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Tesla Drop Advertised Powerwall Price By $800

powerwall and gateway hardware - Australian price drop

Update Sep 6 2023: My mistake – Tesla updated the price on the website a couple of months ago – not this week – to $12,100 and I missed it at the time. I’ve updated the post and the price guidance for installed systems to reflect this. [Read more…]

Tesla’s Powerwall Hits Cheapest Australian Price Since 2019 With $750 Rebate

Tesla Powerwall rebate in Australia

Udderly electrifying savings available on Powerwalls – but only if you moo-ve fast. Install: Platinum Solar Designs

Tesla has announced a $750 rebate for its Powerwall in Australia, a part of a global rebate push that includes the USA (US$500) and the UK (£350). Here’s a breakdown of what this means for prospective Australian Powerwall buyers. [Read more…]

AER Finally Gets to Work on Flexible Export Rules

AER flexible export limits paper

Regulations to govern Flexible Exports of household solar PV to the grid took a step forward this week when the AER published its “final response” to a consultation conducted late last year. [Read more…]

Is The Budget Sungrow Battery Any Good? I Installed One To Find Out…

Recently, I decided to retrofit a 12.8 kWh Sungrow battery and hybrid inverter to a 6.6kW solar system on a rental unit I own. The video above is a deep dive from start to finish, but if you don’t feel like watching, here’s a summary.
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Did Solar Analytics Just Kill The Solar Consumption Meter?

solar edge smart meter

Last week, monitoring software company Solar Analytics announced they can monitor solar consumption in homes without a consumption meter. [Read more…]

Buying Home Batteries In 2023: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re scratching your head over buying home batteries, here’s the solution: a video guide from Finn Peacock, the brains behind SolarQuotes. This guide is jam-packed with all the latest info you need, delivering the lowdown on the battery-buying process with the clarity and precision you’ve come to expect from SolarQuotes.
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Why Tesla’s NACS Connector Won’t Be Adopted In Australia

ccs2 and nacs connectors on a tesla

The Australian-adopted CCS2 charge port and Tesla’s NACS port.

In a welcome development for American EV owners,  SAE International (formerly the Society for Automotive Engineers) has announced it will standardise Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. But don’t expect Australia to follow suit.
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VIC Remote Solar Shutdown Rules: Everything You Need To Know

a hand pressing an emergency stop button

Victoria has launched a consultation (open until August 2, 2023) about their upcoming remote solar shutdown rules. [Read more…]

Should You Buy A Tesla Wall Connector As Your EV Charger?

A Tesla Wall Connector EV charger installed

As an EV enthusiast and perhaps a Tesla aficionado, you may have mulled over the question: “Is investing in a Tesla Wall Connector as my home EV charger the right move?” [Read more…]

Best EV Chargers 2023: According To Australian Installers

Best Home EV Chargers 2023 - as voted by Australian installersEvery year we ask more than 500 installers in the SolarQuotes network which solar products they would trust in their own homes. This year, as well as asking about solar panels, inverters and batteries, we added a rapidly growing sector: electric vehicle (EV) chargers. [Read more…]

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