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Banana Solar
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Reviewers report paying: $4,500 - $11,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Banana Solar - Sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Three reasons people choose to go with Banana Solar:

1. We have a high quality sales and design process, high quality products and five star customer service rating.

2. We monitor your system remotely after installation - your investment is safe with us.

3. We are locally based and 100% Australian owned.


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Banana Solar Solar Reviews

The installer knows what they are doing.

Sales and quoting process started with on-site inspection. We have to reschedule the installation due to the parked van and which limits the access to the roof.

The installation went smoothly despite working underground to lay in the cable and small place and limited access.

They are organised with automated system to organise the meter upgrade to smart meter. It includes the a follow-up call to discuss the next-step after the installation.
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Great sales process but disappointing installation quality

It all started so well. I did an online inquiry through Banana Solar website and within 24hrs was phoned back.

I work in the solar industry (mainly commercial systems for schools and clubs) and I have to say that the quotation process was excellent and much better than other solar companies that I contacted. Oscar, who is the Sales Rep for Banana Solar, was a star! He went through a full shading analysis (there is a 3 storey house to the north), modelled different consumption patterns and even analysed the affect of putting Tigo optimsers on 3 or 4 of the partially shaded panels. I hounded him with some difficult questions and options and each time Oscar responded with great information and advice. Not too pushy, good solid advice and not overselling the generation or cost saving.

I ended up choosing Banana Solar even though they were about $700 more expensive than another top installer mainly on the strength of the interaction with Oscar.

I ended up buying two systems each with 19 x QCells Q.PEAK DUO G6+ (6.65kW with a Fronius Primo 5kW inverter and Solar Analytics for around $8,000,

However, the installation process was not as smooth as the sales process.

One of my mates who installs heaps of solar came around during the install and found the installers over-tightening the roof screws so that it deformed the roof sheet against the spec of the roofing manufacturer.

They put tonnes of silicon on the glands entering the isolators. The installer said that they were multihole glands, but this would be defected by an inspector.

Inappropriate material used for the saddles on the 25mm conduit. We are about 400m from Bondi Beach and I am 99% these will be rusted out within 6 months. Also screws used were not identified as C5, the racking manufacturer would hopefully spec upgraded screws for your proximity to the ocean.

The biggest issue was that the DC cables were not run in WS3X rated protection and within 50mm of the surface of the wall. AS3000.

I contacted the installer about all these issues and we still don't have a resolution on the defective saddles and DC cabling.

I found that the people installing were poor at communicating, and were not aware of many of the solar installation procedures. I think they use good quality panels and inverters but have skipped on BOS components - isolators and switchgear.
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Very smooth process

The whole process was very smooth. The sales staff was able to take a drone photo of our roof so he knew exactly what type of roof we had and could work out the best position for the solar panels for our situation.

The installers were on time, polite and explained everything very well about where the conduits and cables would go.

After installation, I was pleased to get the recommendation of the best deal from an energy supplier and they provided a clear list of what needed to be done to get the energy out into the grid as well as into our home.
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Excellent customer service before and after installation, competent licensed installation team

Banana solar was referred to us by a workmate. Communication during quoting process were 1-2phonecalls, then the rest was email. Oscar was very detailed with his explanations, answered all my questions, and listened to my requests until I was happy with the final design. He also did a site visit prior installation. Then got the system installed in 10days. Duan explained emergency and shutdown procedures on the day of the install. The team cleaned the area they worked. Duan also connected the inverter to our wifi so all I have to do is download the monitoring App and log in.
Perry called next day to talk me through the next steps needed (which they also emailed me so you won’t really get lost as all information and steps will be provided to you using simple words)
All the paperworks/signatures/payment were done electronically.
Bill buster electricity plan recommendation is the best as it saves me heaps $$$ and also saves me time ringing around different elec company!
I am confident that Banana Solar will stay forever as the team are all very dedicated and knowledgeable with their line of work. With this, I have peace of mind should I need to claim for warranty.
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Great company, great product

