The New Energy Tech Consumer Code — I Submit!

 New Energy Tech Consumer Code submission

On Friday I wrote about how the New Energy Tech Consumer Code was seeking submissions.  Given its current state I said it could definitely do with some, so I’ve typed up mine and and put it below. [Read more…]

On Saturday I Voted For The Planet — But It Didn’t Work!

Australian election 2019 - climate change

“The planet’s burning you idiots!’. But hey, at least your negative gearing and franking credits are safe. (Image: HBO)

On Saturday morning I wandered down to my local polling booth to exercise my voting power.  I have more of this than the average Australian because South Australia has a low population, yet the same number of senators as other states. [Read more…]

New Energy Tech Consumer Code Seeking Submissions (And Boy, Does It Need Them!)

New Energy Tech Consumer Code

A number of bodies — as in organisations, not corpses 1 — are working to come up with a New Energy Tech Consumer Code that covers the sale of solar power and battery systems, and are seeking submissions.

I’m planning to submit all over that son-of-a-bitch, so if you’ve got any suggestions you’d like included; put them in the comments and if I like them I’ll add them in. [Read more…]

Powering Finn’s Land:  No Nukes Required

Nuclear power vs renewable energy in Finland

I have no idea what the badge says but Finn insisted on adding it.

During our 15th SolarQuotes vodcast filmed on Friday, Finn tried to get my goat by pointing out greenhouse gas emissions would be considerably higher without nuclear power.

[Read more…]

Bad For Consumers & Bad For Business: CEC Approved Solar Retailer Scheme Now Mandatory In Victoria

Mandatory Approved Solar Retailer Scheme

Last week the Clean Energy Council announced their formerly voluntary Approved Solar Retailer Scheme would be — with the smallest of fig leafs — made mandatory for all companies installing residential rooftop solar power systems in Victoria. This means installers are faced with joining the scheme — if they can — or going out of business or moving out of state. [Read more…]

Making Approved Solar Retailer Status Mandatory in Victoria Would Be Disastrous

Approved Solar Retailers In Victoria

In Orwell’s Animal Farm, animals were told that doing extra work was voluntary, yet those who didn’t volunteer got their rations reduced.

In November 2013 the Clean Energy Council told solar companies that becoming an Approved Solar Retailer (ASR), which requires extra work, was voluntary. But in 2018  solar companies that had not signed up started to lose their opportunity to benefit from participation in state government solar rebate and zero interest loan schemes.

Beware of schemes that claim to be voluntary but force you into applying by other means. [Read more…]

Is ARENA Wasting Your Money On Useless Consultant Reports?

 ACIL Allen Consultants hydrogen report for ARENA

If you are in a hurry, the summary of this post is: ‘In my humble opinion: Yes’.

I recently wrote about Labor’s Hydrogen Plan announcement where they referred to a report by ACIL Allen Consultants saying Australia’s hydrogen exports could be over $3 billion a year by 2030.  In my previous article I explained why this is extremely unlikely.

This article is going to be 2,000 words dedicated to me complaining. Specifically about why I consider the consultant report titled “Opportunites For Australia From Hydrogen Exports” worse than useless and why I think ARENA — Australia’s Renewable Energy Agency — wasted your money paying for it. [Read more…]

Up To 75% Off Solar For Renters — If Victorian Labor Reelected

solar for renters in Victoria

Vic Labor promises cheap solar for renters. Smart move.

Victorian Labor has announced a scheme to put solar panels on the roofs of rental properties and allow tenants to benefit from the lower electricity bills it provides.  The catch is it relies on Labor being reelected on the 24th.  But, looking on the bright side, if the Victorian Liberals win I’m sure they’ll be willing to give your landlord a subsidy to mine brown coal under your backyard [Read more…]

Victoria Solar Rebate Update — Get Your Fresh Details Here!

Victoria Solar Homes rebate update

Victoria’s Solar Rebate Update — Get Your Fresh Details Here While They’re Hot!

Victoria’s Solar Homes rebate program was announced on Sunday and this article I wrote on it was published yesterday.  Since then fresh information has come to light on the State Government’s Solar Victoria site.  This article covers what’s new including details on a $1,000 solar hot water rebate. [Read more…]

Victorian Solar Rebate Explained: Up To 50% off Solar – Starting Now

Solar Homes rebate program - Victoria

A massive new solar subsidy is now available in Victoria. Here’s how it works and how much it can save you.

Hey, Victorians!  Listen up!  If you want solar panels your state government has just made things fantastic for you.  They will now cover up to half the cost of a new solar power system. [Read more…]