Euroa’s Solar Capacity Gets A Bump

Solar installations in Euroa

Solar panels popular in Euroa | Image: Public Domain

Installed solar capacity in the Victorian town of Euroa just experienced a significant lift with the installation of a 100kW solar power system at one of the town’s service stations.

The Euroa Gazette reports the new system, consisting of 368 solar panels, is now the largest solar installation in the Shire of Strathbogie; edging out a 90kW array installed at Euroa’s IGA supermarket.

Installation company Solargain says the service station’s rooftop installation should supply most of the building’s energy needs during the warmer months, knocking down the owner’s considerable power bill of around $60,000 a year. The company expects the system to be up and running at the end of this month and assuming favourable conditions, should pay for itself within around 4 years

Another significant array in the township is the recent installation of 80 solar panels on Euroa’s Memorial Oval grandstand, which will substantially reduce the facility’s $900-$1,000 monthly electricity bill.

The town’s bowling club has also had solar panels installed, slashing their monthly electricity costs from around $300 a month to $30.

According to the latest information available from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, 625 small scale solar power systems (<100kW) were installed in Euroa’s postcode, 3666, as at June 1 this year. The systems have a collective capacity of just over 2 megawatts.

Recently released Census data puts the population of the 3666 postcode at 4,698; working out to around 430 watts of solar per person. 5,741,770 kilowatts of small scale solar capacity is installed throughout Australia, which translates to approximately 245 watts per capita – so the folks living in the 3666 postcode are punching well above their weight.


Image: Business Enterprise Euroa

Euroa is nestled at the base of the Strathbogie Ranges and is the gateway North East Victoria. The area was originally primarily utilised as prime grazing land for sheep, but the region’s farmers have diversified into cattle, crops, cool-climate wines and a growing equine industry.You can learn more about the town and surrounding area here.

The Strathbogie Shire Council covers an area of 3,302 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 10,000.

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  1. Peter Stanhope says

    Take a look at the NSW town of Parkes. The entire council building plus library is covered in panels.

  2. Joe mooney says

    Given that the Strathbogie shire claims to be the horse capital of Australia, I would be more impressed if every horse within the shire boundaries were fitted with two solar panels ( one on each flank).
    As the horses graze throughout the day one could expect panels to have east,north and western exposure throughout the day thus maximisingv production

    • Careful – Trump may steal that idea to increase the capacity of his wall.. not sure where you’d put the inverters. Of course the cows! Mooving on.

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