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About Solargain, Solar Installers

Solargain is one Australia’s largest solar companies and have been a mainstay in the solar power industry since it began. The company started as a one many plumbing business in 1995, servicing and installing hot water and solar hot water. In 2005, the company Solargain was officially formed. In 2008, Solargain dived into solar power, long before it became mainstream. Priding themselves on quality solar, they are proud of the following achievements:

1. One of Australia’s only fully Quality ISO 9001 certified solar organisations.

2. Installed over 40,000 systems nationally, which ranks third nationally in total installed capacity.

3. Have consistently been in the top 5 installers (by volume) nationally for the last five years according to Sunwiz.

4. Was one of the very first CEC certified organisations, installing systems before solar took off under the original $8000 rebate.

5. Chosen for many commercial projects, including the 1 MW project for the City of Cockburn ARC in Western Australia.

Solargain offers and services almost anything solar related. With major offices in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, they have one of the widest service networks of any solar company.

Solargain Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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From start to finish solargain has been helpful, professional and accomodating. The returned phone calls and emails promptly, actually installed the system when they said they would.

The system itself is working very well, it has exceeded my expectations.I am already seeing the saving Benifit.
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Solargain beat the quotes from Solarhub, ActewAGL, and EnergyMatters, for a 5.46 kW system and 21 Enphase Microinverters.

The system, after some of the inverters were replaced to meet standards, was properly installed and met all standards and is connected to the grid. My last bill in January 2017 cut 60% of what it was in the same quarter last year and that's with two air conditioners running, not to mention three refrigerators, washing machine, dishwasher and a 60" plasma TV. I can also see what power I'm using and sending to the grid on my Enphase app.

Where Solargain needs to step up is on communication and service. For example they changed the installation dates three times which resulted in a contract started 30th June not seeing an installation until the 17th September. I should also add record late winter and spring rain did not help. To Solargain's credit, they reduced my quote for the delays.

