Solar power innovation (part two): solar power satellites

Last week we took the quantum leap into the inestimably small applications of solar power innovation by bringing you up to date on quantum dots and solar windows. The article was a solar squizz at how the latest developments in nano technology have brought the concept of windows as solar panels just that one tantalisingly step closer.

We’re going to the other end of the spectrum this week though readers. Indeed from the sublime to the ridiculous with a look at solar panels in outer space as part of an orbiting energy-producing satellite. Known as the Solar Power Satellite (SPS), this out-of-world proposal is our rant for the week. Our spray is based on a recent article in Wired that was handed to your correspondent by SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock.

It all happens at the SQHQ virtual water cooler folks!

The concept of solar panels zipping around outer space beaming gigawatts of energy to Earth is not a new one. Though touted in numerous science fiction books and TV classics (I’m sure there’s a Dr Who episode somewhere that covers this….if not why not?), the proposal has been considered quite seriously.

According to Wired, NASA and the US Department of Energy have reached deep into their collective pockets to fund advance studies into this space age concept. Proof that an orbiting solar power-producing, space age satellite is not…well… out of this world altogether!

Originally proposed by Czech-born physicist Peter Glaser way back in 1968, the forward-thinking genius was awarded a patent over the technology in 1973. Which gives you an idea that the concept was, and still is, considered as worthy of more than being the subject of a science fiction book.

In a nutshell, Glaser’s proposal was to orbit a satellite around the Equator (to avoid Earth’s shadow) that would beam an array of electricity via microwave technology back to a receiving station on Earth.

Practical problems abound of course. To send such a monster into orbit would require maintenance in space and a shitload (Aussie technical term) of solar panels to do the job. According to Wired, NASA’s conservative estimate was the orbiting solar station would need to be 10 km by 5km and weigh 50,000 tons to contribute around 5 gigawatts of energy to the grid.

Now retired, Glaser has a string of achievements linked to solar power innovation throughout his career. These include over 800 scientific papers and books and memberships of prestigious scientific organisations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Solar Energy Society. He was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 1996.

More importantly, it appears that his theories (perhaps once considered outlandish) are of even more relevance today as the world struggles to avoid climate catastrophe and move towards a greener, more renewable energy.

So how long will it be before solar satellites are whizzing around our heads beaming back a large portion of our energy needs? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the solar power innovation of all time: a satellite providing our electricity needs from the ultimate renewable energy source: the Sun.

Solar power innovation? Or just a pipe dream that belongs in science fiction books, TV shows and films? Please have your solar say below in the comments…


  1. Rod Reeves says

    Whatever happened to a firm called Sustainable Technology Australia ,who were fiddling about with doping glass window panes to make them act as solar panels?

  2. Rich Bowden says

    Good point Rod, thanks for the query. Indeed anyone know of any other solar power innovation firms like Sustainable Technology Australia?

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