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Queensland Battery Rebate: A Guide for Homeowners

2 powerwalls

Time to buy a battery or even add a second to your QLD home?

The QLD government has just kicked off the Battery Booster program, a straightforward Queensland battery rebate aimed at reducing the upfront cost of adding a battery to your solar power system. Here’s the no-frills breakdown. [Read more…]

Five-Minute Full Charge? The Promise Of Indium-Anode EV Batteries

tesla supercharger next to a servo

New battery tech could charge an EV in the time it takes to fill with petrol.

Researchers at Cornell University claim their new lithium battery design is capable of fully charging an EV in less than five minutes. [Read more…]

Recent Study: Are Solar Homes Truly Green Or Just Energy Hungry?

2 australian homes with large solar systems

Happy New Year from my straw-bale home in Adelaide. Now, don’t let the eco-friendly construction fool you – my place is an energy-hungry beast, and I’m the guy feeding it! With thermal mass and careful orientation, the house is a champion of efficiency, but my family’s lifestyle… well, that’s another story. [Read more…]

Catch Solar Relay in 2024: The Swiss Army Knife Of Solar

catch solar relay

I’ve been a fan of the Aussie-developed Catch Solar Relay since it was first released in late 2020. [Read more…]

Solar Power For Gen Z: Top TikToks Of 2023

a pile of tik tok stills

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Finn, you’re a bit old for TikTok, aren’t you?” And you’re not wrong. I’m more of a long-form kinda guy, myself. But, like a dad tryna learn the latest dance moves to impress his kids, I’m not afraid to venture into new territory. [Read more…]

Hot Water Wars & Powerwall Price Drops: 2023’s Most Read Stories

2023 blog posts in review

As the sun sets on another year, it’s time to cast a cool eye over the pages of the SolarQuotes Blog and see what stories were most popular with our Australian readers in 2023. [Read more…]

NREL Study Challenges Our Solar Panel Cleaning Advice

A new study from America’s NREL might have us rethinking our stance on solar panel cleaning. [Read more…]

Amber Electric Races to Upgrade as Tesla Powerwall Demand Surges

amber smartshift app and tesla powerwall

Amber Electric, the upstart electricity retailer that allows consumers to play the wholesale electricity market, recently sent out an email to its Tesla Powerwall customers, and it’s a mix of good and bad news. [Read more…]

Cutting-Edge Batteries From Amprius Dominate The World Solar Challenge

amprius battery pack in solar car

The Amprius battery pack in the third-placed Brunel ‘Nuna 12’ solar race car.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is not just a race. It’s a tough test for solar-powered cars, travelling a 3,000-kilometre stretch from Darwin to Adelaide. Every year, this race shows off the latest and best in solar, battery and EV technology. [Read more…]

How A Second Tesla Powerwall Unlocked 8 Cent Grid Electricity For Sean

Meet Sean, a bloke from Brighton, South Australia who loves his gadgets as much as his missus loves their new spa. Despite 8kW of solar panels, Sean had an energy bill that’d make a grown man cry. So, what did he do? Buckled down, got smart, and supercharged his battery setup. Here’s the lowdown: [Read more…]

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