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About Solargain, Solar Installers

Solargain is one Australia’s largest solar companies and have been a mainstay in the solar power industry since it began. The company started as a one many plumbing business in 1995, servicing and installing hot water and solar hot water. In 2005, the company Solargain was officially formed. In 2008, Solargain dived into solar power, long before it became mainstream. Priding themselves on quality solar, they are proud of the following achievements:

1. One of Australia’s only fully Quality ISO 9001 certified solar organisations.

2. Installed over 55,000 systems nationally, which ranks third nationally in total installed capacity.

3. Have consistently been in the top 5 installers (by volume) nationally for the last five years according to Sunwiz.

4. Solargain is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and only employs CEC Accredited Installers & Designers.

5. Was one of the very first CEC certified organisations, installing systems before solar took off under the original $8000 rebate.

6. Chosen for many commercial projects, including the 1 MW project for the City of Cockburn ARC in Western Australia.

Solargain offers and services almost anything solar related. With major offices in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, they have one of the widest service networks of any solar company.

Solargain Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Your site was full of useful information Thanks Gordon Show additional information
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With Solargain, their quote arrived within 24hrs, the second quote took a couple of weeks to contact me and then 6weeks to get the quote to me. By the time I received the second quote I had given up on it and arranged to go ahead with Solargain, so even though the quote was competitive, they missed their chance.

I found Solargain very helpful at walking through the quote with me and answering all my questions. After accepting their quote, installation was set for 3 weeks later which was sooner than expected.

Now I’ll wait and see how installation goes and how the system fits.
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Thanks for your help. It was very useful in enabling us to make a decision. The group we are using is very local and is providing both solar power and hot water. Show additional information
I’d appreciate regular updates as to when my system will be installed. Show additional information
Thanks for your help. Show additional information
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Pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Show additional information
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The system cost more than I was expecting but I went for the latest LG 350W panels and a Fronius inverter which seem to be at the high end price wise. The installation was very good, done in one day, no fuss and panels (6.65kW) and inverter (5kW) placement was better than I had expected. All up a success so far. ACTEW AGL will be installing a new smart meter tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what $ savings accrue.

Thinking of batteries at some stage but need more data before making that decision plus seeking out the benefits of using one of those outfits that coordinates the sharing of power - Reposit rings a bell. The increase in efficiency of panels doesn't seem to be moving up in leaps and bounds but batteries could well do so probably worth waiting to see how that pans out over the next few years before leaping in.

Have appreciated the spadework that Solar Quotes has done in simplifying the process and have recommended your service to others.
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Very tidy install with what looks to be quality fittings. Installation was quick and nothing to clean up after they left. Very heavy rainfall on days immediatelyl after install and no leaks in roof. Show additional information
You suggested one but they never contacted me. I found all your information on your website most helpful, thank you, especially the "questions to ask the salesman". Show additional information
We got 2 out of 3 quotes but our supplier by referral was better. Show additional information
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I went with Solar Gain because you strongly recommended them and I had had a good experience with them before (through you). This is my second system. They ended up delivering well, but I had my doubts for a while. I actually contacted you to check they were OK. They took three months to get me a quote, which they did remotely with no onsite visit. Then when I accepted they had to change the quote because they hadn't realised that it was a system that needed special tools to dismantle. A trip to the premises for quoting could have ascertained that. This entailed further delays. Meanwhile they were sending me bizarre emails which showed a breakdown in internal communications within the company.
Eventually the new system was installed (two weeks ago) and as far as I know is operating fine.
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The industry can be a minefield for the uninitiated & even though I think I've understood the issues I'm not entirely confident. Show additional information
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One was quick to contact me and the service and advice was top notch. This was my first choice and probably my preferred system but Solargain beat them on price and offered a discount to fill time slots as well as a family/friends discount which means I can get 6.5kw with Fronius 5kw inverter for $5k. This works out $1000 cheaper but ONLY because of the two discounts, if I was not on a tight budget I would probably have still gone with the other as I like the Canadian Solar panels a bit more than the Jinko. I am happy to go with Solargain however as they have all the same quality of parts and warranties as well as being a CEC approved installer.

One only contacted me once prompted by Solarquotes however he was on holidays when he called me so that may be why.

