Duracell announce ‘Powerwall Killer’ home battery.

duracell home battery

Duracell have just announced their first product in the home battery storage market – competing directly with Tesla.

Well it finally happened. After sitting on the sidelines as the solar battery storage boom unfolded around it, the world’s biggest name in batteries has finally joined the party.

Today, April 1, at a glittering press event in Bethel, Connecticut, Duracell’s VP of Solar Storage, George Leclanche unveiled the Duracell Ultra Lithium Home Battery – which will be available in priority markets including Australia by the end of the year.

Please note: this article was published as an April Fool’s prank and is SATIRE. Funnily enough, it looks like Duracell have a home battery in the works – more details on Duracell Energy Bank here.

Mr Leclanche claimed:

“Today, the world’s biggest battery brand joins the effort to deliver a solution to the world’s most pressing problem – the need for 24 hour renewable power. This battery, using our proven Lithium Manganese Dioxide technology, the largest battery Duracell have never made, will allow households around the world to power, not just their toys, flashlights and remote controls with Duracell, but their whole house.”

And in what might be seen as a dig at the current home storage leader, Tesla, he added:

“Consumers now have a choice. They can power their home with a battery from Duracell – a company which has been developing batteries since the 1920’s. Or they can put their trust in a company that hasn’t even finished building its first battery factory yet.  At Duracell, our leadership team focus on one thing: batteries. We are not distracted by sending people to Mars or preventing an AI apocalypse.”


But corporate rivalry aside, how does the Duracell Ultra Lithium Home Battery stack up against its biggest competitor, the Powerwall? The full specs are yet to be released – but here are the two specs that were announced today along with our analysis of how they compare to Tesla’s offering:

Operating voltage: 9 Volts DC

This is considerably lower than Tesla’s rather dangerous sounding 350-450 Volts DC. I know which terminals I’d rather lick! One-nil to Duracell.

Ease Of Installation: Miniature Snap” technology – means true plug and play for solar installers.

With Tesla’s home battery requiring a qualified electrician with a full set of tools, Duracell’s plug and play ‘Miniature snap’ technology should be much cheaper and quicker to install. Two-nil to the Duracell Bunny.

So at this early stage it looks like Tesla could be feeling the heat from Duracell in the large scale battery storage market. Let’s see if the Powerwall 2, due for release in July can move the advantage back to Tesla.

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  1. Nice April first joke Finn 🙂

  2. Bruce Whitfield says

    Hahha…but its April Fools day today…and more Solar power nonsense..

  3. Gabriel Bradly says

    April fools………….?

  4. OK… April 1st, I guess(?!)

  5. Michael Ouellette says

    How could this be true since April 1st hasn’t happened yet in the US???

  6. April Fools says

    Seriously tho… why the hell HAVEN’T they brought out a product to compete damn it!???? 0.o

  7. Philip Bramley says

    Finn, does this mean the Duracell can be used for “off-grid” ?

  8. Didn’t mention the negative of 9v system – much heavier cables required for a given POWER reguirement (higher current draw) compared to higher voltage system.

  9. john nielsen says

    I don’t think the Duracell is a battery, but as the name implies a cell. The powerwall I believe consists on perhaps 100 cells of 3.7 V all in series, and perhaps several banks of them.
    When first the rechargeable AA bats with their chargers came on the market I was one of the first to purchase such,,, but like many others have long given up on them. I wonder if the Powerwall will be the same fiasco. Finn says it may be 5 years before we have some real solution to off grid storage. I am happy with my lead gel bats, didn’t want to wait for the pie in the sky. Perhaps flow cell together with ucaps may be a solution.
    john nielsen

  10. Apparently the choice of spokesman for Duracell went down like a lead (acid) balloon,???

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