If you dont wish to read my long-winded review I will put down in point-form my thoughts on this company
-very friendly and helpful team
-great quality products on offer, something that will no doubt suit all budgets
-expected price for quotes
-state of the art processes/systems used in their business that benefits the customer (the best I have seen)
-high standards
-highly recommended
-they have their own installers
-very happy overall

I received my 3 quotes from Solar Quotes and Banana Solar was one of the companies I received a quote from. I chose them on two criteria, great reviews and price/quality of product. I spent at least 3 months of solid research about solar panels systems inverters, panels, etc...before using Solar Quotes. I got various visits and quotes from other companies and looking at the price offered by Banana Solar for the product, it was the price I would expect to pay.
I emailed Banana Solar a couple times at first for an estimate and I did not receive a reply at all. So I called them to arrange an inspection. Prior to the visit I requested quotes from the three panel brands (Trina, Q-cells and Sunpower) they offer with Enphase inverters. I was very impressed with the software they used to provide the quotes. I was met by a friendly Nicolas and he used his drone to inspect our roof and then we spent time going through the design of the system on the roof based on the photos his drone took.
I was happy with this company and paid the deposit on the day. They have a great system online for making payment and signing contracts electronically. I got a quote for 6.4KW System 16 x 400w Maxeon (Sunpower) panels with an Enphase microinverters for around 10.5k which included a EOFY discount. These products are the best you can expect on the market and I found the cost was in line with what other companies were offering.
It took almost 4 weeks to have the system installed after signing the contract which was a bit long. I had to reschedule as they were waiting on a delivery. It would have been handy had they informed us sooner and not 3 days before installation. Also the design of the panel location was changed on two occasions which meant one less panel on the preferred North facing roof. I don't get why they would need my approval for a roof they designed as they would/should know best but not an issue I paid with my credit card for reward points but did not like that they had a 2.5% fee for it. Way too much. Under 1% would be more reasonable.
The installers came on a Saturday at exactly 9am. Impressed with their punctuality. They realised they could not fit all 11 panels on the North side roof so I had to have only 10 on the North and 15 overall at a reduced price of course making it a 6kw system. Perry Borg the Managing Director gave me a call to explain the situation which I appreciated. Adding the extra panel may have damaged the roof. I understood it was in our best interest.They left around 4pm and the electrician stayed back to ensure he wired the meter right and checked it was all working which was good to see.
All the things I have mentioned may be seen as an issue but these are expected. Nothing major happened that would leave me disappointed. During this time I spoke with Bianca, Nicolas, Boris and Perry, all very friendly and helpful. After installation, I received many helpful emails on what to do next. Perry gave me a call and took the time to go through what I needed to do next. He was very friendly and helpful and answered every question I had without problem. They also look into the best electricity provider for you based on your system. Another great service. I would recommend them highly. Very happy overall.
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A+ all round. There's a reason these guys are high on the list!

A great experience from start to finish. We've only had the system up and running for less than a week but there is zero buyer remorse from us.
Sales process was great - the agent was friendly and not at all pushy. Very responsive to my questions and priorities. Onsite visit was also a breeze. Price negotiation (you do negotiate, don't you?!) was also cordial and pleasant.
The installation team are a group of Chinese contractors. They were everything you could want them to be. Polite, timely, tidy and a pleasure to have onsite.
Due to some complexities with our electricity supplier we needed a seperate final hook up to the power board. Banana went out of their way to get us up and running with another worker and the back office working hard well past knocking off time on a Friday evening.
The documentation has been clear and well presented with a follow-up call to make sure everything was understood.
Banana aren't the cheapest, but then you're not getting a mediocre product. What they have proven to be is more than value for money - a high quality system at a competitive price and consistent service to match.
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Seems fine so far

Fairly professional at quotation stage. Only quoters who used a drone to assess shade patterns.
Installation was quick & easy.
They handled all the grid, meter and related issues very well.
System seems to be working satisfactorily after 1 month in place.
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Professional from start to finish

