Amerisolar Panels Dumped From CEC Approved Products List

Amerisolar panels delisted

Amerisolar Solar Modules were delisted


Update 25 Sept 2017: Amerisolar branded panels have now been relisted. You can find the approved models by searching for the manufacturer “Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co Ltd” here.


Solar panels branded “Amerisolar”, manufactured by Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co Ltd, have been removed from the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved solar modules.

The reason given by the Council for the removal:

“The company has failed to advise the CEC of the names of all importers, and its importer(s) have failed to co-operate with the CEC by selling solar panels for the CEC Product Testing Program.”

Removal from the list means new systems installed using Amerisolar panels purchased from today will not be entitled to small-scale technology certificates (STCs); which form the basis of the major solar subsidy in Australia. The use of solar products on the approved products list is one of the many important issues solar buyers need to be aware of.

Further, the Clean Energy Council website states:

“PV modules installed in Australia must be CEC listed as compliant with AS/NZS 5033 ‘Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays’, regardless of whether a rebate is sought.”

Amerisolar branded panels have been used in Australian installations for some time, with at least one major installer having incorporated the modules in their systems at one point.

While the solar panels and company have very US-centric names, much of its production capacity doesn’t appear to be in America. A profile of the firm posted on LinkedIn by a company representative shows in 2016, 600MW of its production capacity was in China, 160MW in Taiwan, 140MW in Vietnam and 120MW in the USA.

At the time of publishing, a number of the panels showcased on the Amerisolar site were still noted as being “CEC Australia listed”.

Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd describes itself as a “worldwide leader in solar technology” with 25 years experience in production and quality control.

The Clean Energy Council has only recently started openly communicating instances of modules being delisted and Amerisolar panels are the second to have been struck from the list since the announcements began. The first was made in relation to TPL Energy solar panels, which were delisted in May.

Solar Quotes founder Finn Peacock said ongoing changes to CEC processes should result in a shorter list of approved modules and inverters containing higher quality components.

The Clean Energy Council also maintains a list of solar related product recalls.

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  1. I do remember seeing that branded panels being listed from a discredited solar installer company.
    It comes as no surprise to see them being relisted.
    Perhaps in time the industry will weed out the types who lead to a perception in the public mind that the industry has a bad reputation.
    This is a pity however one would expect the shonks will not survive.

  2. Chris Harrison says

    My son got these panels installed last week. They showed a rebate of $2784 on the quote. However, even if these panels were not de-listed, the quote ($7995) is probably $4000 over what you would pay for 18 of these panels plus a 5KW Zeversolar Evershine TL inverter. Going to have to see what to do about it.

  3. Thanks to Ronald Brakels for this information.

    I was about to get Amerisolar panels installed.

    These Amerisolar panels are now indeed relisted under another manufacturer as indicated above.


  4. Hi.

    Just checked CEC LIST and can see that their panels are on the list,
    So it’s probably fair to them if you Put and Update under the crossed panels that these are relisted.

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