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AGL’s Plans For Liddell Power Station Unveiled

Liddell Power Station

On Saturday, AGL announced it still intends closing the Liddell Power Station in New South Wales, revealing its plans to replace it with gas peaker plants, renewable energy, battery storage and demand response. [Read more…]

Closing Liddell Power Station Could Save More Than $1.3 Billion

Lidell Power Station

A new report states shuttering the ageing coal-fired Liddell Power Station on schedule and replacing it with a “clean energy package” would not only slash emissions, but save a truckload of cash. [Read more…]

Poll : No Public Cash For Liddell Power Station Life Support

Liddell Power Station

Results from a recent poll indicate 77% of Australians believe public money should not be used to keep coal-fired clunker Liddell Power Station open past 2022.

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Craig Kelly: AGL Speaks With Forked Tongue On Liddell Power Station

Craig Kelly - Liddell Power Station

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly has accused AGL of being deceitful with regard to the Liddell Power Station stoush. Pot, meet kettle?

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Kerfuffle Over Potential Liddell Power Station Sale And Life-Support

Liddell Power Station - Coal Fired Clunker

Ageing Liddell Power Station’s ears are burning as well as its coal

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s attempts to keep an old coal fired power station in New South Wales operating past its use-by date has caused quite a stir.

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Australian Coal Power Will Be Quickly Killed By Low Cost Renewables

Coal being pushed out by wind and solar power

Low Cost Renewables Will Soon Drive Coal Power Out Of The Market

Last month the entire country sweltered under an oppressive heatwave — except the half known as Western Australia.  As air conditioner power consumption soared on the 25th, 40% of Victoria’s coal generators failed followed by rolling blackouts. When faced with this incontrovertible evidence of coal’s unreliability, the government dedicated itself to the rapid phaseout of coal under its “affordable, reliable 24/7 power” program.

Sorry, only kidding.  What they actually did was offer to pay the debts of new coal power stations that go bust. [Read more…]

Monash Forum To Ramp Up Fight For Coal Power

Monash Forum - Coal Power

Image: Pavlofox | Note: The hand may or may not belong to Craig Kelly.

Members of the Monash Forum are readying for a battle for hearts, minds and funds as the direction of Australia’s energy future is determined. [Read more…]

Trump Wants To Prop Up Coal And Nuclear Power In The USA

Donald Trump

Image: geralt

U.S. President Donald Trump has decided to stop ailing coal and nuclear plants across the country from closing, much to the horror of the nation’s gas and renewable energy supporters. [Read more…]

Powershop Removes Mystery About Reposit GridCredits

Powershop reveals Reposit GridCredit payments

Powershop Reveals Dollar Value Of Reposit Payments For Exporting Battery Power To Grid During ‘Critical Peaks’

Reposit is a smart controller that helps households make more effective use of battery systems.  One advantage Reposit provides is during certain — very limited — periods of time, you can be paid $1 for each kilowatt-hour of electricity your battery exports to the grid.  Reposit calls these payments GridCredits. [Read more…]

Renewed Push For Coal Power In Australia – “Monash Manifesto” Unveiled

Hazelwood 2.0?

Hazelwood Power Station – Image: Simpsons fan 66

A bunch of Liberal/National party MPs have reportedly gotten together to form a little club called the Monash Forum, a major aim of which is to push for more coal-fired power generation in Australia. [Read more…]