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Specialised Solar Solutions Reviews

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About Specialised Solar Solutions, Solar Installers

Solar - We do it right!

Specialized Solar Solutions is a Division of Specialized Heating and Cooling, a wholly owned and operated family business with nearly 40 years of experience.

In 2006, Managing Director David Stanley answered the community demand to supply renewable energy products to our customers, starting with Solar Hot water systems, and then moving to Solar Power, Battery Storage and LED lighting, to complement the range of energy efficient heating and cooling solutions sold, installed and serviced by the company.

Employing over 50 staff, we have our head office based in Melton, Victoria, with branch offices and showrooms in Lynbrook and Hoppers Crossing.

We’ll do everything in our power to reduce your energy bills with quality products and workmanship.

In addition to our Melton office we also have an office situated at Lynbrook: 7/2 Northey Rd, Lynbrook 3975

Specialised Solar Solutions Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Since purchasing our system in April 2017, we have generated 5.82 Mw of power which should please any greenie. We brought the top of the line system because as an electrical engineer I was aware of the shortcomings of the cheaper systems and I wanted a guarantee the panel produce at least 85% of their rated power in 20 years time. Many early and cheaper systems would be flat out meeting that requirement in 5 to 7 years.
In summer when we operate a cooling system for most of the day and evening, typically we don't have to pay for any electricity from 6:30 in the morning through to 6:15 at night. In Jan 2018 we imported 183 kw, exported 384 kw and self consumed 228 kw.
In winter we use very little electric heating (gas or coonara main heat sources), typically we don't have to pay for electricity from 8:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.
In Jun 2018 we imported 180 kw, exported 148 kw and self consumed 89 kw.
Our last electricity bill (for 3 people) from 5th Jan to 6th Apr was $116. That included $118 for supply charge and $122 credit from the feed in tariff and a $45 discount for paying by the due date. Frankly, I can live with only paying $1.00 per day for electricity.
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Only had system for 2 weeks , not yet synced with meter/elec co so no idea how good it is or quality of system Show additional information
Anthony has been fantastic and has answered every question possible, Everything has been installed and we are working through some final adjustments to maximise power. Could not be happier just ready to sit back and see what the system is going to do.

As an FYI i have 10.5kw of panels and an 8kw inverter split over 2 strings East and West
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It's still early days but so far so good Show additional information
They were great at communicating what was happening and reworking their schedule around terrible weather. Show additional information
Excellent advice from website . By far the best source of information that I found, followed up with excellent advice from their solar quotes people and a provider who knew what they were on about, listened to my needs and changed their quoted system to better suit my needs. The installers consulted me fully on the day resulting in a neat professional installation and excellent system. Show additional information
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We are very happy with our system Show additional information
Fantastic experience all round. Very easy company to deal with. Very nice and friendly salesperson. Show additional information
On time for appointments, salesman was patient and his explanations of how the system worked was excellent. A well organised installing crew and their workmanship was first class, everything plum and neatly installed. Show additional information
Installers were very professional in their approach, suggested some minor changes that benefited the install and expected performance. Install was performed in a timely manner with a very good clean up afterwards. Would recommend the install team very highly. Show additional information
While the installation seems to have gone OK the customer service and assistance ended as soon as the money had been paid.
Still waiting for a hand over meeting with any instruction and advise.

Supplier Reply

Hi Lindsay,
We apologise for any inconvenience, we will attend to this for you right away.
Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 626 450 and we can assist you further.
Or contact your Sales representative on his direct line.
Speak with you soon.
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I can't rate the operation because while the unit has been installed I'm waiting for
Power or to do whatever it is they have to do
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It seems there the salesman that contacted me for quotes don't really know a lot about there products and installation as none of them could work out the 3 phase power affect if any on the system. I have 3 phase. Show additional information
All the sales were very professional and knowledgable in solar energy. We chose this company because they offer best value system and top quality inverter for our shaded roof. Show additional information
Will know more when everything is up and running. Installers very polite and professional.
I was still disappointed nobody from the Latrobe Valley is listed with you.
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There was a lot to learn/absorb but i quite enjoyed doing some home work Show additional information
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I would like to rate the installer as above Good (but there is no such selection unfortunately). There were a few hiccups along the way, like I wasn't given the break-down for costs of each panels and cost for workmanship but rather an overall lump-sum. That said, overall I still reckon it's reasonable for the quote that I was given. I only rate Good for Quality of System (even though I have gone for panels that are at the higher end of the market) as it's still the early stage after the installation, I am yet to see the full benefits/potential. I would recommend SSS to anyone if they are being recommended as a potential installer. Speak to them and make up your mind. Show additional information
Excellent salesman did a great job getting the price right, good installation team, clean and tidy, very happy that everything went so smoothly. Show additional information
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The system is not yet installed as we are constructing a new house. Once fitted, later in the year, I will have a better understanding of their overall service. Show additional information
Chosing a solar installer for us had become a long and tortuous process before we came across Specialised Solar Solutions. Business Development Manager Anthony took us through every aspect of our installation, and was only too willing to answer any questions we had, or do further research if he didn't know the answer. He was constantly honest with us (a rarity these days) and there was no nasty surprises. We now have a solar system that is exceeding our expectations. Show additional information
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We chose to install solar edge inverter and have power optimizers so we could monitor the daily use and individual panels.
This has been a disaster as the site they send me to is always down so i cant register.
This has nothing to do with the installer but it it is why we choose the more expensive system.

