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About SolarHub, Solar Installers

SolarHub is one of Canberra’s largest and fastest growing solar companies. They are committed to delivering systems of the highest quality and pride themselves on their outstanding level of customer service. Every system SolarHub install is carefully designed and planned to ensure they maximise the systems performance and your returns.
SolarHub will take care of every step of your project including system design, connection permits, utility paperwork, installation and interconnection. When you sign up with SolarHub you can be confident that you are getting the job done by solar professionals who have the knowledge and experience that you need.

SolarHub Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Neither Origin Energy nor ACTEWAGL Solar had sales staff who were able to discuss issues or offer panels that could tolerate partially shaded situations. Show additional information
Frank was a great sales person but we made our mind to go with solar hub before the quote provided Show additional information
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From first contact this company have provided exceptional customer service. Chris the salesman was not pushy...unlike other companies we contacted. Very prompt efficient installlation. Cleaned up after themselves. Hardest working tradies i have ever seen. After installation they explained how the system worked with infinite patience. Jody from the office was lovely also.
Loved the whole experience. You will be so happy if you choose Solar hub as your installer.
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Their rep (Martin) was very good at explaining everything to us.
We were kept up to date with what and when things were going to happen.
The workmen were very efficient and took great care.
Very pleased with the outcome.
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Based on the recommended quotes from SolarQuotes I got a quote back from Solar Hub promptly which was very competitive. Chris and the team have been knowledgeable, professional and friendly to deal with the whole way through. The installation went very smoothly and we've enjoyed seamless solar power ever since. The only small thing would be the 'Smart App' we bought with the package has dropped out a few times but they've been very responsive with getting it back up and running. Second to none personalised service and the quality of the products is great. Show additional information
Really good 6.5kw jinko /T1 /reposit system installed in January 2017.

Pluses -- they did on-site inspection and detailed design. Friendly installers who worked hard to get it installed to my time frames and system has delivered Big Savings especially in February to may qter where my energy bill for 4 people is $43. Very good liaison with ACTewAGL Energy company for upgrading the power box -and inspection. All up a good mob who call me back quickly. And they advised me that my roof ridging needed redoing which was very much appreciated as was coming up to Winter. Both both apps are excellent and i gave feedback to reposit which has been folded into their new app and very much appreciated being part of that process

Minuses - could have benefited from the engineer doing inspection as initial design would not have covered my current energy use. Customer service seems to want to playcate me instead of work with me as I've taken the time to become an expert user. more technical advice for the most appropriate panels installation wouldve helped. they only lit up half the array until the engineer came around a week later. reposit has been a bit buggy over the 6 months but to their Credit have worked on it as I want off peak charging of the battery to take account of not just tomorrow's weather but my energy use pattern which at the start it didn't do. Also wondering if should have gone with changing over gas to solar water -- next step spose. Plus as I'm a first time user I didn't realise the install didn't cover me for blackout so we'll now pay another amount to get blackout wiring. Plus there's no weekend number or system for sorting out battery bugs errors.
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All three suppliers were great to deal with and very similar in their range and price. Virtually became a toss up in the end as they were all that good. Great service all round. Only problem I have now is higher than expected voltage from the street supply that needs to be rectified with the supplier before our system can operate successfully. Show additional information
Good information from Frank the sales person and every thing went very well Show additional information
The installer recommends putting the inverter as near to the switch board contrary to the advice that it should be under shade. He claims it would not be affected by the sun as it is well protected and has an inbuilt air extractor. Only the LED display will be affected by the sunlight. The other choice is to put it under shade but further away. However it will loose efficiency of solar generated from the panels to the inverter. I went for the former but since have doubted whether it was the right decision. Show additional information
Chris came prepared with a proposed quote and options. We discussed the pro's and con's of various panels and inverters, and the size of the system. For each system I received a graph of monthly production that I could expect. Knowing my monthly usage, this enabled me to calculate the optimum size for my usage, and to meet the stated purpose of the solar panel system. This then allowed the system to be selected (panel quality, inverter, system size and smart meter) allowing a quote for bid comparison purposes. The installation happened when Chris said that it would, in the time frame that he said that it would. The team of installers were fantastic, and did a safe, quality installation. I could not be happier with the work. When it was switched on, everything worked perfectly. Show additional information
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Despite making the sale conditional on an installation before a prescribed date SolarHub changed it at the last minute sighting 'likely rain on the radar' that never materialised.
I understand the safety requirements if it does actually rain however the install team did not even turn up and work until it actually rained - so I think the rain was used as an excuse of not being able to deliver/install through overbooking or other commitments.
However when the installers did push on with the installation they were excellent; clean, tidy, unobtrusive, etc
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The sales consultant (Frank from memory) gave good advice and guided me to get the best system for me. The installation crew arrived on time they were unobtrusive and did a really good job, very professional (cleaned up as well).The good service continued with Nicole following up with emails so that the compliance and connection to the grid was completed ahead of time. Overall a pleasant experience 10 out of 10 Show additional information
SolarQuotes website was a start point in my search for the most suitable solar panel system and installer. We decided to get a quality system with option to install battery backup later on. The whole process with Solar Hub Melbourne has been smooths without any issues.
Highly recommended.
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Generally OK. Installation appears professional. Yet to see the maximum output of 5 kw. Went through a couple of light rains and no leaks so far- keep my fingers crossed. The system was checked by inspector and is about to be I accepted by Simply Energy. The return dollars hopefully will improve with the weather and daylight hours increasing. Show additional information
I wanted my system to be a quality and future proofed system and most respects it is. I am only disappointed that I found out later that the inverter is only rated at 3Kwh. This doesn't future proof me if the system needs to be upgraded with extra panels to a 6kwh system when I eventually invest in a storage battery. Show additional information
Happily recommend to anyone. Show additional information
Professional business dealing from start to end. Have been engaged with several companies for quotes. This was the only company who understood my needs and able to provide the real numbers for comparison as well as the products I was looking for . Punctual to appointments and complete the job in time. Realistic quote for the job was a bonus. Show additional information
These guys provided the system I wanted not just what they were selling. They listened and provided a unique system for my needs. Show additional information
I initially went with a company named LG Energy Solutions who had a 'Half price Easter special'. I paid upfront for a system with battery storage ($13000) only to find out a week later they had gone into liquidation. The liquidator contacted me to let me know that the director of the company had sent all of the company's money to an overseas bank account and fled the country. Long story short... I got burned badly.

