European Union Pressures U.S. & China with Strict Carbon Regulations

At a summit in Brussels, leaders of the EU endorsed a target date to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% from 1990 levels by 2030. Based on current progress, the goal’s outlook is positive despite the fact that meeting the goal by the deadline will cost $48 billion a year to implement the increased deployment of solar and other green energy. This agreement now puts pressure on other nations such as the United States and China to respond. For a full article, click here:: EU Leaders Agree to Tough Carbon Regulations to Spur Renewable Energy Development and Fight Climate Change


  1. Colin Spencer says

    Not exactly the smartest guys in the world when economics are a consideration. Germany is about to become one of the worst economic performers in the EU, Greece, Portugal, Italy and other nations who were sucked into the EU socialist funny money system are financially stuffed, and now they want the smart countries to pull the chain on their economies. Britain has the right idea. See you later EU!

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