Is Commercial Solar Worth It? Ask This Mining Company…


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Companies are voting with their wallets when it comes to commercial solar systems

Hot on the heels of our posts last week about the amazing returns commercial solar can bestow upon savvy businesses and  Aussie bankers putting their hands in their pockets to support solar energy projects came the news that WA mining equipment company Diab Engineering has backed solar energy by installing a rooftop solar system at its head office.

Which is interesting solar fans. My research has discovered that not only is Diab Engineering a highly respected (and high achieving) Aussie firm (one that WA and federal politicians like to have their photos taken with) but that they are heavily, if not exclusively, linked to the mining industry. Diab Engineering focus their attention on providing construction of infrastructure for the mining industry, maintenance of said plants, equipment hire and other services to the mining industry.

And yet readers, despite this background they announce the installation of a 99.8kW rooftop system at their manufacturing plant in Geraldton, WA. The not-inconsiderable investment consists of 416 solar panels and six inverters.

The question is whether or not this is because the company has a steady commitment to sustainable energy or if this is an economic decision based on the amazing returns solar can provide businesses due to their electricity usage patterns, or both.

What ever surely this is an important vote for solar energy in Australia? Every bit as important as our bankers opening their moth-chewed cheque books.

To be fair, Diab Engineering does appear to have an excellent policy on sustainability and their considerable investment on the solar energy system should therefore be considered as an integral part of this outlook.

As renewable news publication Energy Matters points out though, the company has taken advantage of the Government’s renewable energy certificates under the Solar Credits Scheme but then these credits are available to all firms.

I believe that we should give full credit to Diab. (What no cynicism? — reader’s voice). That a high-achieving Aussie company has seen that support of the solar energy sector in the most realistic way, through investment in commercial solar, is a sign that such forward-thinking companies see solar energy as very much the future of energy production in our wide, brown land.

(Drums fingers…awaits call from Diab offering me a lucrative position on the board.)

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