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Why Australian Solar Installers Love Austrian Fronius Inverters

Fronius inverters - an Australian solar installer favourite

Fronius for the win! 

Not everyone in Australia is engaged with SolarQuotes and the gongs we hand out. But for Fronius to win our top spot for the third year in a row with nigh on half of all votes cast is something that can’t be ignored. [Read more…]

Hey, Solar Panel Manufacturers! What Installers Really Want.

What solar panel installers want

I don’t know about homo erectus but homo sapiens is being asked to lift a panel that’s 2.4 metres tall. These images aren’t much out of scale!

After what seems like days of research and consultation with hundreds of members of the Australian solar industry (more than I can sensibly count on my fingers anyway), I’ve come up with a wish-list of what installers want when it comes to the solar panels they are bolting to roofs: [Read more…]

Kevin And The Case Of The Missing Kilowatt Hours

Electricity consumption mystery in a solar/battery powered home solved.

Be careful when engaging non-battery-savvy electricians to work on your battery-powered home…

There was so much red ink, it looked like a murder scene.

Not long ago, in a suburb not too far away from SolarQuotes HQ, a solar/battery system owner made contact. He was engaged in an age-old battle, arguing with his electricity retailer about what seemed to be excessive charges on his power bill. [Read more…]

Installing Solar Panels with Raked Ceilings: Challenges and Solutions

Solar panels and raked ceilings

Spot the screws poking through…

They say that happiness is directly proportional to ceiling height.

Having grown up in a substantial c.1875 stone house, with ceilings closer to 4 metres than the standard suburban 2.4 metres, I can attest to the extra space offering some comfort – even if it’s just lower temperatures during hot summers. [Read more…]

Lead-Acid Vs Lithium-Ion Batteries. Is Lead Dead?

Lead-acid vs. Lithium-ion batteries

We live in an age where your camper trailer can power an induction cooktop, a mine can go off-grid, and giant grid-scale batteries are being announced almost weekly. [Read more…]

Dumb Solar Shutdown Device: Queensland Goes It Alone On GSD

Generation Signalling Device (GSD) - Queensland solar shutdown strategy

Queensland is taking the lead in going backwards on solar power, with Energy Queensland mandating a new device, a few new acronyms, a new layer of complexity for installers and a new expense for owners of some new solar power systems. [Read more…]

South Australia Proves You Can Go Off-Grid With A Million People

South Australian renewable energy transition

In November 2022, South Australia experienced a ferocious storm that decoupled us from the rest of the electricity grid and felled many local power lines. Functioning as an island, we couldn’t export to the bigger national network, so without that safety valve, SA Power Networks (SAPN) was obliged to pull out all the stops to maintain stability. [Read more…]

I Just Bought The Cheapest Electric Car In Australia

Australia's cheapest electric car

Trawling the internet the other day, I saw an article proclaiming Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle is a 10-year-old Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The headline struck me in particular – because I bought it. [Read more…]

How To Beat The Solar Panel Oversize Rule With Grid-Tied Solar And Batteries

Australian solar oversize rule

Breaking the infamous ‘133% / 75% Solar Oversize Rule’ won’t get you in trouble if you add a battery. Or will it?

It depends on who you ask… [Read more…]

The Problem Of Solar Voltage Rise/Drop And How To Fix It

Solar cabling and voltage rise/drop in Australia

Top to bottom, 70mm² 25mm² 16mm² 10mm² (3 phase) 6mm² sheathed, 2.5mm² sheathed, 4mm² Solar DC, 3 x 2.5mm² flexible plus a dangerously cracked and brittle 16mm² main service from a 1960s house.

Some weeks ago, I explained why the voltage in a long cable will drop over its length, and how this affects solar installations that are a long way from the switchboard. [Read more…]

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