I was very satisfied with the whole process.
Very knowledgeable team from the quoting stage all throughout to the connection stage, no question unanswered.
It was a pleasure to do business with Banana Solar.
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Great solar experience

Banana Solar was great to deal with. Oscar and Boris were very polite and knowledgeable in being able to answer all my questions at various points of the quotation process. They were open to modifying the system design/proposal which better suited our budget and needs. The install went without a hitch and what was required as next steps post install was clear and understandable. Highly recommended. Show additional information

Perfect services

I would strongly recommend Banana Solar if you're thinking about green energy and saving some cash of the electricity bills. the customer services & installation was very good.

First few days we're saving approx 10 KW per day.
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Thank you

A huge thank you to the Banana Solar team. Choosing a solar system can feel very overwhelming and complicated. However Perry, Oscar and the team were fantastic at working through all my questions. The installation was flawless and I am very happy to be one more Australian using the power of the sun to generate energy. Show additional information

Banana Solar is well worth considering

We were very impressed with Nicolas who quoted for our solar purchase and installation. He covered every aspect of the quotation, and even had a drone camera to check that there were no impediments on our roof. They were not the cheapest quote we had, but they were the most professional company, and this gave us confidence in their product, staff and after-sales service. The installers arrived on time, were very polite and did their job without much noise or inconvenience to me or my neighbours. Nicolas and Perry kept me informed all the way through the process, and advised me of what I needed to do to inform my electricity company about the change to solar. Overall, I would recommend Banana Solar to anyone who wants to ensure that an excellent job is done in a professional manner. Show additional information

Fantastic Solar Experience

I was very impressed with the quoting process as Banana Solar actually visited the premises and flew a drone over the house to map the best location for the panels. Oscar and team made it very clear what the options were and gave me confidence for the installation.
The actual installation worked like clockwork and was completed to the exact design in the day. The App for my Enphase system is excellent.
Overall customer service can not be faulted, Perry the MD personally spoke to me and took me through the system and what to do. 5 Stars definitely recommend!
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Fantastic Team of Solar installers!

I was very impressed with Banana Solar from the start. They were not among the 3 installers provided by Solarquotes but I had been recommended them. They were very professional, the site visit involving the drone images and initial assessment by Boris were quite detailed to indicate shading and number of panels needed. Boris was also able to provide me with a number of options. My 4 stars for quality of the system is based on my having chosen one of the cheaper panels.

Other installers quote by Googlemaps representations which can be quite deceptive depending on what time of year the images were taken.

The planning and installation were seamless and I was able to discuss everything in detail. They are a friendly knowledgeable team.

The installers on the day were very efficient and capable.
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Banana Solar - Recommended

Banana Solar were onto the task within minutes of SolarQuotes requesting their services. Their live online appointment booking service allows you to see when an appointment is available rather than having a prolonged telephone discussion re times.

Boris, their sales guy is polite, punctual, knowledgeable and likeable. If there was a problem, he fixed it.

The installation was delayed slightly due to rain (can't work safely in the rain on a roof!), but then went smoothly and easily as there ending up being three adjacent properties to install in one day.

Banana Solar submitted all of the necessary paperwork to our energy providers (three different ones), and mine cam back within 5 minutes to arrange install of the Samart Meter, so that suggests that all of the paperwork was accurate and appropriate. An sms asked me to sign the STC's over and an online app was easy to follow and use to sign.

Overall, Banana Solar have totally embraced technology and made it work for them. Highly recommended.
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Solar System installation by Banana Solar

From the word go, the interaction with Banana Solar was smooth and professional. The assessment of the roof and the premises was done specifically before the quotation was shared. We were advised clearly what we were getting into and we appreciated the transparency + attention to detail. At every step - the sales quotation process, pre-installation and installation - we were advised of pros and cons of making each decision. With the information and guidance received, we were able to work out the optimal balance between need, cost and effectiveness. Prior to installation, we were also made aware that keeping a few spare tiles would be useful on the day. The installation was also done neatly and within the committed timeframe with the installers arriving reasonably well prepared for the job. Overall the customer service was provided with the customer in mind. Every aspect of the deal was connected with the other and the hand-offs were also smooth - the Salesperson clearly guided us on what to expect post installation and what was promised was delivered (e.g. grid connection approval). We are certainly happy thus far with no reason to be otherwise. Would definitely recommend Banana Solar to anyone who is after a quality solar system. Show additional information

