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About SolarHub, Solar Installers

SolarHub is one of Canberra’s largest and fastest growing solar companies. They are committed to delivering systems of the highest quality and pride themselves on their outstanding level of customer service. Every system SolarHub install is carefully designed and planned to ensure they maximise the systems performance and your returns.
SolarHub will take care of every step of your project including system design, connection permits, utility paperwork, installation and interconnection. When you sign up with SolarHub you can be confident that you are getting the job done by solar professionals who have the knowledge and experience that you need.

SolarHub Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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System ordered but not installed as yet Show additional information
Not yet installed - long wait list. Show additional information
The installation team was amazing - a birth occurred at home that day, unexpectedly, so they were all parked in by ambulances etc. They could not have been more accommodating. 11/10 Show additional information
Double check the placement before the installation - then double check again before the panels go on.

Panels have been moved as they were to close to the gutter causing a waterfall at the back doors. Rails should have been installed higher on the roof at installation.

I thought i'd done the right thing and picked the right company, could have got what I did at a cheaper price - not all I was told was quite true.
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Not the cheapest system available but we did specify higher quality products and were prepared to pay the premium. Highly professional approach from SolarHub representatives - system not yet installed but we anticipate that continuing to the installation and beyond. Show additional information
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The sales rep that quoted took photos of our old switchboard and had his electrician review if an upgrade was required, response: no upgrade required.
When we refined and modified the inverter and number of panels I was asked to send more photos. Again, after internal review SolarHub came back and said no upgrade required.
When the fitter turned up he jumped out of his vehicle, went straight to the switchboard, opened the door and said after less than 10s: I can't connect the power consumption metre without an upgrade of the switchboard. You need an upgrade.
I told him that he can knock himself out at the switchboard and that I don't care what he needs to to do because I have two confirmations that no upgrade was required plus a fixed price. If SolarHub now stuffed up and needs to do an upgrade, I would not pay fot it. The guy looked a bit puzzled. I then had to leave for work. He told me he would speak to a sparky with 20odd years experience to get this sorted, I told him I don't care how he sorts this issue as long as he sorts it.
When I called well after lunch I spoke to the sparky with the long experience and he didn't know of any discussion about a required upgrade. He was just finishing off the installation.
I am happy with the work performed, but very disappointed in a sales practise I consider being substandard and borderline dishonest. Spoiled an overall good experience.
They clearly aimed to squeeze more money out of their customer at the last minute.
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Dear Finn and team,

Many thanks for your very valuable site and service. As a recap this is what happened. I sought quotes from your two recommended suppliers and only one got back to me, Solar Hub. The other one?? Who knows. Taking your advice on board about getting three quotes I also contacted 2 others. Both gave quotes promptly and, for the elements of the system sought, were all in the same price ballpark. Though I confess that I did ask for quotes from each supplier with different equipment options so I was not comparing apples with apples so to speak.

One disturbing aspect was that one said that if they did a site visit that would mean that we were more or less committed to go with them, nope that ruled them out. The other did not offer to visit. Again, I was not impressed, as our townhouse needs a split installation and may have had other problems. Solar Hub were very good, they visited and answered all questions and pointed out that as I already had off peak hot water I did not necessarily need a new solar hot water heater, extra panels would do just as well as the FIT was about the same as the Off Peak in the ACT.

So what did I go with? 7.2KwH of LG Neon panels, and a Solar Edge inverter to handle the split panel array. Another feature is the installation of optimisers on each panel. I also went with the LG 5KwH Battrey, yes I know it does not make economic sense but as a retiree I am on a fixed income and I have to minimise cash flow drain. Another reason is, in my position, if not now, when? as I won’t have the resources to do such in a few years time. Total spend will be $24k or so. Ouches especially in view of the recent report that power price rises will moderate from now on due to increased amounts of renewables coming on line.

I have not made any comment on the installation, as that is due to happen on 5-6 April, just in time for the season of low sunlight to begin in the ACT, oh well you can’t win em all!

