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About SolarHub, Solar Installers

SolarHub is one of Canberra’s largest and fastest growing solar companies. They are committed to delivering systems of the highest quality and pride themselves on their outstanding level of customer service. Every system SolarHub install is carefully designed and planned to ensure they maximise the systems performance and your returns.

SolarHub will take care of every step of your project including system design, connection permits, utility paperwork, installation and interconnection. When you sign up with SolarHub you can be confident that you are getting the job done by solar professionals who have the knowledge and experience that you need.

SolarHub Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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We have had lots of delays getting connected through to the power provider. Best guess seems everyone may be dropping the ball a bit. Show additional information
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Overall a very good experience. Our installation was due today but rain has delayed this until tomorrow. Sales representative was excellent and provided several options at a very competitive price. Communication with the company has been ongoing and timely. All aspects of official paper work and applications has be taken care of on our behalf making the whole process painless. All contact with staff has been positive, polite and professional. Overall I would highly recommend this company Show additional information
The salesman Frank was very informative and consulted me at every step in the lead-up. The installation staff at SolarHub were fantastic even accommodating my request by not drilling into internal walls to run further hardwired connections to the inverter. The installers turned up on time (early) and explained the exact work they were doing. They worked for the company and were not contractors. They knew exactly what they were doing and explained the process in detail. By about 5pm the solar PV system was working and monitoring started. They cleaned up after themselves. As I had shade issues I went with a panel optimisation system (Solaredge). Efficient company who were not the cheapest but did a high quality job. The monitoring hardware was installed wrong initially but they sent out a tech to rectify in a very short period of time. System is working as expected. Show additional information
All the staff at SolarHub have been fantastic, from the sales person, to the installers to the staff in the office. The installers turned up on time and explained the exact work they were doing. They consulted along the way. They worked for the company and were not contractors. They new exactly what they were doing. By about 2pm the solar PV system was working and able to be monitored. They also cleaned up after themselves. I'd highly recommend to others. They were not the cheapest but did a high quality job. Show additional information
The guys at Solar4life were great!! They are local to Canberra and coming out to the surrounding rural area was no problems :) Show additional information
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Thank you for your service and your website!
I had no idea where to start in this technical maze and found your website informative and very helpful.
Providing 2 quotes from reputable suppliers was again a boon - I would not have been confident in my own random selection.
During the quote process I found both suppliers you recommended to us, were helpful, informative and honest.
That their recommendations and information tallied well, also gave me confidence they were both truthful and not overselling or over pricing.

Thanks again Finn

Don Carter
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very good company. Panels and inverter top of the range so hoping make a huge difference to the electricity bill. Installers were courteous and very quick turn around. Office staff insist they will help with inspector and applying for govt rebate (hasn't happened yet) so if they continue with customer service to the end it has been a delight to deal with this company. Show additional information
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Solarhub was not the cheapest quote, but we were attracted by the fact that Solarhub was responsible for all stages of the process and came out to our house to assess the site, explained properly what our options were, and used their own installers to do the installation. The Solarhub representative spent some time explaining the ins and outs of what we were planning to do and Solarhub also had good quality components. We were also attracted by the fact that they were opening up a local office in Batemans Bay, rather than being Sydney based with no local presence (as the other quotes we received were from Sydney based companies with no local presence, and our neighbours had some problems with their solar installation by a Sydney based company). The installers were careful and competent and did a neat job. The installation is working well. Show additional information
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Well it is early days, but have not had it inspected yet. Hope all goes well from here. Show additional information
I received 3 quotes with two vey close in price. The inverters were identical but different solar panels. Based on the Solar quotes web site, the panels were on par. I decided to go with SolarHub based on dealing with Frank, he was very happy to answer all my questions and made me feel more comfortable dealing with him. He was not pushy or trying to hurry me into a decision. Show additional information
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I found their sales, trades and support staff on the ball, expert and willing to go the extra mile. They all spoke well of their firm and did not bad mouth their competitors - this is really important in a smallish place like Canberra where keen and clean competition gets more business than quick and dirty. I am happy with the products and their performance so far. Would I do it again with SolarHub? Yes, without a second thought. Show additional information
Lovely people to deal with. Very happy Show additional information
A cut above the rest... No sales gimmicks... An actual office and not some dodgy home setup or overseas base and a real person to talk with rather than being 'pitched' or sold too.

It's pretty pay more for the best system....period. It's not that hard people. If you can't afford a good up and get one or don't complain when you get sold the best system for an unbelievable price..............and then it's riddled with problems.
Your mindset is the problem.
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Three months after the installation, the system is performing as expected. The installation was done promptly and professionally, the sales person was very nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend SolarHub Canberra. The only issue I have with the whole process is that we were never told of additional/different metering charges. After installing a new smart meter it was compulsory to sign up for one of two new ActewAGL's payment options resulting in supply charges being around $200 for three months instead of $80 for the same period before the solar installation. Being ripped off by an ACT government-owned corporation, not surprised at all. Show additional information
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One company made no contact, second company sent an email asking questions and wanting us to obtain information for them and the third made personal contact, gave a thorough explanation of positives and negatives during the conversation. Based on the given information, we received three quotes for various configurations for assessment, then followed up by a site visit. We accepted the final quote without hesitation, with the system being installed not long after.

