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Think tank predicts end of fossil fuel in a decade

Most supporters of the clean energy revolution have never wavered in their belief that renewables will be the dominant energy source of the future. The only question is how long before we wean ourselves off fossil fuels. Now a think tank based in the United Kingdom has had a stab at answering this $64 question […]

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LG Chem Resu 6.4Ex vs Tesla Powerwall

tesla powerwall warranty conditions graph

If you are looking at a 6.4kWh Lithium-Ion battery for use with your solar power system in Australia right now, you are probably tossing up between a LG Chem Resu 6.4Ex and the Tesla Powerwall. To help you decide which one is for you – here is a side by side comparison, and some commentary […]

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Enphase’s Cunning Plan: Make Micro Inverters Cheaper than String Inverters.

a graph of micro inverter cost vs string inverter cost to Q4 2017

When it comes to Australian solar installations, conventional string inverters tower over the competition like a current converting colossus. But microinverters, which are tiny in both physical size and market share, are shaping up to beat string inverters on both price and reliability. Enphase, the world’s largest producer of microinverters, plans to beat conventional inverters on […]

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All-weather graphene solar panels will generate energy from rain

solar array in the rain

The performance of solar cells is often determined by the range of weather conditions. However a breakthrough by Chinese scientists has brought closer the practicality of solar cells being able to generate energy during… wait for it… both sunny and rainy days.

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Sonnen battery storage enters the Oz market, company announces peer-to-peer trading


The surge of popularity of solar and storage in Oz has triggered a battery storage invasion as companies are keen to test our country as an ideal market. The most recent of these announcements comes from German clean energy company Sonnen. 

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Duracell announce ‘Powerwall Killer’ home battery.

duracell home battery

Well it finally happened. After sitting on the sidelines as the solar battery storage boom unfolded around it, the world’s biggest name in batteries has finally joined the party. Today, April 1, at a glittering press event in Bethel, Connecticut, Duracell’s VP of Solar Storage, George Leclanche unveiled the Duracell Ultra Lithium Home Battery – which will be available […]

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How The Cost Of Powerwall Storage Doubled In 11 Months

tesla warranty graph

  [Update: on Oct 28 2016 Tesla announced the Powerwall 2 ] [Update: In June 2016 Tesla updated the Powerwall warranty – details here] 11 months ago Elon Musk jumped on stage and announced the Powerwall.  The Tesla data sheets released after Musk’s presentation proclaimed we would soon be able to buy a 7kWh daily cycling Powerwall […]

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What’s Turnbull and Hunt up to on renewable energy financing?

hunt and turnbull

The government’s re-shaping of renewable energy financing during the week has drawn quite a few responses in the media. Some applaud the allocation of $1 billion for renewables, however most of them have accused the PM and the Minister of the Environment Greg Hunt of duplicity and blatant vote-buying in an election year.

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Adding Solar Panels To Existing System? Here’s What You Need To Know.

solar panels with space for adding more

So you’ve got solar panels on your roof and you want more so you can get your bills even lower? (Note: If you are on a premium feed in tariff then you need to understand how solar upgrades can affect your eligibility.  If you are on the NSW solar bonus scheme, then your FiT is ending […]

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Global CO2 Emissions Stall, Economy Grows, Thanks To Renewables

power station with solar

Interesting news from two separate studies from different agencies this week folks. The first — from the International Energy Agency (IEA) — found that carbon emissions have stalled worldwide for the second year in a row. The second, from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), outlined the associated benefits of doubling the share of renewables […]

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