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About SolarHub, Solar Installers

SolarHub is one of Canberra’s largest and fastest growing solar companies. They are committed to delivering systems of the highest quality and pride themselves on their outstanding level of customer service. Every system SolarHub install is carefully designed and planned to ensure they maximise the systems performance and your returns.
SolarHub will take care of every step of your project including system design, connection permits, utility paperwork, installation and interconnection. When you sign up with SolarHub you can be confident that you are getting the job done by solar professionals who have the knowledge and experience that you need.

SolarHub Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We chose SolarHub based on past dealings the company to double the size of our solar system together with a 6.4KW Tesla Powerwall battery, SolarEdge and Reposit monitoring technology. Solarhub Service and communication from all levels of staff throughout from initial contact sales negotiation, onsite installation and to post installation service has been first class. Our dealings with your partner Reposit in response to queries and technical issues has also been very good and helpful. We would not hestitate to recommend Solarhub and solar energy as the way to go! Show additional information
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System to be installed in 2 weeks. System 4.505kWh including Tesla battery and split installation of panels to get the most sunlight. Sales person very helpful. Visited firm in Thomastown just to make sure they actually existed locally. Checked Euro Solar online. They were the cheapest. Basically 1 page quote without breakdown of installation units, and online previews from customers not happy with service. Madison were my first contact with a quote for unit under 5kW, they offered a cash discount for 7 days, this too rushed for me, so unit would have cost $9054 without a battery, $10k extra for battery. Show additional information
I was disappointed with the installation service. To be fair, it was installed just after Christmas, however if it is possible to do, it should be organised properly. The team had to come out twice, which was an inconvenience to me. They didn't receive the panels on time which is understandable given the time of year, but they didn't let me know or consult with me about an alternative installation date (to avoid me having to take two days off work, rather than a single day.) They also found they couldn't install the system in the intended way due to the structure of my roof. This caused a further delay as they waited for instructions from the boss. Apparently the salesman was meant to check that but he had moved on (I had put a lot of faith in him and was disappointed to hear this - leaving no avenue for follow up for me.) For the second day of installation, with the panels, they arrived a few hours late (10.30am) and didn't let me know until the office was open at 9.00am I was up and ready for them at 7.00am and expected them to be done by midday. I had to re-arrange my work day once more. I had lost confidence with the company at that point, however the lady from the office reassured me. The installers were very nice and very hard working men, but one of them (apparently the boss!) made an error when installing the cable to the internet. They promised to arrange for a plasterer but I haven't heard from them about that as yet. Communication was affected by my going on holiday for two weeks, but I have been back at work for three weeks now and have not heard anything. I had a call from the inspector last week, on the day before he wanted to come out, but as my switchboard is located inside my house, I need to be home and I wasn't available. (They should have known that.) I have not heard from him since even though I told him I would be available the next week as it was my day off. I was promised an email with information to track power generation and usage, but have not received it as yet. I also don't appear to have been left with any paperwork, guarantees, etc. They left me with a pack of "important" information on the first day and asked for it back on the second day, but I can't find it anywhere. I will be calling them today and I am hoping they will get everything sorted but I am feeling doubtful about their capacity to support me for the next 20 years as they had promised. In short the poor communication from Solarhub has left me wondering. I wouldn't recommend them to my friends I'm afraid. Show additional information
So many disparate components and suppliers its virtually impossible to tell if you are getting a good deal or being taken for a ride .. On positive side, Solar Hub sent out a sales person and the industry needs to do more face to face rather than sending quotes over the mail system.

Solar Hub have been good and so far all expectations set have been met .. System performing well and I look forward to seeing what savings we can achieve over time
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Your advice and information allowed me interpret the detail being presented and to seek additional information from the salesperson.
This led ultimately to a greater understanding of our needs and the solution.
I am confident as a result I will achieve a good result.
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This was an upgrade to an existing system from 2.5kW to 4kW Show additional information
The sales person was very attentive and did a couple of suggested designs after coming out to talk to us. The booking and payment processes were very easy and they were quite adaptable due to our circumstances (we were on holiday and couldn't sign the paperwork until our return, they were happy to work around this). There was a slight delay in fitment from the booked date due to not having panels in stock because of the new year break but otherwise very professional and very willing to locate the components to suit our requirements. Show additional information
Installation is currently incomplete (30/12/16) due to inverter not being available. Completion on 03/01/17, then Powercor to change the meter and massage the contract. Show additional information
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To be honest it was a pleasure to deal with a local company whom has got it right. From the initial design (and a few more as i changed my mind a number of times) through to the commissioning of the system SolarHub were in constant communication and very professional. Special mention to Ben and the installation team who are made the whole process pretty much effortless.
I would definitely recommend SolarHub to anyone looking at solar.
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Very satisfied.

