The Sonnen Battery: Expensive & Warranty Unclear


a marketing shot of a sonnenbatterie in a living room

The lovely looking Sonnen Battery. Don’t ever put one in your living room. That would be silly.

Sonnen is a German company who have been making home batteries longer than Tesla.  They were originally known as sonnenBatterie but shortened their name and called their battery system that.  Its full name in Australia is the sonnenBatterie eco.

Their system is 100% made in Germany using 100% made in Japan batteries and their inverters appear to be 100% made in either Spain or Bulgaria.  All other components are 100% made in whatever countries they were made in. [Read more…]

Sonnen battery storage enters the Oz market, company announces peer-to-peer trading


A Sonnen Battery Storage Unit. Photo: sonnen GmbH

The surge of popularity of solar and storage in Oz has triggered a battery storage invasion as companies are keen to test our country as an ideal market. The most recent of these announcements comes from German clean energy company Sonnen[Read more…]