We chose the best components even though that increased the final cost. We fitted 30 panels in all, to function independently to obtain maximum benefit. At this point we are very impressed with the output from the panels even though it has not been totally sunny. We are yet to be connected to the grid to generate revenue, nor have we received a bill to compare usage. I don't think we are going to be disappointed going on current indicators. Very neat, tidy installation of all system components followed by an excellent usage process run through. In all it was a one day install which was impressive.

SolarHub VIC were easy to deal with from start to finish. Fully recommended by my wife and I.
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Thanks Finn,

the knowledge and advice from your website was immeasurable - I thank you for taking the time to inform the consumer. I felt well equipped when discussing all of the options with each of the installer representatives.

I highly recommend others to make them selves aware of all the information available to them on your website so that they too, may make an informed decision when deciding on their solar panels.

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Overall the service you have put together has proven to be great for us, taking us from novice to being able to make an educated selection in a matter of weeks.
The end result was that once we understood the components and brands and settled on a system size with the components we wanted. The pricing was very similar across all quotes. Our decision was then based on the engagement and the "sales experience", from responsiveness, persistence (but not pushy) and quality.
We ended up with 32 LG Neo2 Panels and a Fronius 8.2 inverter.

The SolarHub guys were great when it came to scheduling, communications and the actual install.

Thanks heaps
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We chose to go with SolarHub after using Solar Quotes to narrow down our choices. We have been very happy with all aspects of SolarHub including price, service, installation and ease and timeliness in connecting to the grid. It took about a month from the time of paying the deposit to getting connected to the grid and the process could not have been easier. We have already recommended SolarHub to our neighbour and would not hesitate to recommend this company to others. Show additional information
Solar hub were fantastic from start to finish. Everything was explained and process of intstalation was easy and fast. An independent Inspector came and he said everything was done well. So if he was happy, I was happy. Thanks solar hub. Show additional information
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Not installed yet. But best quality solution for my needs. Show additional information
I had limited my quotes to companies that were eligible to install residential batteries under the ACT's NextGen subsidies and SolarHub came up with the best option, best price and made all the technical details less confusing. Right from the quote through to the final walk through of the installation, the team did exactly what they'd planned, were clear, informative and patient while I made decisions.
I'm very happy with the final result and impressed with the Solar Edge inverter's ability to optimise each panel and present the system data online. The LG RESU10 battery is controlled by Reposit and working perfectly.
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The solar panels will be installed in a couple of weeks.

I found Ben from SolarHub particularly helpful. He explained everything clearly and set out which system would be best for my requirements. I felt confident in going ahead with SolarHub because of the company's expertise and the customer service.

Another supplier tried to undercut SolarHub's quote but they didn't contact me for a few weeks after my initial request. I would not have chosen to go with them anyway as I was so impressed with SolarHub's professional approach.

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We have 35 monitored panels and Solaredge to monitor them-we have 2 houses to cover-the kids use more. Installation was great and Charles came out to take us through Solaredge (great phone app). Will look at batteries next year. Show additional information
I pointed out an obscure issue that was quite tricky to fix, but solar hub both acknowledged the problem and fixed it, even though it took some time working with the manufacturer of the equipment. They kept me informed along the way and never tried to fob me off. I would recommend them to everyone :-) Show additional information
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Installers appeared competent, experienced and considerate of our wishes regarding aesthetics of installation. Show additional information
Great advice provided through this web site.. We had three quotes and they were all vey responsive, Solar Hub came out on top because they provided the best feedback and were always available to take our call. We had done a lot of research prior and SolarHub adressed all concerns. Needless to say we have paid our deposit and are just waiting for the install.

This is a great site and we saved app 3k buy using Solarquotes .. we had signed up to another mob and pulled out after reading feedback on this site. Thanks for the advice and I would recommend this site to anyone considering Solar.
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SolarHub were patient in giving me full information. They did not bambozzle me with science
but explained every thing in a clear manner.
The information you gave me online was invaluable in coming to a decision in a field in which I had no knowledge
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We’re delighted that we have it and very grateful for the wonderful service offered by the solar quotes website. Show additional information
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To cut a very long story short, the batteries failed prematurely due to software problem in the inverter, and SolarHub replaced them at their expense.

The system performance has been transformed (to what it should have been in the first place) and I cannot speak highly enough of the support offered by SolarHub and the integrity they have shown. To quote Florian, they aim to be in business for a long time, and they (through no fault of their own) sold me a system that was not fit for purpose, so they were morally and legally required to fix it.
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