on he day of installation they have not completed the handover and I have issues unresolved in regards to the output of the system based on what was promised. I haven't been set up to monitor the usage either.
The company have not responded my concerns and queries and I have been left with no option other than to take this to fair trading.
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Ronnie the salesman was great. After that, the communication with the actual company was not always satisfactory. It took 3 goes to get them to acknowledge my desired panel layout, and even then they did not install some of the panels where I wanted. However, now that it is installed everything seems to be working satisfactorily. My main complaint would be with the Solaredge internet connection. The SE5000 says it cannot get a signal from my modem, but both my phone and laptop get a signal at the same place. I've yet to chase this up with either Solaray or Solaredge, as this only affects my in-depth monitoring, not the actual performance of the system. Show additional information
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Sales person was great, Co. kept me informed until the day. When they didn't show up at advised time I rang. They were prompt to investigate and phoned back with new time same day and installation went to plan. I did have to email for online login info as that did not happen as advised but after a phone call to salesman that happened promptly as well. Also the metre was changed over 2 days later without prior notification, luckily someone was here to pay. All working now just need to wait for bill and learn how to take advantage and make the most of it. Show additional information
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They sold me 38 trinia panels with fronius inverter. Happy with system. Customer service went a bit silent for a couple of weeks after contract signed but in the end i think they did a good job so far as i can tell. I am happy with how the system is performing in its early days. Show additional information
When Solaray installed my system, they damaged the roof gutter resulting in over $1600 of damage. They were not doing anything about it. Also, the system had outages two times, and although these were eventually addressed the response time of the supporting staff is way too long. The outages lasted together for over a week.
I would not recommend Solaray to anyone else.
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Too early to tell how efficient the system is, the solar system (7.2Kw SolarEdge system with 25x290 Kw Trina panels) was just installed last week and battery (Tesla Powerwall 2 with backup) coming in a few months.
Sales and installers were good, but follow-up from the office so far has been pretty average.
Probably more useful to get my feedback in 3-6 months
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Professional advice, presentation and approach right from the quotation stage to installation and completion.
Reliable and punctual, delivered and installed our Solar Edge system on the date and time as scheduled.
Very impressed and highly recomended.
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I ended up getting 5 different quotes and had great conversations with only 3 of the 5 suppliers, Patrick from Solaray was one of the suppliers whom I had a great conversation with.

Patrick was happy to come over to my place to meet me and answer all my questions. He was also very responsive to follow up questions and competitive with the price the quoted.

Once I made my decision to proceed installation was scheduled within 2 business days and the installation happened within a week.

Everything went very smoothly and overall it was a very good experience dealing with Solaray.
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They provided me with all the information I required. The installation went smoothly and to schedule. Show additional information
Prompt service when i was looking for quotes. I ordered a 10kW system. Installation was on time and went well. Very happy overall. Feel confident they have done the job well. Show additional information
I was surprised how much power is produced on overcast days. We have an east facing roof, lots of trees, and only about 3 hrs of direct sunlight on the panels each day, but still get significant input to the system (now late autumn). Show additional information
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Their tech guy Andrew really knows his stuff well but at times can be hard to get a hold of.
They use contractors to install the panels and invertor but regularly? use the same ones.

It took over two weeks to get the monitoring up for my solaredge inverter but it's up now and it's awesome. Just saving up for the Tesla battery to get the most out of the system.

Because our roof isn't facing the optimal direction, we went with LG panels to get the higher output. Wanted Sunpower but just don't have the budget for it. For our 4 kW system/inverter, we installed 5.2 kW worth of panels. Two panels on NW, 14 panels on SW. The two facing NW are generating about 25% more power than the SW ones

In late March and early April sunny days, we were able to get peak generation of 3.6 kW and over 20 kWh per day.
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There seems to be confusion with one of your suppliers about how much solar I can put on my roof with a single phase installation. Show additional information
It's still new but seems to be functioning perfectly.
The team doing the installation were efficient and on time. All in all a great effort, now we just have to see it work.
Well managed, well explained, seems like good value for money spent.
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The new panels are working well. On a sunny day, we make 3x more power than we use. We are now waiting for the price of storage batteries to come down so we can go off-grid. Show additional information
Rain delayed our install and communication from their office was not up to scratch.
Installer was good with explanations and answers to any questions.
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They were the only company that drew my attention to panels with Enphase micro-inverters which I eventually chose. I'm really happy with them at this early stage. Show additional information
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We had a very good experience with Solaray. Our system comprises 15 x LG panels and Enphase microinverters. Very happy with the Enlighten app. It gives so much information on production and consumption. Carlos was fantastic as a sales person. He was very patient and knowledgeable and it did not matter what questions I asked (and there were quite few), he knew the answer, listened to what my thoughts were and then came up with a system that we believe will serve us well into the future. In terms of installation, Tammy kept us well informed (mostly by email) of where we were up to. The installers were great, provided some good suggestions on how best to layout the system and undertook a nice, neat installation. Overall, nothing was a problem and we are very happy with the final result. Loving having solar power and wishing we did it earlier. Show additional information
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Salesperson and installation people were excellent but that's where it ended. I bought 2 systems and both had issues with the inverters. Solaray told me there was nothing wrong with the first inverter even though they got an error message everyday for a month. I had to contact Fronius to get it replaced. The second inverter had an issue also and again Solaray didnt do anything about it. I had to chase Fronius again to have it replaced. Then after it was replaced the settings were incorrect and the inverter doesn't work at all. Still waiting for them to fix.
Solaray provide great sales support and installation but thats where it ends. If you end up going with them, pray you don't have any problems because it will be a couple of months before they get to you, if they ever do!!!!!!
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After system was installed I emailed several times to find out whether my meter was bi directional and how to use system and the monitoring software. I got no reply and 3 months later I get my first power bill with little to no difference and no feed in tariff. Am currently still trying to chase it up. Would I do it again? NO WAY! Show additional information
Sometimes they didn't respond to emails. Otherwise so far, so good. Show additional information
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At this stage am waiting for Energy Australia to install a new meter. Show additional information
Panels not yet installed. I had to delay the installation until some maintenance work is done on our roof.

Sales person was easiest to talk to, understood the products and seems to have a keen interest in solar beyond just selling stuff.
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Show additional information
Will provide further info post installation if requested ...scheduled for later this week. Show additional information