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About Solargain, Solar Installers

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Solargain is one Australia's largest solar companies and have been a mainstay in the solar power industry since it began. The company started as a one many plumbing business in 1995, servicing and installing hot water and solar hot water. In 2005, the company Solargain was officially formed. In 2008, Solargain dived into solar power, long before it became mainstream. Priding themselves on quality solar, they are proud of the following achievements:

1. One of Australia's only fully Quality ISO 9001 certified solar organisations.

2. Installed over 55,000 systems nationally, which ranks third nationally in total installed capacity.

3. Have consistently been in the top 5 installers (by volume) nationally for the last five years according to Sunwiz.

4. Solargain is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and only employs CEC Accredited Installers & Designers.

5. Was one of the very first CEC certified organisations, installing systems before solar took off under the original $8000 rebate.

6. Chosen for many commercial projects, including the 1 MW project for the City of Cockburn ARC in Western Australia.

Solargain offers and services almost anything solar related. With major offices in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, they have one of the widest service networks of any solar company.

Solargain Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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You were extremely helpful in all ways it was price and local person solar gain, and that was as much as I was prepared to pay in our situation. I am sure you would have given me better advise which would have saved me a lot of stress re changing electricity company, well after solar was put in. Any way thank you for your help and wish you all the best and would recommend you anytime cheers Jude. Show additional information
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I can't comment on the installation yet as it hasn't happened. Show additional information
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I like dealing with Michael from Solargain. He knew his industry and product and appeared reliable always getting back to me promptly with any queries. Show additional information
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Listened to what I wanted, communicated well throughout, reliable, system (16 QCells with enphase microinverters) worked perfectly from day 1. Show additional information
Solargain were very helpful with followup questions and were able to deliver to original spec as requested.
Kept me well informed
Installers arrived on time and kept me informed with any issues
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Very happy with their service and workmanship. Tom in the Melbourne office was great to deal with and very prompt to answer my many questions during the whole process. The installation team was first class and did a great job with my cathedral ceiling install. They also cleaned the sit and even took some of my old boxes away with them. Very highly recommend Solargain... Show additional information
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I found solarquotes website very useful.
Solarquotes site practicality answered most of my questions.
I also found &
I spend 3-4 weeks researching solar panels & got into the finer details.
The hole process has educated me, so thank you.
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After a rocky start with another Company that could not deliver the system even after I paid a deposit, I went with Solargain because their quote was very good and the salesman who dealt with me was good and kept me informed. After one cancelled install date (the office did not know that I had my smart meter already fitted) the second install date went ahead as planned. On the day, the installers (Impressive Electrical in Sydney) told me that they did not have all the panels required for my system but they started anyway. The day was not good with showers on and off and they did what they could and said that they would come back in the New Year to finish it off. The next morning they arrived with all the panels and finished off the job. I was very happy that Dwayne Ellis (the owner of Impressive Electrical) re-scheduled his other jobs to complete ours.

I have to say that the team from Impressive Electrical were very professional and thorough and I'm happy to have chosen Solargain for our PV system, especially after I had such a rocky start with another company. The system (Qcell panels with Enphase microinverters) is up and running and it's a bit of a novelty to check the App to see what's being generated and what's being consumed etc.

I must say the whole PV experience has been a difficult one with many quotes and varying quality panels and inverters together with companies that can't follow through with their claims (not Solargain). It is very difficult to find a quality company to supply and then install your system but with my particular system Solargain were good to deal with and more importantly the installers (Impressive Electrical in Sydney) did a great job.
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The system was just installed today so I can not comment on quality/performance yet. However, I had excellent service so far from the sales person and installers. Show additional information
Yet to install however SolarGain have been great to deal with so far. Show additional information
I rated the customer service as 3 - perhaps a little harsh - because of the following factors :
- I have yet to receive a revised estimate from Solargain of the power which will be generated - given that the layout eventually installed was different from the initially proposed one. I was told at the time of installation that Solargain ACT would prepare a revised estimate - but it hasnt yet arrived.
- I was also told that they advise ACTEWAGL of the installation, and that ACTEWAGL is always 'prompt/quick' in replacing the meter and allowing connection to feed into the grid. The panels were installed on 1 November - and I had received verbal advice (from Solargain) that the meter change would occur on 27 Nov.
However, when I independently checked by contacting ACTEWAGL I determined that ACTEWAGL had not even assigned a date for meter swap - it was only my followup which prompted ACTEWAGL to set an actual date.
- Whether by accident or design the date ACTEWAGL agreed upon for swapping the meter (which they have since confirmed in writing) was the 27 November. One wonders where the 'slipup' occurred - at Solargain end or ACTEWAGL (I suspect the latter).
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The solar panels have now been installed 18 days and the system is still not working. The inverter is on NIGHT MODE ON.

