Where to get quality advice on buying your new solar power system

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Finn will be making a video a week for the next 15 weeks…

Well the long winter’s behind us and the new Spring awaits. Emerging blinking into the daylight, solar fans naturally turn their thoughts to increased solar radiation (you thought I was going to say love didn’t you?) as the sun begins its long, slow journey back towards its summer zenith.

As the start of Spring coincides with Fathers’ Day here in Australia, what better advice to give the solar fan Dad than some quality pointers on installing domestic solar systems? Importantly the right advice on how to get the best “bang for your buck” and avoid the scammers out there. Resident solar expert and owner of Solar Quotes (and proud Dad) Finn Peacock dishes out the finest in advice on solar energy. Honestly folks when it comes to solar power, Finn has forgotten more than many other experts claim to know.

So how do you know tap into this rich vein of solar knowledge? There are a number of ways to do so. Firstly SolarQuotes’ blog is where Finn will publish his latest articles. Ranging from advice on how to spot a solar “cowboy” to which inverters would suit your home best, the blog is where you will pick up valuable information should you be considering solar panels for your home.

Secondly Finn also has a number of handy instructional videos over at the SolarQuotes channel on YouTube. Here’s where you can put a friendly face to the name and get to see how a solar system should be installed.

Thirdly you can see Finn’s thoughts and replies to questions over at the SolarQuotes Facebook Page. Need helpful advice on deciding which inverter will work best for you? This is the place to go. Finn’s articles are also published here and you are encouraged to leave comments and questions.

So folks don’t go blindfolded into purchasing a solar power system. Like other expensive purchases, you’ll be looking to get your money’s worth and should look to do extensive research. What better place to start gathering this knowledge than with independent advice from an acknowledged expert?

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