70% of Carbon Emissions Drop Is Thanks to Renewable Energy and Efficiency

Analysts from Greenpeace have published findings showing that the lion’s share of carbon emission reductions since 2007 comes from the rise in renewable energy usage and energy efficiency. While critics claim that the drop in emissions comes from using more natural gas, the numbers tell a different story. For a full article on this, click here: Renewables & Energy Efficiency Responsible for 70% of Carbon Emission Drop Since 2007


  1. Colin Spencer says

    Alcoa shutting down the Point Henry Aluminium Smelter made a huge difference. If Portland goes as well, just double that effect. Next, Ford will close down manufacturing, most of which has closed down already. Same applies to Holden in Adelaide, and Toyota are making a very limited number of vehicles at Altona. Add those majors to the thousands of manufacturing businesses that no longer make products in Australia, and you can see a huge trend in energy usage for Australia. I doubt that any analysis which gives 70% of carbon reductions to renewables, could be all inclusive.

    • Theo Bekkers says

      Colin, did you read the article which said “Renewable energy development and implemented energy efficiency measures are responsible for 70% of the the drop in US carbon dioxide emissions seen since 2007”. Nothing to do with manufacturing, or the lack of it, in Australia.

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