Impressed that they visited and listened to our requirements before providing a quote with several options - others companies only provided quotes from our recent bills and google earth views of our house. The sales rep was very patient (and knowledgeable) - he explained lots of details and helped us understand what differentiated various panels, inverters, batteries, and monitoring systems, both technically and in terms of the functionality they provide.

The installers were great. Despite weather interruptions (rain and *strong* winds) they worked hard to get things finished as close to schedule as physically possible. They clearly knew what they were doing, were also willing to answer my questions, worked well together as a team, and obviously enjoyed their work.

We didn't choose the cheapest system we were offered, but we are very happy with how it has performed in the time we have had it (two weeks and still smiling).
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Disappointed with failure by one individual to respond to email(s) correspondence subsequent to installation of system. Show additional information
Ben at Solar Hub very knowledgeable and helpful. Also the only supplier to quote by visiting the property - all the others only used phone or Internet to quote from on line photos. Show additional information
Very professional and top customer service Show additional information
The information you provided really helped us make up our mind to get solar. Solarhub are an excellent company to deal with. Show additional information
Thanks for your help in recommending suppliers. I've yet to have the system installed but did notice that the prices offered by the different companies were comparable. In terms of choice, we opted for the Chinese made Jinko panels since the price after rebate offered the fastest return on investment. However, I can't really comment on value for money as we've yet to get the product to actually reduce our power bill. We have also opted for a Tesla battery storage system to store what we generate, hence the additional cost. In terms of quality, have assigned a 3 since we've yet to receive and use the product. Show additional information
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I was very keen to use a local company as I'd heard about a number of bad experiences with inter-state companies doing flyby installations and difficulties in getting them back to fix problems.

Solarhub came on-site (most companies just look at a satellite image) to work out the best place for the panels and inverter.

Their communications and service were excellent,
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Didn't bother getting another quote. Very professional sales and installation. Know what was going on all the time. Highly recommended. Show additional information
There is a lot of difficulty trying to find what products are actually available in Australia. You check product sites and there is so much choice. Show additional information
I've only put down a deposit for a future install on my off-the-plan build so consider my 'review' in that context.

I ultimately selected Solarhub because of their good reputation in the territory. They were also willing to come to the table for pricing negotiations and also had previous experience with my off-the-plan home builder which was another deciding factor.

Their financing options aren't very competitive when compared to comparison rates offered by banks and other assorted lenders, so I would recommend to prospective clients to shop around and consider other lenders and finance options.