We have called SolarGain every day, several times a day about the unit not working at all, obviously they don't care as they now have our money and we havent received anything for the money we paid except a dead solar unit.

I think it is time we contact ACCC
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Bought from Solargain Brisbane. Their sales rep Marcus was the most proactive of the numerous reps I sought quotes from and talked through different options very well. Overall, they offered the best mix of price and quality. Installation occurred within a week of confirming the purchase. System seems to be performing very well, producing up to 37 kWh on a cloudless day, on track to eliminate electric bill at the current usage/ feed in rate. Show additional information
The system I purchased appears to be very good and SolarGain supplied it at a very competitive price. The main problem I have is that I'm waiting to be able to switch it on! This can't happen until the installer submits an application to the ACT planning authority and they approve it. Solargain informed us (only after several phone calls!) that the planning authorities allow the installers two weeks to do this. Apparently the installers intend to use that entire time and Solargain does nothing to encourage them to speed up the process. Why is this? Well because Solargain insists that the customer pays in full when the installation is done. So what do they care? Not at all, apparently.
All through the process (well after signing up with Solargain at least) the communication from them has been virtually non-existent. The communication from the installer WAS actually non-existent. At the end of the first day of the installation (it took 3 days), I opened the door to ask when they'd be finished only to discover that they had ALL left the site without so much as a 'goodbye'! Unbelievable.
When complaining about the delay and poor communication to the Solargain 'customer service' rep and listening to her spout a lot of company policy at me and how they have ISO9000 accreditation (blah blah whatever), I asked why I should not be informed in advance and, preferably, at every stage of the installation/approval process what the next step would be and when it would happen. She told me that "we have a lot of customers and we couldn't possibly do that for every individual one". So I suppose that tells you how much you are valued as a customer if they couldn't be bothered implementing a simple system to achieve that. Surely that would not be difficult. In the meantime, Solargain is no doubt earning interest on the many thousands of dollars I and other customers have given them.
This is supposed to be an established and reputable company and I'm reasonably sure that when my system eventually starts working it will perform well. However, despite the things that Solargain does well it could so very easily do much better in the areas of communication, customer service and effective management of their contractors. Not good enough!!
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The Panels & Inverter were installed in a little more than half a day on 24/10/18 but the Switchboard upgrade has not been done yet. Show additional information
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Communication is good pre-sales but after sales, especially after install and payment is not as prompt and/or rather poor.

System is installed but poor follow up to find out and check whether it's working as per design/spec. No clear plan or agenda what's going to happen during and after install to make sure the system is installed proper and deliver output as promised. Output is lower than expected.

Currently waiting for the whole thing to be fixed up.
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I had a really great experience with SolarGain. A great quality system at a very competitive price. The customer service I received was also very good. A very professional outfit. Show additional information
Thanks for your help, Solargain quoted $2500 cheaper than all other installers you recommended. SE 5kw with 20x330w LG panels.
No brainer really for top of the range.
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They were efficient and reliable and honoured all appointment times. Show additional information
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Solargain offered good system with best price including Fronius smart meter which held to manage my consumption smartly.
Only issue I faced was installer did not show up on the day and did not bother to inform. But they admitted their mistake and installed very next day.
Now waiting for inspection and smart meter configuration.
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The Solargain sales consultant was very knowledgeable, very patient and informative as I was coming from a nil base. He put many hours into the sale, including visiting my house and arranging for an inspection of a working heat pump hot water system in another suburb; very quiet. I had been worried about the noise but it was less than many airconditioners. A key issue is the quantum of information that has to be known so that one can invest with confidence. It's not like buying a car; it's more like assembling a system from its component parts after you learn enough to do so. For example, I only stumbled on the heat pump solar hot water system in the last two weeks of my research - and how lucky I did. The absence of any independent consultant advisors means you either accept what is said, or you do the research to satisfy yourself. If the former you need to check out the company properly, as there are sufficient stories of shysters to make one wary.
The Solargain installers of both the heat pump and solar panels and inverter were excellent, industrious and knowledgeable. Up on the roof it looks great, and the electrical connections were better than was used on my previous 1.5kW system.
The back office staff are clearly overworked and unresponsive. In the end the sales person came to my rescue about setting up the Fronius solarweb system, but this was some 5 weeks thereafter.
I would certainly use the Solargain Deception Bay people again, as I now understand the process a lot better, but their office end needs help to provide better service.
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Thank you SolarQuotes, the information you supplied helped me choose a solar system that suited my needs. Show additional information
Solargain could supply and install the items I asked for (high end items) rather than a package they already had. The price was the best, beating competitors by up to $7200 for identical items. Waiting for install but the sales person (who arranged exactly what I wanted rather than what was easiest for them), electrical engineer who answered questions, installers who visited the property for inspection have all been helpful and professional so far. Show additional information
Great company and great communication throughout. Installation process was smooth. Show additional information
I would like to share my comprehensive feedback about my interaction with Solargain. Starting from requesting a quote up to the installation and commissioning of the system.
Hope Solargain will improve their level of services to their customers with this comprehensive feedback I will post on this form. Starting from the beginning of sales quote up to the handover or commissioning of the system.