Lastly, I went with Reposit Power management system. To get the $3-4K battrey subsidy in the ACT you have to sign up with Reposit or like service, the only other alternative being Evergen with the CSIRO system. Again your site was invaluable for understanding what to realistically expect from Reposit and like systems, and no I don’t believe that they will halve the battrey cost payback period either. On that, there is some evidence that the ACT subsidy is artificially increasing the battrey prices in this neck of the woods. With any subsidy system it was ever thus, the trick is to get a supplier that takes the least advantage of the situation.

The next challenge is to get an electricity company that pays for so called Grid Credits in the ACT. So far there seems to be only one, Simple Energy. Interestingly, these credits are rated at a dollar per KWH supplied. Hmmm, a quick inspection of the wholesale electricity rate for the East Coat Market suggests tha on the rare occasion there is a price spike towards this region it peaks at about $0.95 perKwH, and not for all that long. But as I am not an electricity expert I will have to leave it to such companies to work all that out. But I do take the point that such events are rare (and getting rarer as increased amounts of renewable energy from battrey systems come on line) so I expect that the main return from the battrey will be from avoiding using grid power as much as possible. Solar Hub suggests that I will save about 80% on power bills and no one has even remotely suggested that I will be self sufficient. I’m glad that no one tried to BS me on this point.

That’s all for now, but feel free to contact me after April to see how it all went.

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Thanks for your assistance in helping me decide how to start the process of comparing what is available and for providing names of local reputable companies. I think you offer a great service. Show additional information
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Contractual arrangements average
Workmanship generally good but extreme heat conditions may have impacted their fixing of broken tiles and cleaning the discarded items from the roof, some of which are now in our water tanks
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From acceptance of the quote and deposit paid it took less than 4weeks for the install. The crew that came out were great cleaned up after. Would recommend Solar Hub. My son who went with a different company is looking at the end of February for his install. He had is deposit in 2-3 weeks before me. At the moment all is good, Just need some sun :-) Show additional information
Solarhub have been in business for a while and this was important to me. I wanted to deal with a company with a local presence as my install was complicated by several splits and the scale. The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable but I never felt I was getting a hard sell but rather the opinion of a person who knew what they were talking about. I believe I was guided In making a good decision which wasn’t the cheapest option but the best for my situation. The install team were very professional and I felt they were careful with my property and courteous in my space. The admin staff are really on the ball and helpful. I did have a bit of a problem with Solaredge monitoring but this was fixed ASAP. All staff knew their job well and were very informative. I highly recommend this company for reliability, knowledge and professionalism. Show additional information
I was not onsite for the installation. When I arrived home, I noticed that there was an issue with power points. I called the installer, luckily he had earlier called me so I had an after hours contact, and he arranged for someone to fix the problem. The issue was with a faulty connection in the fuse box - someone was on site within 10 minutes of my call and had the problem fixed in a further 10 minutes. Top marks.

One other issue that I had was with the placement of one of the arrays. Three of the panels were positioned such that they were shaded in early morning and shading on the last panel had not gone until around 10:00. Also, the most shaded panel was positioned almost under a TV antenna guaranteeing bird crap on the panel.

After discussion, the three panels were re-positioned (not aesthetically pleasing) below the other six in the array. My concern is that they appear somewhat close to the gutter - will heavy rain overflow the gutter? Time will tell - the installers said the positioning should be OK.
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Solarhub did everything they said they would do - from the initial quote to final installation - at the promised dates and times. And all the Solarhub staff we dealt with - from the sales people to electricians and installers - displayed the highest standards of professionalism and diligence and with good customer relations skills. I could not fault their service or products and would recommend them to others without hesitation. Show additional information
Upon reviewing quotes from a number of companies, I went with SolarHub as they weren't very pushy and provided me with all the information needed to make a decision. Installation went smoothly on the day. At the end of installation, they helped set up the web based monitoring and ensured that the system was performing perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others. Show additional information
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Hi Finn. I'm happy with the solar and the installation. I could have gone excellent on a couple of options but it was a big day for the two guys and the job was a little rushed at the end.
I've got Solarhub coming back in the new year to to adjust the panels so they are all flush and line up nicely as they are installed on the garage roof and are very visible from the ground. Also the aluminium rails were cut at random lengths by up to around 100 mm but they've been back and trimmed them up for a better look.
I've paid in full and hope they do the necessary work as soon the get a bit of time early in the new year. Cheers, Jim.
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As we do not have fixed line broadband router, only intermittent mobile broadband, the communication Wi-Fi system is not yet connected. We are following this up as we understood that this component was part of the deal. It is over a week since the SolarHub office was checking with their technician and get back to us; no response to date.