All the provided documentation was professionally presented, clear, and reasonably easy to understand for the uninitiated like myself and all communications between myself and my SolarHub representative were timely and very informative and welcoming.
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Solar Hub are organized and efficient. Personal service is their winning attribute. Their advice was sound and they made the effort to find out exactly what I wanted and why, then recommended the system now installed and working as well or better than I expected. Show additional information
We decided to go with SolarHub because of the professionalism and friendliness displayed by the person providing the quotation. Ben clearly knew his subject matter and gave us various equipment options to meet our needs. To allow for some future expansion in our electricity consumption we opted to go with a top of the line system that puts out a little more power than we actually require at the moment. The installation team are also to be congratulated - all were very professional and polite. Hopefully, ACTEW and ACTPLA will be as efficient (as SolarHub) at installing the digital meter and approving the system "turn-on". Show additional information
I bought a hybrid installation with 6.2 kW lithium battery. Waiting for ACTEW to do the final connections now.
The service was cery good and sales portrayed the hybrid option in realistic terms. I am a climate scientist, so payback term was only one side of the coin for me to buy a hybrid system. The other was a personal conviction that it is the way of the future.
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I was very happy with the pre sales information, service & installation.
Also the solarquotes model is fantastic - referring installers and also helping me quality assure the quotes I received.
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Customer service was great. Ben came to the house and looked and explain the process. The guys from the office kept us informed and the installation guys were professional so we are very happy. Show additional information
SolarHub came out and had a chat about aspects of their systems. Most would not do this. They were willing to answer any question I had in a good timely manner, even in the evening and at night. One National solar provider got angry at me because I was asking the hard questions. They refused to send someone out to speak to me directly unless we had signed up with them. He was very rude indeed. You blew that one Solargain! Solarhub liaised with me all they way through and the installation went smoothly.
Value for money, qood quality gear, but would have liked it a little more cheaper.
Five for the system - Quality plus. The 5KW system looks to be working well with several days of pumping out 35KW's. Even on overcast/slight rainy days it is pumping 18KWs. We went with 315W LG panels and SMA inverter. Very happy. ACTPLA was out within 2 days to inspect and approve the system. We are still waiting on ACTEW to get their butt into gear to sort the meter out.
I would have given them a five for installation, but I was unhappy at where they positioned a panel. Otherwise their work was great and their installers polite, on time and done the work with manual hassle.
Customer service - Excellent. Thank you Ben and the Solarhub team.
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I was originally given a quote for the diamond package using LG Neon panels. When they were installed, they were the Neon2 panels which are more efficient and output 15W more/panel. The price was the same in the final invoice. Installation and grid connection was completed by 4pm on the same day. All electrical work was professionally done and Jake answered all my questions. Andrew the salesperson clearly explained the options and made the decision easy. I recommend this company. Show additional information
There are cheaper products particularly panels but best to pay a little more for quality. Also 5kW seems to be minimum for power generation and getting enough base load for the grid. Solar hub can't be faulted for expertise, knowledge, competence and service. Nice people as well Show additional information
Knowledge from Solar Quotes website invaluable in sorting the wheat from the chaff, can't thank you enough. Dealings with Solar Hub so far highly professional they have done their homework and they give the strong impression that they are totally serious about what they do and fully expect them to be around for many years to come. Show additional information
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Solarhub were quite professional in their dealings with us. Their tradesmen were punctual, courteous, clean and happy to talk about what they were doing.
They were confident that we would be able to install a "Tesla" style battery when the prices come down, making the decision to go solar a timely and sensible one.
Would recommend Solarhub to anyone contemplating installing solar panels.
The descriptors above need another category between 4 and 5 - there is a huge difference between "good" and "fantastic".
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The process was smooth and professional from start to finish. My only gripe (and it's a small one and not of Solarhub's making) is that it took ACTEW so long to come and inspect the system before we could switch on. I would recommend Solarhub without hesitation. Show additional information
It's installed but not yet operating: still waiting to hear from ACTEW AGL. Show additional information
A very positive experience. All employees I dealt with were professional, courteous and efficient. Can highly recommend SolarHub. Best of all my system was generating power within one week of the install. Thank you SolarHub Show additional information
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We can highly recommend SolarHub. 2.2kW system installed included eight 275-watt LG panels, each with an Enphase M250 monitored micro-inverter. Show additional information
So far so good. Not yet installed. Ben was very knowledgeable and very helpful. They have a showroom with a couple of systems up and running so I was able to see things before I decided. Show additional information
Ended up going with Solarhub with the largest system the underground power cable could carry. It took a while to reach this conclusion though. (Note I was arranging the system for a friend who lives in Wamboin NSW) Show additional information
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My only porr experience so far has been with ACTEW, which took 3 weeks after installation to alter the meter box and another week to send an inspector so we could turn it on. Show additional information
Very helpful, technically competent, totally professional. good feedback. Show additional information
I can't recommend SolarHub highly enough - Ben, Florian, Benn and all the field guys were excellent to deal with and they do know their stuff - and having a local supplier/installer is a big bonus when the chips are down - One of the other out-of-state 'contenders' wasn't able to come on site to resolve an issue affecting the quotes- SolarHub had a senior representative on site within 2 hours of my request and the issue was successfully resolved shortly after. Companies like this deserve our full support - stick with them Canberrans!! Show additional information
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