SolarQuotes’ Finn Peacock: Don’t Call It A Solar Tax!

A draft determination released by the AEMC last week that would affect home solar in Australia caused quite a stir. Here’s SolarQuotes’ founder Finn Peacock’s take on it. [Read more…]

Slabs For Surplus Solar Energy: VB Solar Exchange 

VB Solar Exchange

The curiosity of solar power system owners partial to Victoria Bitter beer may be piqued by a new promotion launched by the brewer. [Read more…]

New Delta Inverters Also Hybrid –  At No Extra Cost

Delta Hybrid H8E and H10E inverters

When Delta Electronics told us about their new H8E and H10E single-phase solar inverters late last year, they didn’t mention a “secret” feature. The company has revealed it to SolarQuotes, along with details of a new Delta battery and other bits. [Read more…]

JinkoSolar Announces Residential 415W Tiger Pro Solar Panel

JinkoSolar Tiger Pro solar panels

JinkoSolar is launching a new line of Tiger Pro solar panels it says are suitable for use on residential, commercial and industrial rooftops. [Read more…]

FIMER Announces SwitchDin Compatibility

FIMER solar inverters and SwitchDin

Inverter manufacturer FIMER has announced some of its solar inverter models have been integrated with Australian SwitchDin technology, with more to come. [Read more…]

Ambulance Victoria Brings Forward Net Zero Emissions Target

Ambulance Victoria net zero emissions target

Ambulance Victoria (AV) announced on Friday it is raising the bar on reaching net zero carbon emissions for its operations. [Read more…]

Maitland City Council Votes To Join Power Partnership

Cities Power Partnership - Maitland

NSW’s Maitland City Council’s decision to join the Cities Power Partnership is particularly significant for a couple of reasons. [Read more…]

Regulator Ramping Up Solar Installer Dodgy Details Focus

Clean Energy Regulator - solar installation compliance

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator published its latest compliance update last week, outlining some of its recent activities and what’s ahead. [Read more…]

Darwin International Airport Powers Ahead With Solar Energy

Darwin Airport - solar panels

Building on its already impressive amount of PV capacity, more solar panels will soon appear on rooftops at the 311-hectare Darwin International Airport (DIA) site. [Read more…]

Adding More Home Solar Power To The Grid: AEMC Draft Determination

AEMC solar and battery reforms

The Australian Energy Market Commission has released its draft determination on how to integrate more small-scale solar power systems, support home battery uptake and address solar energy “traffic jams” in the grid. [Read more…]