My experience with Solargain is they do a great job; and so I have recommended them to a colleague who then had a 5 kW system installed by Solargain because their quote was also the most competitive. However, be prepared to wait and be patient as parts can be unavailable and can require time to be shipped in.
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Cost $6700 including all meters, meter upgrade (worth $800), Fronius 5kw inverter. Joe is based in Melbourne. Installers maintenance etc from Canberra. Installation not done yet. Show additional information
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Finn, went with Solargain with 12 Jinko panels installed on the garage roof. Roof flat so tilt frames were required. Installation was on day advised, 17th January with no problems. Awaiting ACTEWAGL to install a gross input single phase meter. Advised February 2nd at 12 noon for meter installation. ACT government inspector cleared installation for connection to the grid
Currently 20 Q cells on roof with Enphase micro inverters. (S230's) Tilt frames with the Enphase Envoy 2 including the installers operating program installed so I can check each panel output along with quarter hour output.
The new system cost was $6550 all up including new single phase meter.
The 12 Jinko panels was all I could install ie 3.29kW due to my original application of 3kW's before 2011 to get the gross input of 45.7 cents per kWh. Solargain predict around 4434.86kWh over 12 months which I think is a little lite on. I reckon around 4500kWh as comparing 12 panels output against 20 panels for the last 12 months output of 7500kWh.
Solargain have been professional in their dealings with me on both systems.
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Installers arrived on time and completed the job efficiently in the time expected and cleaned up afterwards including replacing some cracked tiles. Show additional information
Great experience from start to finish. Installed on date originally quoted always kept in contact. Very please with our new solar system. Show additional information
I had a total of 5 quotes altogether and what a mixed bunch they were, from the cheapest $2500 to the opposite extreme being $9000 dropped to $6000 in a flash because I was a special customer, this guy spent an hour in my home showing videos and generally spouting BS about how other companies used inferior products and theirs was number #1. I had never heard of the panels or the inverter they were going to install and told him that. All he wanted was me to sign their and then for his special price especially for me, I had to tell him at least 6 times before he got the message that I never sign for anything until I did my homework on his product. Needless to say he didn`t get the signature he was after. My system is being installed on February 14th. You can use this review but first name only. Show additional information
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Prompt, friendly and professional service. Good quality product and great price. Show additional information
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Good price. However, delay on panels and inverters meant I was away when they were installed. Still charging up connection to my wireless modem and solar gain reception is not responding. Excellent installation but slow with response to help. Show additional information
Out of warranty but 4 in 5 years is ridiculous. Off to Consumer Protection if they wont replace. Show additional information
We went with this company because they offered better panels than green wiring and cheaper than the others except green wiring plus they had a name we had heard of and are happy with our choice and cost. Show additional information
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Thanking the team for their great customer service. JeremyL, AimeeB, RyanW and his helper. You all deserve 5 stars each. I hope all your hard work has not gone unnoticed. I was very happy with the sales advice, very satisfied with the product, and installation exactly how I wanted it. Happy to do business again in the future.
I chose Solargain in the end because of the good reviews from third party sources. They weren't wrong after all.
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Thanks for your very helpful pages on educating me with solar.
It gave me the tools to pick carefully.
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SolarGain did not explain, prior to purchase, that due to changes to the relevant Australian Standard that the generation of power from the system in combination with that generated by Western Power would cause the Invertor to exceed the allowable voltage with the result that the invertor would shut down and then spend time recovering only the process to be eventually repeated. This of course resulted in a significant loss of solar power generation and pass to the power network.
Had we been made aware of these problems it is likely that we would have opted for a different configuration.
We feel that SolarGain were negligent in that they did not fully explain the circumstances into which we were about experience.
There is finger pointing from all bodies.
* Australian Standard appears to be compiled without fully considering the requires here in Western Australia
* Western Power claim that they have made Australian Standards and the solar power suppliers of the voltage produced by them
* SolarGain point to the AS as not being suitable for W.A. and that Western Power should adjust (or "tap down") their generation
Not so much fun being the customer and over $5,000 short.
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Thank you. All 3 quotes we received were very close making the choice difficult. All were very professional.
Your site made the process a breeze. We would recommend you to others. In fact I already have.
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We chose to use Solargain after reading many reviews on your website. Ours was a new build, and Solargain liaised with our site manager for all aspects of the installation, which went completely smoothly. We are not as technically minded as some people, and cannot therefore give detailed analysis of the system, apologies, but the system is certainly churning out the KWs all day long! Many thanks for your website; it gave us a good indication of companies which others had found to be reliable. As we have not had any need for any further contact with Solargain, as everything is working well, we cannot comment on customer after-care. Show additional information
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I dealt with Joe from sales and Aimee from accounts and of course the installers. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful.
I would recommend them.
I MUST SAY THAT ALL OF THE COMPANIES THAT SUPPLIED QUOTES WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL. It came down to product, price and recomemndations from other buyers.
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These solar systems are no more than money pits. you'll be left with ugly solar panels on your roof, faulty inverter mounted on your house somewhere. Show additional information
The instolers were there at the agreed time and on the job soon after.I Was kept updated on the progress of the job through out the day. Totally professional. Can not fault the work done. Will update in a month or two when the systems is up and running. Show additional information
29th September. Installers done a great job. System looks great and is running fine, generating heaps even in a cloudy day. Show additional information
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The sales and technical personnel were knowledgeable and helpful in sorting out options. The components I selected were top and near top level and the decision to go with them was based on an excellent price. The sales/installation process was unproblematic and the installation was done competently. Show additional information
Sales were attentive to my needs and provided several versions of the quote at my request in order to tailor the system to my liking. The installers were courteous, cleaned all installation mess away. Since I had selected a large system that included micro inverters, the installation was large and as I later learned had not been done in Queensland before. Any problems we're quickly rectified. I was initially concerned that my house would be adorned with copious amounts of conduit however the installers managed to do all wiring within the walls. Perfect! Show additional information
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Quality of system I have put 4 as I have not had it long and not had a true reading as yet.
Solargain were extremely professional.
I asked a lot of questions some I thought were trivial but the consultant was there to set my mind at rest.
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Will Parker the sales rep I dealt with from Solargain has been nothing but professional throughout this experience. Has was followed up on a regular basis and advised if I needed any assistance or information to contact him directly. I had multiple quotes and although Solargain were not the cheapest the level of customer service left the others for dead.