Not to be disheartened about the benefits of solar, I decided to go with a company named Solarhub, based in Mitchell ACT. These guys have been absolutely fantastic!
A consultant came out to check the layout on the roof and look at the meter board, identified issues to be rectified by ACTEW prior to commissioning of the system and arranged for them to have them replaced free of charge.
The Solarhub installers were very professional and delivered fantastic customer service. The lead installer took the time to explain how everything worked properly and the sales team have been great in following up to ensure I was satisfied with the service.
I would strongly recommend Solarhub to anyone in the Canberra region looking to install solar systems on their home.
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Got three responses.
One was around 7:00am. Not impressed to be woken after a late work night.
Another other response was from GreenSky, who spent his time trying to talk me out of getting a battery. Obviously had no idea of what a battery was for.
SolarHub proved to be the best out of several other outfits I had spoken to.
One bunch of cowboys were so bad that was harassed and threatened by the halfwits. Reported them to the Clean Energy Council, who actually followed up.
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I found the SolarHub team easy to speak to and easy to understand. The process has been smooth. I would recommend using SolarHub or at least chatting to them. Show additional information
SolarHub's communications were excellent. They kept us informed at every step and while they were not the cheapest quote, they offered high quality products. They were highly professional in their installation and cleaned up after themselves.

No hesitation in recommending them in the future.
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The installation of the PV Panels not angled facing North instead its follow the fall of the flat roof line 4 degrees south. on that I am not happy about.
The SolarEdge Inverter and the monitoring system are excellent. I can read when production and consumption values
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I have just had SolarHub complete a solar system install at my home, it was not an easy installation due to the panels being located on three different sections of my home. I was on a tight schedule to have the system installed, which they not only accommodated, but completed the work ahead of schedule.

The system was installed efficiently and a small issue I had with the conduit layout was addressed within 1 day of me bringing it their attention. A number of tiles were broken during the install, however, SolarHum warned me in advance of the difficulty in working with the Boral Swiss tiles and the likelihood of breakage. Again, SolarHub replaced the tiles with spares and compensated me the repair cost and associated repointing costs without any complaint.

The SolarHub team were courteous and polite at all times, they cleaned up after the job and were happy to assist in the integration of the new system into my Smart Home.

I have no hesitation in recommending this solar company, they were quick to quote, came on-site to appraise the install issues first hand and were more than happy to accomodate my C-Bus Smart Home interconnects which made my installation a little more complex that the norm.

Finally, on top of being excellent operators, they were 'sharp' with their pricing and willing to discuss ways to reduce the system costs to meet my budget whilst maintaining the system size.

All-in-all a 'pain-free' experience from a first class operator. I highly recommend SolarHub!

Thank-you Chris and Stephen

Andrew L.
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Stocked High Quality technical specification products - Solaredge Inverter with GSM connectivity due to poor internet rural location and 300w LG panels Show additional information
Choosing a solar system as a consumer is a tricky process. There can be complexities of where the panels go, many brands of products you may never heard of and the size of the system that meets your needs. In order to navigate an installation you really need someone you can trust and will take the time to explain the options. I found this in Chris S at SolarHub Melbourne.

Having spoken to a number of vendors Chris was the first to really explain the list of possible options. He was honest about each of the systems they were selling and how they related in quality to each other. Also what the warranty actually means on panels (production vs product). He offered three quotes, the recommended quote being very competitive and the two others a little more expensive. In making up my mind Chris was happy to provide a number of different quotes from the original three and spent much more time explaining the systems. Chris also visited to show me the monitoring systems (although I am just down the road). In the end, based upon my reading and Chris' explanations I chose a SolarEdge System, 3.7Kw with Consumption meter and Jinko Panels.