Simple, straightforward and well organised

Clear explanation of all the technical points, clear and comprehensive answers to questions, clear description of the pros and cons of different options, timely and well organised implementation
Everyone I dealt with was personable and easy to deal with - they did what they said they would and when
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Easy process

We found Banana Solar excellent with their process and very easy to work with. They made the whole process of installation as painless as possible. Highly recommend them. Show additional information

Excellent process.

Perry and Boris were very informative - there was no hard sell, they explained everything in detail and took me through the whole process of swapping over to solar. The installation was finished in one day and I'm very happy with the end result. Show additional information

Green & happy member of society

Can't fault these guys, quick,polite & neat. The guys installing were not contractors but part of the company.
Quote was informative,honest & fair.
Their follow up to connect to the grid was easy & full of options, as to which supplier offers the best feed in tariff as well as which supplier allows us to offset our gas bill TOO!
Can & Do recommend Banana Solar
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A smooth process

From our initial contact through to installation and follow up this was a smooth and easy process that was stress free. I would certainly recommend Banana Solar. Show additional information

Very easy to deal with.

The Quoting process with Banana Solar was a breeze, Boris came over, asked what we wanted and checked our roof to see if it could take the large installation we wanted. We wanted quality products and to cover our electricity bill with extra for future battery option. Boris recommended a 12.2kW - 37 Panels system. Boris noticed our chimney and our large TV antenna, he ran a program that simulated the shadows cast by these throughout the year. This enabled Boris to accurately plan the placement of the panels.
The design, the quote and the savings we would make was emailed to us then and there, the complete process to just over an hour.
The install took One Day and we were connected to the grid on the same day. We received the Compliance Certificate the following day. They also did the sums for us as to what plan we should get onto with our electricity supplier to minimise our bills.
The people at Banana Solar are great to deal with. You can call them anytime with questions, they seem very happy to answer.
Perry called to go through all the details and to see if we had any problems with the install process the following day.
All so easy.
Our first contact with Banana Solar was on the 12/05/2019 and the complete install was done on 04/06/2019.
That's 24 days !
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Very professional with good quality service

I was very happy with their service. They were the only installer who attended onsite and flew a drone over my house to spec the right products v. just using a satellite image from google maps. Would recommend. Show additional information

Excellent Outcome

From the first inspection throughout our installation the Banana Solar team were calm, courteous, thorough and showed a very high standard of professionalism. We encountered some issues with our old terrace house here in Darlinghurst which required extra knowledge and information to be sourced by the team and they proceeded logically to a very satisfactory outcome.

Pricing was extremely competitive and quoting and billing was detailed, clear and responsive.

We now have a top of the line system installed and are very pleased with the outcome.
I would be very happy to recommend Banan Solar to anyone.
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Superior Service, Professional Finished Product

The sales process was quiet detailed, beginning with an actual site visit, and a full rundown on what I wanted (and why). Since I had mostly research this to death, this was mostly about how to maximise the build with the roof I had. The drone photos, which they kindly provided to me as well, helped a great deal in this regard. This was an upgrade build so the grid and retailer side was much less of an issue.

Between quote and offer acceptance, I had many, many questions. The staff managed to answer all of them, except for the more esoteric ones like self load figures, and reaction times under black out.

After Acceptance, we were provided with an install date (four weeks away). in the last days, we were contacted and aske dif we minded a date change, which we accepted, and then another which we also agreed to. The finalinstall date was three days after the intial planned date.