We understand from the Solar Edge literature that there are solutions but as yet we haven't heard from SolarHub how best to proceed. After our initiative to make a call to the salesperson we have unfortunately played telephone tag in the last few days so here is hoping that the management system can get up and running probably not until next year.

We also understand the pressures of end of the year deadlines, etc. but would like a response sooner rather then later.
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Solarhub were very good throughout the entire exercise, advice given was reliable and the purchase/installation process went exactly as they promised.
Also brilliant customer service with them taking full ownership and resolving an installation issue without any fuss, even though the problem meant getting other tradies involved at their expense and at short notice (plasterer).
Very happy throughout and also with final product.
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The guys from Solar Hub were great to work with.
However, we did have a few false starts due to poor analysis of our house size, height and tiles etc. that meant we could not get the 16 panel system we wanted.
However, they did put 12 panels up without breaking our unusual tiles.
Other companies only offered ten! So they tried their best to fit what we wanted.
The information provided about the "optimisers" vs the other options was very good and seemed accurate with a little research.
The only criticism is that they seem to be growing pretty quickly and there were some inexperienced workers. Nevertheless, I have to say they worked safely and the roof - with panels fitted - was fine during a huge storm with 100kmh winds - so we were grateful for that.
I also love the final solution with the APP to check solar production at any time on my phone. It all looks good at this stage - although we have not got "recognised" by the power company yet.
I would recommend Solar Hub - the installation "average" rating was because they had to return around four times before the final installation was complete. But we had an unusual install job with a 20ft high, 2 story roof. Also, this work was just before Christmas and they returned even on the weekend to complete it.
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The help/information provided through your website and follow-up emails were invaluable. I chose a local supplier as they visited the site before submitting a final quote which the two other frims (including ACTEW) did not do. Show additional information
Solarhub were fantastic from start to finish. Took the time to garner a good idea of the solar exposure our roof would receive with the surrounding trees and worked with us to achieve the best possible performance from the system. Installation was fantastic with no damage to the roof, all mess was cleaned up inside the house and outside, and we were given a very comprehensive run through on the operation of the inverter. Very happy!! Show additional information
SolarHub were great. They offered a quality system at a competitive price (it wasn't the cheapest quote I received but it was the quote I had most confidence in) and were prepared to talk through all the details and answer all the questions I had. Very professional in the quoting with detailed T&Cs in addition to detail of the system spec . They committed to install on a agreed day and arrived spot on time. The installation crew (SolarHub employees) took pride in their work and did a great job. Very happy with the end product and happy to recommend SolarHub to anyone Show additional information
One did not make contact. I had three other quotes through another organisation, but I thought the quality was in question for both systems and installation. I purchased two systems- on my house and on my daughter's. The former supply and installation went well, but the installers did not leave the site fully clean of debris- cigarette buts in garden and plastic ties falling from the roof. For the latter the installers arrived without the panels and invert arriving. A second installation date was arranged on the following Sunday and was completed well, but with more stuff left behind- cordless drill and other items on the roof and cigarette buts in the garden, some buts found by a 4 yo child! Despite these negative comments the company and installers get a 4/5 grade for both installations. Both are working well and were completed in good time. Show additional information
SolarHub have been helpful providing us with an alternative layout and documentation for Council re heritage overlay in our area. Their communication has been good so far re planned Installation later this month. Show additional information
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SolarHub are an example of how things should be done. A no nonsense meeting with sales executive who explained pluses and minuses of solar, did not encourage battery at this time, and explained system management controls in detail. Followed up by office arranging specific installation date which was kept. Due to extreme heat at time of installation it took longer than expected, but was carried out in three days.
The installation was completed by Glen's team, who were friendly and more than happy to explain queries I had during installation.
They cleaned up afterwards so well that I had nothing to do.
The system is already producing surplus electricity, and I suspect the pay back period will be less than forecast. SolarHub were not the cheapest, but the marginal extra cost will be insignificant if the system continues as well as the installation. I can not recommend them highly enough.
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Fantastic service from start to finish. Friendly staff who knew what they were talking about. They took the time to answer all my questions and provided me with a range of quotes for different systems. The installation went ahead as expected and the system was producing at the maximum output from the day it was turned on. Their price was very competitive compared to other companies and their service and install was excellent. I am confident that they would be around to service any warranty issues if they come up. I am very happy I went with SolarHub. Show additional information
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We met with one that was recommended by yourself but in the end we felt more comfortable going with Solar Hub. Products were comparable between the two but feel and fit for us with the people we met with was worlds apart and we purchased and had the system installed within a week or so and haven’t looked back. Show additional information
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I was disappointed with beyond solar as they quoted without seeing the site. They did not have an understanding of the shading issues and only offered a workable alternative when I prompted them
They would not have been aware of problems with my meter box until they got to installation. This would have held things up significantly
The other suggestion from you never got back to me.
I was happy to go with solar hub after checking around with people in Canberra
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Most suppliers were only interested in installing standard off the shelf systems. I requested specific panels and inverter plus redundancy in panels. I had 22 X 290W panels and Fronius inverter installed. When I asked other supplier to quote me on my preferences they were either not interested or way to expensive. I had done my research and although not an expert on solar I'm an instrument and electrical tradesman. Other installers hounded me for my business but offered no incentive in price or components. In the end SolarHub offered me a better price for my certificates which closed the deal. Show additional information
Very positive experience from start to completion. The sale rep Phill represented Solarhub and its products in a professional, knowledgeable manner. We changed our minds a few times on what our requirements were and Phill obliged us with numerous quotes. We ended up choosing the 'Diamond Range System' and added the monitoring facility. The installation was completed in one day with minimum interruption. Our installers were polite, diligent and hard working and cleaned up after themselves. We are very pleased and satisfied with our decision to go with Solarhub . I would not hesitate to recommend Solarhub for all your solar requirements. We are very happy customers Show additional information
Solarhub were pretty good to deal with. We had a couple of hiccups but they have been resolved to my satisfaction and in a quite tiemly manner I have to say - to the extent they were responsible for issues.

