Calls for Housing NSW to allow solar installations

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Should Housing NSW allow solar on their properties?

With domestic renewable energy systems rapidly increasing in popularity for Australian households, you’d think solar installations for Housing NSW properties would follow suit. With financial savings, clean energy and less pressure on the environment, its a no-brainer really.

However this is not so, says activist James Ray who has found that the department has ruled that it will not allow solar systems on their properties. In response to this Mr Ray has started a petition to ask that the agency allow tenants of Housing NSW to enjoy the benefits of solar installations.

In his email message to SolarQuotes Mr Ray outlined the aim of the petition was to:

“…pressure Housing NSW to approve solar installations, so that tenants can go solar. In going solar, tenants would save money on electricity and be better environmental stewards.”

Housing NSW — an agency of the Family and Community Services Department of the NSW Government — offers affordable public housing as part of its aim to reduce homelessness in the state. Indeed it has a long commitment, not only to supplying housing, but also to the environment (yes!). For example it promotes the use of solar panels for solar hot water (see pdf here).

The NSW Government has also kicked started the solar panels for public housing initiative in Blacktown during the Australia-wide Solar Cities program.

A quick look at the policy on sustainability of the department also finds some other laudable aims. Here’s a summary.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation aims to be a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change in a way that promotes social equity and financial responsibility for social housing in NSW. We are committed to:

  • improving the environmental sustainability of our properties.
  • adopting the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development into the management of our social housing system.
  • reducing carbon emission and resource consumption across all of our key activities.
  • leading by example and supporting sustainable practices among our stakeholders.

So why not allow solar panels for domestic energy use? As Mr Ray points out, it seems the logical step for a department that appears to be so committed to environmental aims. Allowing Housing NSW residents to install solar panels would not only save tenants money and help protect the environment, but also give the solar business a huge boost.

Has the agency got plans to allow solar installations for Housing NSW properties? The NSW government has, in recent times, shown some signs of distancing itself from its federal counterparts’ hardline policy against renewable energy. Perhaps a policy change along the lines as suggested by Mr Ray could be the start of a new drive towards supporting, instead of hindering, renewable energy initiatives in the state?

Interested in solar installations for Housing NSW properties? Why not show your support by signing the Avaaz petition here at “Get Housing NSW to approve solar installations for interested tenants”. We have.


  1. yep, fool’s and their money,is quickly departed from each other ! For those that maybe (anyone that rents) is beyond knowingly going to leave or move have any clue at all ? To thy cost,or will they simply leave the system behind….

    As with the cost involved, and the maintenance in coming years after its done to (?) as give it thought to :- ” Who’s going to pay for the REPAIRS & associated things that need to be done in keeping it operating too ? ”

    Being in the trade, I’m finding many people enjoy it at first ! But latter on, when things breakdown. Or needs replacing ?

    I strongly suggest don’t be fooled with the CEC scam, and as with the offer of being paid 40cents a unused unit is now down to 8cents a unit !

    As with, there’s talk of added ‘CHARGES’ being issued to those that have a solar system installed, because the power supply authorities are losing money hand over fist in their revenue collections too …

    ” Your all been warned, only if this comment is allowed to be submitted ! ”

    Don’t be silly as billy was, as he now regrets doing it …

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