The installation was, in the end, even more complex that I expected. Despite putting in a 14 hour day, they were only able to decom the old array and get all 30 new panels up and wired in. Not a bad effort , but by then it was too late to test and commission. It took another visit to get the panels fully commissioned and two more to finish wiring in the big battery.

The final result as (as per photo) an professional look. while the amount of cabling looks excessive, its all neat, fully sealed and conduited.

And now the less rosy

If, like me, you plan on getting a battery, and you need to split the board to have some things not backed up by the battery, make sure you have this disussion as early as possible. Its a non-trival design effort and ideally should be ready before the install starts.

To be fair, you do need to have a fair grasp of the relative loads and impacts, and it turned out that I was not as clued up on this as I needed to be
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Great price

The quote process was easy.
Salesperson come out and physically check the roof space
Installer was friendly
Sales support advised all the upfront process
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Happy with banana solar

We are satisfied with the product and services provided by Banana Solar. Happy to recommend to anyone. Show additional information

Satisfied Customer

Site visit was comprehensive. Salesperson happy to spend time answering questions and providing timelines for install.

Installers arrived on the day ready to go. Our house provided some challenges re: running conduit to powerbox but installers spent time explaining options. Finished conduit neat and tidy.

Slight glitch re: completing install (install required 2-days) - turned up earlier on second day (which is a good thing) - almost caught me in mmy PJs.

We are connected to the grid, recieving feed-in tariff since the 9/5.

Happy customers.
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Professional company with great service

Installation of the panels proceeded well and the installers were efficient and thorough. There was a problem with the pitch of our roof however so the installers needed to come back a second day to finalise the work. My only problem however was with the communication between Banana Solar and is about the problem the installers experienced at our house. There was no communication between the management at Banana and is about the installation being stopped and rescheduled. Show additional information

I had a great experience with Banana Solar

They were very responsive and easy to contact via email and phone and via web conferencing due to COVID 19. They underwent a detailed review of the site via both satellite photos and drone and used sophisticated software to design for optimal performance given roof and shading conditions. They provided detailed explanations and answered all questions. They were happy to model different panel and optimiser / inverter options to get to best performance and pay back period. Installers were quick and neat. Perry attended the site to inspect and to hand over system. It's been running 3 days now and has performed to expectations and so far so good Show additional information

Great experience from start to finish

Boris designed and priced the solution within minutes, and answered all of my questions honestly. There was no pressure to proceed at anytime. It was a complicated install but their team had it all up and running perfectly within a day. They arrived on time, all were polite and they looked after the premises. Perry provided great support during and after the process, including organising our grid connection. Would definitely recommend the entire team. Show additional information

Straight forward installation

Great to deal with, including a video call to design the panel layout. Competitive on price, as well as fast responses and a smooth installation Show additional information

Funny Name, Great to work with, highly recommend Banana Solar

The Banana Solar team was highly professional and great to work with.

Boris came to our house for the initial onsite inspection and consultation and flew his drone over the roof to map the contours. Our roof has quite a steep pitch so it was really good to deal with Boris who is an electrical engineer who took the time to answer my many questions on the system and installation process.

The installation team was fantastic completing the job in a day without any dramas.

The after sales service has been really good too.

I would highly recommend Banana Solar to anyone looking to instal solar PV on their roof. Overall very happy with the process and look forward to working with Banana Solar when it is time to add a battery to the system.
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Super impressed, highly recommend

Sales/quoting process: Excellent. Boris came out and did a really thorough quoting process, covered everything so I had confidence the installation would be easy. The best quoting process of the installation companies that I had recommended - and so thorough that I knew exactly what it would cost, where the panels would be, what the likely outcomes would be -> and as a result the installation went very smoothly.

Installation: Excellent, arrived on time, did everything with social distancing (by this time, COVID had arrived), very efficient, put panels on in less than one day everything was done and set-up to my wifi. Everything clean afterwards.

Customer service: Excellent and helpful. Had a list of everything that needed to be done - they had done most of it, I clearly knew what I needed to do. Also helped me to pick a plan that would give maximum return for solar system which is very useful and saves you having to do your own research on this.