On a sour note I requested an appointment with Rodney Butters from Green Wiring. An appointment was scheduled to which he did not turn up. No phone call or correspondence was received. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I called the following day. He advised me he had been caught up at another booking and had lost my phone number. I made another appointment for the following day. Again he failed to show up for the scheduled appointment time. Due to other commitments I left after 1 hour of waiting only to return home to find a quote stuffed in the door with a note on the back saying "sorry I got caught in traffic". A call would have been nice. Very poor customer service in my opinion.
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Finn Peacock's various websites have been most helpful in enabling a newbie like me to make an "informed" choice.
The installation has yet to happen.
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Very knowledgeable sales staff that helped me to specify the required system. Followed up with detailed written quote and system specification by email. Was able to later adjust the system from a string inverter to micro-inverters when I found some shading issues with no issues. The end system was a top-end quality system. SolarGains price was the best of the competitive quotes that I had. Have only had rough-in wiring on new house at this stage but this went smoothly and SolarGain liaised with my builder directly to do this work within the building schedule. Show additional information
I am still waiting my grid supplier to inspect and program meter to suit my needs. Show additional information
Salesman was prompt. He called in for inspection same day. Accepted quote and installation completed in 3 weeks . Neat instal by experienced friendly tradesmen who turned up on time. System working perfectly. I would highly recommend Solargain. A pleasure to deal with in. all respects
Ian Qld
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This installer was also doing a deal on a solar HWS which is the reason I went with them--there were 2 other installers who undercut the Solargain quote but could not do solar HWS which is what swayed me to Solargain Show additional information
The sales person was very informative and professional. The installers did an excellent job and the system has been working very well and performing just as the sales person predicted it would and although the weather hasn't been ideal for Solar Power, I've been happy with the results so far. Show additional information
Whilst certainly not the cheapest quote they were very competitive and knew their product much better. Their Salesperson was very knowledgeable and very helpful and not pushy.
They took care of everything, even installing the system earlier than booked due to a cancellation. Installers where brilliant and friendly.
Could not have gone better. Get in before the RET disappears.
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Of the three installers that SolarQuotes recommended, only Solar E and Green Wiring responded within a reasonable time. Infinite Energy took too long to respond and was eliminated from the list. SolarGain was added to the list to make the trifecta.

Solar E, Green Wiring and SolarGain, to their credit, arrived on time and presented their case well. Solar E and SolarGain were shortlisted as they offered similar products and prices. In the end SolarGain was selected as I had a 1.5kW system previously installed by them in the old house in 2011 and they included a previous customer discount in the quote. A week prior to installation SolarGain offered an upgrade from ReneSola panels to Q Cells panels for $15 extra per panel which I accepted. So my PV system now consists of a Fronius Galvo 2.0-1 inverter and 8 x Hanwha Q Cells Pro-G4 260 Watt panels.
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In my opinion there are mainly 2 types of solar companies.
1. The large companies that deal with large volumes. These companies are able to give you a good price and possibly sacrifice some quality.
2. Smaller companies with electrical background. These companies are usually a bit more expensive but focus on more quality and customer service.

I found that SolarGain is a good balance between both types of companies. They have been in the industry for a long time and their customer service has been good. This was not the cheapest quote I received but, I was looking for the best value for my money. I mainly dealt with one person throughout the entire process. He answered all my questions, provided multiple options, even did a site survey to make sure no surprises. The installation was completed just one week after I confirmed the order. I was not expected to pay anything till the installation was complete.

Considering my experience with SolarGain, they have met my expectations and a bit more.
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I would like to say Solargain was seamless as they provided the answers to what I needed to ask without me having to explain what I was asking (from your list )
They viewed what my requirement were and got on roof to measure
They checked metre box and fuse box
They gave me a choice of systems and inverter and advised me in my language
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