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Bridgestone’s Solar Powered, Greener Tyre 

Bridgestone greener tyre production

Bridgestone Americas has announced production of demonstration tyres for EV SUVs and crossovers made with 75% recycled and renewable materials – and solar power also plays a role. [Read more…]

Queensland’s Home EV Charger Gotcha

Dedicated EV charger

Queensland EV owners looking to install a hard-wired charger on their homes need to be aware of a significant gotcha in the state’s electricity connection rules. [Read more…]

CCWA Warns On WA Critical Minerals Mining Rush

Critical minerals mining - Western Australia

New sites for mining critical minerals crucial to the clean energy revolution will have to go somewhere, but they cannot go anywhere says the Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA). [Read more…]

Western Australia Sees The Light On Circuit Breaker Rule

Western Australia circuit breaker rule revision.

Common sense has prevailed concerning a main switch circuit breaker rule in WA’s South West Interconnected System (SWIS) creating headaches for some households and businesses. [Read more…]

Solar Powered Security For Berrigan Shire

Powerstack vandal resistant solar poles

Australian manufactured vandal-resistant “solar poles” will soon be powering lighting and CCTV at a bunch of locations in New South Wales’ Berrigan Shire. [Read more…]

Australia’s 5B: Onwards To Automation

5B Maverick Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Line

It may not look like much, but the fixing of this first bolt was a big moment for Australian “solar farm in a box” pioneer 5B. [Read more…]

Trina Solar’s Powerful 440W Vertex S+ Lands In Australia

Trina Vertex S+ 440W solar panels

Rooftop solar panels keep getting more powerful and Trina’s Vertex S+ range continues to push the envelope. [Read more…]

Installer Selfies And Australia’s Solar Rebate

Solar installer selfies and compliance

When you see your solar installer taking selfies on the day of system installation, these aren’t just happy snaps or portfolio pics. Installer selfie photos are an important part of Australia’s solar rebate scheme. [Read more…]

Lots Of Love For Australian Lithium

Australian lithium forecast

Australia already mines a shedload of an important lithium-rich mineral, and looks set to be digging up much more over the next few years. [Read more…]

WA Town Ditches Reticulated Gas for Renewable Future

Esperance electrification

Esperance has (nearly) transitioned to full electrification – and a good thing too given the town’s private gas network owner and operator shut off gas supply on Friday. [Read more…]

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