Follow up on 18/3/2017:
This is a follow up to my previous post, as i cant change what has been followed up with.
Anthony from Specialised Solar Solutions rang me after he found out about our issues with solaredge.
and had the issue resolved within 1/2 an hour.
I failed to mention the installation was done with great guy's who cleaned up after themselves. Also as we have a newborn they made as little noise as possible when she was asleep.

Supplier Reply

Hi Keith,

We will arrange to have that fixed for you first thing tomorrow morning.
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We went for what we thought was the best balance of quality, performance and budget... figuring you get what you pay for.
The experience was very good and system performance is great.
I've compared both production and monitoring results with family and friends who also have 5kW solar systems and they have envious eyes.
I'm happy to recommend these guys and this product without reservation.

Supplier Reply

Thank you Craig for your review.
We really appreciate the feedback.
If you need any further assistants, please feel free to call us.
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Take up the offer of three quotes, discuss any issues with Solar Quotes as they are helpful and then question your installer and take up their offer of being at the end of the phone to deal with issues or questions. Our experience was a good one, through dealing with Solar Quotes through to Specialised Solar and the follow up after installation to ensure everything was going well and no more questions to be answered. Show additional information
The sales guy Anthony is great, helped me a lot with the Quote, system, design, etc, nice chap.
But he too was very upset and disappointed when he found out about my experience.
1st as I drive up the driveway, I notice that my garden hose was unclip and lying on the grass, not where I usually clip it in the tap and hold against the wall,
2nd, my recycling BIN was full of all the wrappings of solar panels .plastics bags,and all the other rubbish associated to installing the system.
3rd,all the concrete drilling and all dirt ,work mess,wires cutting,etc, associated with installing the system,left on the floor all over for me to clean.
4th My biggest frustration was to find that the panels was design to have a full 9 STRAIGHT PANELS ORIENTATION right on the top pitch of the roof,WHICH WAS to give greater exposure to the sun,and therefore greater return on my investment but instead its was a different configuration install,and the excuse was that it was EASIER TO DO IT THAT WAY???? THAT ONE really peed me off....
4th the monitoring system was not installed properly even thought they have done these so many times,where was the QC.The electrician had to come back to reverse the cable ,as all the data was reversed on the readings.
5th the inspector has to fit another missing cable,as my inverter was reading low voltage and the electrician obviously according to him missed that one...
6th That I had to sit down, waist my time to type all this, where all I wanted was what I paid for...

NO wonder Australia is falling in a big hole, DOES ANYBODY REALLY CARE???????

Hope finally this is of some help for someone else,

They call themselves SPECIALIZED SOLAR ??????????????
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Partial installation at the moment. Solar panel array has been installed and in a few months the inverter and connection shall be finalised. So as yet I'm not sure how well / efficient the system will function.
I have confidence in the company to deliver the best possible configuration for 3 phase, hybrid ready system.
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We chose the best balance between budget, features and quality. Spec Solar had that. Friendly helpful service made it a very pleasant experience. Overall we were very happy and we would recommend them without hesitation. Show additional information
The installation went smoothly and on time. However, we had an issue with 5 of our 14 panels not producing power. Rang our contact who organised the installer to come around and check the installation, they analysed the problem and took some information back to the office to seek a resolution. Resolution was applied within a couple of days and now the system is performing brilliantly. Customer service and willingness to help is fantastic, always polite and quick to respond. We would recommend Specialized Solar to anyone else seeking to install a system. Show additional information
We decided to go with a very good system but not the top-of-the-range system offered by another company at greater cost. The experience of having 3 different quotes for 3 similar but not exactly the same systems was interesting and an excellent learning experience. All company reps clearly had an excellent knowledge of their systems and it was difficult making a choice about which was best for us. Show additional information
Completely professional, reliable, timely and polite Show additional information
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Show additional information
Excellent service from start to finish. Show additional information
Too early to tell. Would wait at least 6 months before feedback Show additional information
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Show additional information
Job is still not complete. Installed 2weeks ago and still not back to finish up. Show additional information
Show additional information
They didn't check the job properly before starting so there were holdups and didn't do what was agreed on and had to redo work. Show additional information