Google’s solar power investment proves world’s best brains back renewables

google search for solarThe search engine giant Google — and more specifically Google solar power — is the subject of this week’s rant folks.

There comes a time when the most radical science drifts into the mainstream and becomes accepted as fact or a viable alternative to the present way of doing things. Sometimes this happens almost unnoticed, at least by the community at large, such as the move in thinking from the “steady state” theory of the existence of the universe (back in the day!) to that of the Big Bang.

At other times, Galileo’s theory that the Earth revolves around the sun not vice versa, takes a load of convincing thanks to a bit of ah…rearguard unpleasantness by the chief lobby group of the time, the established church.

As it is so with solar power, with adherents to the fossil fuel mounting an increasingly shrill defence of old King Coal and oil even in the face of increasing evidence to the contrary.

But have we reached the point of no return for the solar doubters? The folk at Google, considered among the world’s best and brightest (just look how much tax they pay!), are obviously throwing in their lot with renewable energy and in this case Google solar power.

An announcement from US renewable energy firm Recurrent Energy earlier this month trumpeted the commercial operation of the second of its solar farm portfolios acquired by Google and investment firm KKR in November 2013.

Describing the collaboration as “…a new era of clean and affordable power”, the release said the six solar projects, totalling 106MW, would power 17,000 U.S. homes.

The great and the good at Google were delighted with the announcement; if the head bean counter’s statement is anything to go by.

“At Google we believe that investing in renewable energy is good for business and good for the environment,” said Kojo Ako-Asare, Google’s Head of Corporate Finance. “We’re pleased that these facilities have come online, generating both energy and jobs for the local community.”

Good for business and good for the environment. Well that pretty much nails it….

The point was made this week by SQHQ chief Finn Peacock that if the finest minds in the world are backing solar power heavily, the time has surely come for the doubters to change their minds.

Google solar power. Now that’s got a certain ring to it readers. As the search engine behemoth is well known for its innovation, what’s next for Google solar power? Downloadable photovoltaics? Solar search engine optimisation? Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed either here or over at our public watercooler — our Facebook Page.


  1. Stuart Brown says

    Who knows, maybe the googameistro can combine some technologies, 3D printing, satellite imagery, computer aided design, flexible adhesive solar cells. Robotic roof installation, hydraulics for angle adjustment of solar concentrators, we create the world with our thoughts after all.

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