Dodgy Solar Panels Landing In Australia

Time is running out for the Australian Federal Governments ‘grid connect solar power rebate’. Unfortunately, the $8000 rebate has been tainted by unethical, ‘overnight’ companies duping consumers with inferior equipment and ‘too good to be true’ deals.

Of course, there are genuine companies selling genuine products within the solar industry, but the emergence of many underhand tactics continues to threaten an unsuspecting public.

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Don’t Get Fleeced by the Solar Cowboys

In the 1970’s some Australian companies started to research solar energy for use in the home but unfortunately the technology just wasn’t there.  At about the same time in China they were also researching solar energy and managed to produce some electricity producing solar panels.

A few Australian companies, believing in the future of solar energy, persisted in their research.  Eventually one of the most successful was bought out by the Chinese, and is now the biggest producer of panels in China! How short sighted could Australian investors be?

Now with the dramatically revived interest in solar energy and the Government’s renewable energy plan offering grants and rebates many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to proclaim loudly “Green is Good”. Some of these companies are fleecing customers for the best part of $20,000 for a 1kw Grid Tie system, simply because the poor consumer can’t find another solar installer who has the time or resources to give him a competive quote!

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