R.I.P Larry Hagman, actor and solar power advocate

Those of you old enough to have watched the 1980 and 1990s TV series Dallas would no doubt have enjoyed the shenanigans of Larry Hagman, who as the abominable J.R. Ewing was the chief nasty person and “can do” oilman willing to go to any lengths to achieve power and profit for the family company.

Mr Hagman, aged 81, died last week during filming for a sequel to the amazingly popular TV series. I’m sure all readers familiar with Mr Hagman’s work join me in wishing him peace and in passing condolences to his family.

However this article is less about the Larry Hagman as actor but as his role in promoting solar energy.

An article in Forbes magazine by Todd Woody this week unearthed an interview the writer had done with the actor and published in The New York Times. Here’s the relevant extract.

“J. R. Ewing returned to the small screen on Tuesday, and the boys down at the Cattlemen’s Club just might need a double bourbon when they hear what he has to say.”

“In the past, it was always about the oil,” Mr. Hagman says in a TV commercial that was unveiled Tuesday at the Intersolar conference in San Francisco. “The oil was flowing and so was the money. Too dirty. I quit it years ago,” he growls as he saunters past a portrait of a grinning J. R. in younger days and a TV showing images of an offshore oil rig and blackened waters.”

“Putting on a 10-gallon hat, he heads outside into the sunshine and gazes at a solar array on the roof of the house. “But I’m still in the energy business,” he says. “There’s always a better alternative.”

“Shine, baby, shine,” he says, ending the spot with his trademark J. R. cackle.

“Shine, baby shine”. Love it. Perhaps that’s the motto behind an Australian push for solar energy (with a nod of course to Sarah Palin — the oil lady herself).

R.I.P Larry Hagman. Let’s hope your example shines a light.


  1. Jill Natalier says

    What I can’t understand is why roofs in southern Germany are eave to eave solar panels and we use them so sparingly. Have we learnt the lesson of not being wasteful with energy and are now not using sunshine so wastefully?

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