Could Solar Roadways Provide a Worthwhile Energy Path?

Scott Brusaw and the small American town of Sandpoint, Idaho have come together to form a potentially-revolutionary way to collect solar power. Using Scott’s design and know-how, Sandpoint will be the first town to use its roadways to collect solar power! A 20-year veteran of electrical engineering, Brusaw found that heated glass not only could collect solar energy but could still support even double the weight our roadways are currently designed for.

For a full article on this story, click here: Solar Roadways could produce over three times the electricity we use in the United States


  1. Randy Wester says

    The link in this post to the Solar Roadways article has gone dead.

  2. Randy WESTER says

    I think the answer was clearly ‘no’ ten years ago, and that hasn’t changed. A google search confirmed that, but surprisingly Scott and Julie Brusaw haven’t given up exchanging the odd grant for a few more pokes at this mostly dead horse.

    There are niches where I suppose it might make sense as safety lighting for wakling paths but as a source of energy, generally no.

    This site presented the above article as a related link to a current article.

    I forgot all my text adventure game training and followed it out of curiousity. Nothing helpful, no treasure, just some fractional life points used up…

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