Tony Abbott And Craig Kelly Want Frydenberg To Fiddle With His Small-scale Knob

Tony Abbott And Craig Kelly Want Frydenberg To Adjust The Small-scale Technology Percentage

Tony Abbott recently made a comment about the STCs that reduce the cost of rooftop solar to households and are commonly called the “solar rebate1.  Guess what he wants to do with them?  Do you need a hint?  Tell you what, I’ll make it easy for you and put it in the form of a multiple choice question. [Read more…]

The SA Election: Energy Policies Compared

Election 2018 South Australia - Energy Policies

On Saturday the 17th of March South Australians will head to school, church, the RSL, or where ever their local polling booth happens to be to cast their ballot in the state government election.  I’ve already received the piece of colored  paper I’m supposed to bring with me so I can vote.  It’s very different from the good old days in Queensland when the only paper you needed to make your vote count was brown and in the form of a bag full of cash. [Read more…]

SA Plan For New Private Generator Using Solar Panels On Roofs And Tesla Powerwalls Is Virtually Brilliant!

But is is a good idea?

Yesterday I was surprised by the South Australian Government announcing a plan to put solar panels on the roofs of 50,000 or more homes along with a Telsa Powerwall 2 and smart meter.  The goal is to have them work together to create a virtual power station with 250 megawatts of solar panels and battery storage that can provide 250 megawatts of power over two and a half hours. [Read more…]

South Australia’s New Diesel Generators Ready To Rumble — But Probably Won’t

TM2500 turbine generator ready to rumble

A General Electric TM2500 turbine generator yesterday. Or possibly earlier.

In order to improve the probability of South Australia making it through the summer without one or more blackouts, the state government has leased, with an eye to buy, 9 mobile General Electric TM2500 turbine generators.  [Read more…]

Trump Solar Tariffs — Evil, But Not As Evil As They Could Be

The United States has announced import tariffs of 30% will apply to all imported solar panels but a yearly quota of 2.5 gigawatts of imported solar cells, or enough to make around 9 million panels, is allowed.  Just how much the United State’s Figurehead in Chief, Donald Trump, had to do with this decision I don’t know, but when you vote in someone who is only good for being blamed you may as well get as much mileage out of that as possible. So they will be forevermore known as the Trump solar tariffs and that’s definitely what they’re being called in the news. [Read more…]

Australian Standards Must Be Free For The Benefit Of Education, Business And The World.

australian solar standards and freddie

Australian Standards must break free. Charging hundreds of dollars per standard is nuttier than wearing high heels while vacuuming.

People say I have no standards, but that’s only true in a legal sense.  You see, I do have access to Australian Standards that have been purchased by my employer, SolarQuotes.  While these particular standards have a heavy focus on how not to kill people when mucking around with electricity, there lots of other ones covering almost everything you can think of – and quite a few things you’d be very unlikely to think of.   [Read more…]

Merry Christmas And A Happy Old Year

Well, another year is almost gone and so to everyone I say, Merry Christmas and a Happy Old Year! [Read more…]

10 Little Understood Facts About Australian Consumer Law And Solar


Australian Consumer Law and Solar

While they are 10 facts and not 10 commandments, Ronald’s beard has been getting pretty Moses like lately

Here at SolarQuotes we’re all about consumers. So I am going to describe 10 features of Australian consumer law that many consumers, not to mention many solar sales companies, installers and hardware manufacturers, are unaware of.

While I am no lawyer, I have read some very thick pamphlets on consumer law and I think I have the general gist of it.  There’s no need to worry about my level of comprehension as I am very literate.  I can read with one arm tied behind my back. [Read more…]

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers, Approved Retailers, And Members: What’s The Difference?

3 types of CEC affiliate

The CEC has 3 levels of affiliation, members, installers and approved retailer. What is the difference?

The Australian Clean Energy Council, or CEC, is Australia’s peak body for solar and other renewable energy. [Read more…]

The ‘SA Energy Crisis’ Is A Myth Peddled By Liars

protesting crowd

If you repeat a message long and loud enough many people will accept it as true.

At the start of the month I wrote that South Australia’s grid was in disarray.  I warned that more blackouts were inevitable as soon as summer rolled around again or adverse weather struck.

With my warning I wanted to give people a sense of perilous urgency on the need to do something about the dilapidated state of the grid that we depend upon for our jobs, our well being, and civilization itself.

But that was on April Fools Day.

I wasn’t serious. [Read more…]