BUT, we need a better system to clearly explain responsibilities. There are too many people in the supply cahin and it is difficult to know who is repsonsible for what.

My Fronius inverter is giving a status code 4 (still after 5 weeks being isntalled) - Gradual voltage dependend power reduction GVPR and Solarhub helped out quickly with adjusting the inverter to cope as best it could, but the code keeps recurring very frequently and Simply Energy were useless in addressing the problem.

Today i spoke to and wrote to United Energy and am hoping to get this resolved, but it is not clear to me whether I am losing feed-in credits while the inverter shuts down during the code or what other implications there are. It is very difficult for a laymen to know who to call, how to get things fixed in a timely fashion and what to do or how much it is costing them while the protracted repairs take place.

There should be a better way!
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Great customer experience dealing with Solarhub from the time I walked into their office at Mitchell. We were kept up to date with what was happening throughout the whole process and everything happened when it was supposed to happen. Show additional information
Very happy with the sales process and the installation went without a hitch. The panels are cranking out power now and I love the app that goes with it to show me what it's producing at any given point etc. Very happy all round. Show additional information
Pricing variation across the 3 quotes was massive. I’d say two of the three companies didn’t want the job! I’m talking double, with no perceived difference in product. Show additional information
When system was installed they cut my power to my shed/workshop then quoted me $100/hr to fix it. The electrician I got to fix it did it for free because it was such a simple problem. I am now having trouble with the monitoring/reporting system which I have reported to them 3 times in the last 6 weeks and have not even had the courtesy of a reply. Show additional information
Neither Origin Energy nor ACTEWAGL Solar had sales staff who were able to discuss issues or offer panels that could tolerate partially shaded situations. Show additional information
Frank was a great sales person but we made our mind to go with solar hub before the quote provided Show additional information
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