Am loving generating my own electricity! Would use Banana Solar again in a heartbeat if I ever needed Solar Panels in the future..

Sorry I didn't think to take any photos, but every time I am in the backyard, I look up at my solar panels working hard with pride (I've lived in units for the last 15 years so no option for solar power)
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All good and smooth at best value for money

All good from A to Z. Easy communication. Perfect organisation. Smooth installation. Could not have been better. Very happy Show additional information

Great Installation

I was referred to Banana Solar by a friend who had used them and was happy with their work. They also had good reviews on Solar Quotes. Their quotes were competitive, but certainly not cheapest, however they were the only company that bothered to visit my house and spend time planning out the system, which gave me confidence at the outset.

I found the pre-sales service to be exceptional. In particular Boris came to my place, spent a significant amount of time explaining things and planning out the system. He flew a drone over my roof to take some photos and then used software to analyse the solar shading on my roof to determine the ideal location for the panels. He followed up any questions in a responsive manner and was always happy to assist.

I ended up getting a 22 panel, 7Kw system with. Fronius string inverter and DC optimisers on all panels with panel level monitoring. I went with QCells panels which have a 25 year warranty.

Duan and the installation team worked hard and did a very nice job installing the system. Unfortunately a few visits were required to complete the installation due to some parts being unavailable and temporary components needing to be used. They were punctual and did a reasonably good job in cleaning up the mess. The installation took longer than expected and they had to work until about 7pm to get the system up and running.

We did get the installation completed eventually, however I did find that I had to chase up the Banana Team quite a few times to schedule the repeat visits, which I did find quite frustrating given that I work full time and had to coordinate my work schedule to allow me to be home. Unfortunately the responsiveness post installation wasn't as efficient as their pre-sales service.

Notwithstanding the above, I'm very happy with the performance so far. The Solar Analytics system is fantastic to show production vs consumption - a must.

Banana did contact my energy company to arrange for my meter to be upgraded and also helped me work through which energy plan would give me the fastest payback.

Overall I'm very happy with Banana Solar and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them in the future.
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Excelled at every stage

Banana Solar came highly recommended & I can see why. The quoting process was clearly the best of the 3 I obtained - unlike the others Oscar actually check the roof sizing and any shading issues which meant that the design was also the best - maximising the number of panels I could fit on a small roof. The panels were tier 1 - LG with micro inverters & they still managed to have the best value quote.

Only a short lead time to installation, and the installers were good - did a neat job, didn't make a mess of the place & no dramas. The panels were a tight fit, but having everything measured from the start meant it all came together well.

Perry has been helping sort out the paperwork, monitoring and grid connection. I couldn't be happier
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Banana Solar are a lovely company to work with

Boris was very helpful from the outset, answering all our questions about the system and the process of installation and grid connection.

The installation team were wonderful, punctual and friendly and with two people in the house working from home on installation day, they communicated anticipated times we would be without power which wasn't long at all. Boris and the installation team explained in person how to monitor our solar generation using the Sunny Portal app and to shut off the system if required.

Customer service with Banana Solar has been great, I received a call the day after install to go through the process of grid connection and to ensure we understood the information provided at installation and if I had any further questions. We also had multiple follow ups with Boris and Perry with the later installation of bird mesh, there was a delay with this but it was completely out of their control, they remained open with us about the delay and it was no problem.
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Great Personal Service

Great service and Boris was very knowledgeable. It was good to talk to someone who was an electrical engineer rather than simply a sales guy. He knew his stuff. Show additional information

Great Service and System!

After putting off solar for a year, I decided to get some quotes again and Banana Solar were excellent throughout the whole process.

1. The sales process was done very professionally with an onsite inspection and consultation. It was not rushed with time and care taken to go through any questions and options.
2. The installation was completed a lot earlier than expected due to the current situation which was great.
3. Great customer service and follow up after the installation and the paperwork completed for the installation of the smart meter.
4. The Solar Analytics app is quite useful to look at the data and also see the production and how best to consume the solar.
5. Overall quite happy with the system and looking forward to the savings.
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Awesome experience with Banana Solar

The whole experience with Banana Solar was a breeze.

