Ned’s Mini Electric Review

SolarQuotes reviews ninja Ned’s test drive of the Mini Electric Cooper SE tempts him to cross over to the dark side and earns a rebuke from Finn. Find out what happened. [Read more…]

EV Chargers: Single-Phase Vs. Three-Phase

SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock answers a common electric car charging question: single-phase vs. three-phase chargers – which are better? [Read more…]

Cities Power Partnership 2021 Climate Awards Winners Announced

Cities Power Partnership 2021 Awards

Australia‚Äôs largest local government climate network recognised outstanding council-led initiatives from across the country yesterday in the fourth annual Cities Power Partnership Climate Awards. [Read more…]

Autonomous Electric Vehicles Trialled At Solar Farm Construction Site

Battery electric Honda AWV

Honda has been putting prototype autonomous battery electric vehicles through their paces at the site of what will be a 120MW solar farm in the US state of New Mexico. [Read more…]

City Of Newcastle Celebrating Solar Energy Success

City of Newcastle - solar energy

City Of Newcastle’s solar farm started cranking clean electricity two years ago, and Council has continued to install panels across its assets since. [Read more…]

EV Charging Chat With Chargefox’s Evan B.

Evan Beaver from Chargefox shows us his home EV charger setup and discusses differences in electric car charging. [Read more…]

Chevron Australia Buying Offsets For CCS Fail

carbon capture and storage fail

Chevron Australia’s Gorgon carbon capture and storage (CCS) project wasn’t – and probably still isn’t – living up to expectations. [Read more…]

NSW NPWS Aims To Be Carbon Positive By 2028

NPWS - solar power

Solar power is set to help New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service achieve its carbon emission reduction goals. [Read more…]

Risen Energy Spruiks Alloy Steel Solar Panel Frames


Risen Energy - solar panel steel frames

Major Chinese solar panel manufacturer Risen Energy says it is addressing the emissions footprint of aluminium module frames through the use of coated alloyed steel. But there’s a lot of missing detail in its announcement. [Read more…]

EV Charger Recommendations From A Solar Installer

This seasoned Australian solar installer has branched out into EV chargers. Find out what he’s installing, the cost involved and other electric car charging recommendations for solar owners. [Read more…]