The other didn’t contact me for weeks and by the time they did I had signed up with Solargain.
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It has taken over 5 months, after having the solar panels installed and the bills are far far higher because they failed to send the job to Origin to have our meter-box upgraded, but switched on the inverter before leaving and told us to keep it running anyway until the meter-box is upgraded, which it never was.

By doing this, our meter-box which is not equipped for solar has ran up our bills by hundreds of dollars instead of reducing them. I even had Origin confirm that this is what happened because we didn't have a spinning disk meter, it wasn't able to run back the bill, only add to it.

During this time, I have received appalling service from the team and manager of this company and would not recommend them to anyone. It's honestly the worst incident with a company I've ever experienced, as what they did was illegal and yet they would not admit to anything and the Manager (Brad) was extremely rude and was trying to place the blame back on us. It wasn't until I proved that this has happened to several other customers in the past that they then offered financial compensation, but not enough to cover all of the damages. They also have created 3 leaks in our roof, which was not previously there and we are going to have to pay for someone else to come fix them.

Please refer to reviews from Steven Moon and Meera Khan who appear to have experienced the exact same screw up from this company. There is another local man a street down from me who also suffered from the same screw up from Solargain and had higher bills also.
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It took them five months to eventually get someone to install the system. Installation itself, however, was performed fast and professionally. How well it was made only time will tell. Show additional information
Overall experience was satisfactory achieved what I believe was middle of road price and quality, Fronius Inverter and Q Cells 270w panels, installation by Solargain contractor was excellent. Show additional information
I have had the enphase in and its been great.

I had an issue with the electrician only installing a 4.5kv safety wtich for a system rated at 4.8kv. I have tried on numerous occasions to get solargain out to fix it and have all but given up hence why im writing this review now as its been over 2-3 months since any contact from solargain or the installer.

They have failed to complete the online setup of my system in enlighten. I have seen the work they completed for my father who also went with them and it was to a much higher standard than what i had.

I also had an issue where the electrician who was getting the switch board ready for actpla messed up the voltage metres and stuck the usage from mains in reverse.

I have now been told on several occasion an electrician will be sent to change the 4.5kv switch out but all i have had back from solargain is an email with a reciept for warranty.

Yes i messed up when i paid them when i did and shouldn't have but at the same time i would expect better quality service.
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As the system is not due to be installed until late March i have just responded as good to your questions. Here's hoping that they are! Show additional information
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They struggled with layout options to suit our roof. I basically had to draw it up and get them to verify it would work.

The system design was fine. Pricing options were good. They pushed certain panels as they were on run-out sale. But guess that was our benefit.

Sales man was a bit ordinary and didn’t really offer all the information (technically) that I was after. He did however get all the answers.

Overall a little frustrating, but a good outcome.
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Meter has not been connected yet but installation appeared to go very well except 4 panels could not be fitted where initially advised. They had to be installed on part of roof facing suboptimal direction. Show additional information
No, thanks. Show additional information
Chose Enphase with micro inverters .Easy install and only AC current in my roof space.???? Envoy was available today and is a really great monitoring system. Haven't had it long enough to rate it five stars but we are really happy with the system and the company at this stage. Show additional information
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Solargain offered a sales deal, packaging a solar HWS and a solar PV system. Show additional information
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This was the best value package, with Fronius 5kW Inverter, Q-C-cell tier-1 panels and good quality fittings/accessories. Show additional information
A supposed over $30k system, 43 panels of their supposed highest standard. Two inverters. My power bill has been more than it ever has been! When their senior inspector came to try to work out the problem, he said he cannot believe where they located the panels, that aside, they keep telling me the SOFTWARE says its making more power than I am using, however my energy bills are up to $400 more per quarter! This system is supposed to be able to power me AND charge 2 Tesla Powerwalls... it can't even give me a discount on my current energy bill? They keep telling me nothing is wrong! I'm seeking legal advice!

Supplier Reply

We’ve found that her retailer was charging her for solar exported on her bill instead of crediting, so I have a much happier customer today!! Seems the 4th register on her three phase smart meter was coded to being a load instead of solar export. Show additional information
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All 3 companies that SolarQuotes recommended were good to deal with, attended site and provided competitive quotes.
We chose Solargain primarily for their very competitive price.
Solargain also had quick turnaround on questions and advice.
Installers were professional and the office was responsive and efficient.
Very happy with the overall experience - thanks SolarQuotes for getting the ball rolling for us !
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