The sales process was significantly quicker, and more professional and personal than I experienced with other providers where I sought a quote, and they were certainly less pushy. They gave me a number of options, explained the advantages and disadvantages of each for my particular circumstance and didn’t push any particular product or add-on.

Once I agreed to proceed, they organised installation around a very short deadline I had before travelling.

The installers were punctual and very professional. You’d never have known they had been there once completed other than some great panels on my roof.

The whole system was explained to me with the grid connection and monitoring set up and explained to me before they left.

Since purchasing, I’ve had one call to customer support on an issue that ended up not being related to the system but was resolved in an effective and friendly way.

I would certainly recommend Banana Solar for anyone looking to install solar at their property. I get fully informed throughout the process which was particularly important due to my lack of knowledge about the process. They seemed to really care about that and it was very much appreciated.
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Highly recommended

Sales and quoting process was highly personalised and tailored to my needs. Installation, troubleshooting and further access has been great Show additional information

Party of Three

Having taken the plunge to do a major renovation the team from Banana Solar worked with us and our builder through concept design and installation. The moment you have more than two parties involved things always have the potential to get more complex. Banana Solar rose to the challenge and integrated with our family and the builder in a most professional manner easing our concerns about the process. Banana Solar undertook all the consulting with the power company and the Director was checking in with us personally to confirm everything was alright after the install. My only regret is that we do not have a bigger roof! Show additional information

Easy to work with

I have been dealing with Perry all the time who has been very helpful. He is very quick with all my email responses. We have issue with the fuse at the meter box and Perry managed to engage an level 2 electrician for me. The installation was nicely done and the crew were punctual.
Banana has submitted all the paper work for me so I can just sit back and wait for the meter guy to come to upgrade my basic meter to smart meter.
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Happy customer. Professional, reliable service.

We began this quote with Banana Solar with little knowledge about what we were looking for in solar power. Oscar was our consultant who was so well informed and passionate about the company’s product. He was so patient and informative and following the quote it was never a problem for him to answer our queries.

We arranged for other quotes, two who did not turn up and another, who was at first somewhat cheaper but only quoted using text messages - from the beginning we knew our initial confidence in the quote given was part of what made us go with Banana Solar.

Installation was completed easily and the installers cleaned up well after the job was complete.

Following completion of the job a representative from Banana Solar was on site to check on the job completion and another representative made contact by phone to go through relevant information. A few weeks later follow up was made by a representative.

I would highly recommend Banana Solar and have complete confidence in the company and their product.
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Professional installation

Banana solar spent the time to really investigate our situation to plan and propose the best system for our roof. Even though the installation was complex, they completed ahead of schedule. We’re very happy with the system and their service. Show additional information

Simple and effective

Technically advanced quotes and procurement process followed up great installation Show additional information

Very happy. Minimum fuss for a great system.

All the staff were extremely polite, helpful, proactive and knowledgeable. The whole process ended up being very hassle-free, and they used all the latest gadgets and modern software to design the best system for our awkward roof. Very happy with the final outcome and the entire process to get there. Show additional information

Great installer, easy to deal with an extremely reliable

I found the entire process to be seamless.

During quoting I was provided with detailed information, comparisons of ROI's and detailed diagrams. What really impressed me was the use of technology to manage every step of the process and the really detailed information I got out of it.

After confirmation, they booked me in for a installation date. Their installers arrived exactly when they were supposed to (extremely reliable), they provided additional tiles in case anything was broken (nothing was), and they finished up and cleaned up everything on the day.

After installation, I got a lot of clear communication through emails and telephone calls to explain to me the next steps and how to use the monitoring applications.

All in all a very seamless professional experience
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Very happy

We are really happy with our solar installation job by Banana Solar. Boris was very easy to deal with and the installation was done on time. I would recommend to anyone. Show additional information
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