The installation was very good, they were careful to explain the positioning before drilling and made a very neat job of installing everything. They spent a good amount of time explaining what they were about to do and once it was set up taking me through the system. My only very minor criticism would be to bring a brush and pan when drilling inside, this might bother some people a lot more than it bothers me.

Finally the system does exactly what I wanted it to. Each panel is working independently maximising the most out of my roof which suffers a little bit of shading and couldn't all be facing north (4 west facing panels). The monitoring gives me near real time readouts of consumption and
production (I think its about 15 minutes). The iPhone app is great, I can check how much I'm producing and chose to turn on the dishwasher, washing machine etc when I'm producing most. I chose to make my system public and it can be viewed here (although not in real time).

The system has only been in one week so I will update the review if I have any issues. No updates, assume it's all still working fine!
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SolarHub were very professional and very fast to respond to requests.
They installed the system about 1-2 weeks after I accepted their quote, and were very quick to lodge paperwork with AGL.
Also very happy with the SolarEdge system.
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Unfortunately there is a big gap between 4 and 5 and 80% doesn't do them credit.

If available I would have given 4.5 out of 5 for the ones I gave 4 to.

The guys in Canberra / ACT are great.

Ben the sales person gave us good, practical advice and listened to us. He happily explained the jargon littered discussion (Gross vs Net, etc.) Others wanted to just sell their standard package.

The work completed was completed when specified (no delays which was good given I took a day's leave) and very happy with the result and standard of workmanship.

The only very minor quibble I had was the panels weren't laid in consecutive order so the management software shows panels 15, 18, 5, 29, etc. instead of 1, 2, 3, 4.

This has no effect on the output of the array/system and was not apparent until the system was fully installed and activated. Its only a cosmetic issue and did not warrant a complaint and need for them to basically re-lay the panels.

It probably speaks more to my pickiness than the installation itself.

I guess it does talk to the quality of the process if that minor issue is all I can adversely comment on.

The installation team did a great job while not exposing themselves to any risk due to the weather, working on the roof, electrical hazards, etc.

The back office / admin /accounts people were also very professional and the documentation that goes with the system (while probably required by legislation is also first class).

Happy to recommend to others and will probably be in touch with them again in say two years when battery prices become sensible and we have an idea of our storage needs.

Thanks again to Ben initially and to Alex and the team on the roof.
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Great service up to and including the installation however after sales service is lacking.
Thank you to solar quotes, you website and support is outstanding
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The Solarhub team were amazing through out the whole process. Very experienced, answered every question we had, gave great advice and their install guys worked non stop in 30+ degrees heat from the minute that got to our place till when they finished. If you are thinking about getting solar panels we would highly recommend using Solarhub. Show additional information
I felt the installation service was fantastic. THey installed in timeframe given. They even fixed some tiles on the roof which had previously been broken and glued up (possibly when the roof was originally built). The installed bollards in the garage so the car does not accidentally crash into the battery they installed. The whole process was seemless. Very impressed. Show additional information
We chose SolarHub based on past dealings the company to double the size of our solar system together with a 6.4KW Tesla Powerwall battery, SolarEdge and Reposit monitoring technology. Solarhub Service and communication from all levels of staff throughout from initial contact sales negotiation, onsite installation and to post installation service has been first class. Our dealings with your partner Reposit in response to queries and technical issues has also been very good and helpful. We would not hestitate to recommend Solarhub and solar energy as the way to go! Show additional information
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System to be installed in 2 weeks. System 4.505kWh including Tesla battery and split installation of panels to get the most sunlight. Sales person very helpful. Visited firm in Thomastown just to make sure they actually existed locally. Checked Euro Solar online. They were the cheapest. Basically 1 page quote without breakdown of installation units, and online previews from customers not happy with service. Madison were my first contact with a quote for unit under 5kW, they offered a cash discount for 7 days, this too rushed for me, so unit would have cost $9054 without a battery, $10k extra for battery. Show additional information
So many disparate components and suppliers its virtually impossible to tell if you are getting a good deal or being taken for a ride .. On positive side, Solar Hub sent out a sales person and the industry needs to do more face to face rather than sending quotes over the mail system.

Solar Hub have been good and so far all expectations set have been met .. System performing well and I look forward to seeing what savings we can achieve over time
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Your advice and information allowed me interpret the detail being presented and to seek additional information from the salesperson.
This led ultimately to a greater understanding of our needs and the solution.
I am confident as a result I will achieve a good result.
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Show additional information
This was an upgrade to an existing system from 2.5kW to 4kW Show additional information
The sales person was very attentive and did a couple of suggested designs after coming out to talk to us. The booking and payment processes were very easy and they were quite adaptable due to our circumstances (we were on holiday and couldn't sign the paperwork until our return, they were happy to work around this). There was a slight delay in fitment from the booked date due to not having panels in stock because of the new year break but otherwise very professional and very willing to locate the components to suit our requirements. Show additional information