1. Sales/Product quotation - Sales representative was very prompt to respond to all my queries and clarifications I had in regards to my quotation. This is necessary as Solargain is trying to win a customer against its competitors. After I signed the quote and placed my order, no more further response I got from the sales rep in regards to my questions further.

Area of Improvement: Solargain's sales rep should maintain communications to customers even after the quote has been signed, as the customer can still change his/her decision if further clarifications were not addressed.

2. Email clarifications from Solargain - an employee from Solargain emailed me some information about the installation, together with a bunch of handover documents. But sadly, the employee has not responded to any questions or clarifications I had in regards to the documentation sent to me. Even after I sent a follow-up email, no response at all. Because of this, I found it very difficult to get any response on my emails from Solargain in regards to my subsequent clarifications.

Area of Improvement: Train staff to respond to any customers' follow-ups, queries or clarifications. Even if the question is not his/her area of responsibility, escalation to another staff who can help can make a difference.

3. Installation - Day of installation, one man leading a team of installers. He introduced himself and advised that they are going to do the installation. I thought he is the point-of-contact during the installation, but apparently he's not. He is just leading the installation. At the end of the day, I was told everything is all good and commissioning of the system will happen next day. Next day came, another group of installers continued working in my property. I thought installation was completely done as advised the day before, but apparently installation continued still. Everyone left that day without giving any updates to the customer what will happen next. No commissioning or hand over happened. I don't have any names to call and ask for an update. There was no assigned Installation Manager during installation that will serve as my point-of-contact. The next business day, someone came to our property, UNANNOUNCED and without prior notification to me as the owner of the property, a sparky disconnected my power from my house. No one at my property that moment. No one rang me nor advised me that someone will come to continue their work. They did not even bother or care to check if a medical equipment is running inside my property, and just disconnected the power from my place. Went home immediately to check as I saw these installers in my security camera, just to make sure that these are indeed, Solargain installers and not some burglars who trying to break inside my property. After I've spoken to the electrician and confirmed that he was working on the installation, he left without giving any updates again, on what will happen next. 2 weeks past and neither I do not have any updates nor any news what is happening to my system. Then one day Solargain rang me and asked me why I haven't paid my system. That moment was frustrating as Solargain and their installers are not talking, nor giving updates about their customers installation progress. Solargain does not care if the installation went well or if there are any issues at all. All they care is to pay for the product (system) as the installation was way past the installation date.

Area of Improvement - a) Assign an Installation Manager who will be the main point-of-contact for all installation matters so customers can freely ask for updates or progress of the installation. b) Always keep your customers updated of what the next step is, if installation were broken down into different stages. c) Always seek permission to the customer if a work will be carried out and if power interruption is necessary. d) Solargain should communicate with their installers if installation was completed successfully and fully operational without any issues before asking for payment.

Commissioning � this is the only part of the installation that I had experienced a better service. Assisted me in configuration of my system to my home network. Explained to me the use of app to monitor the power generated from my inverter. Came back immediately onsite, when asked for assistance.
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Had a couple of local shade issues, but couldn't find anyone who offered analysis with a Suneye 210 or equivalent, and was forced to go with a "best guess"kind of analysis aided by the kind gift from a friend of the Excel chart "Canberra sun angles". It contains the direction and elevation of the sun for every hour of a Canberra calendar year, which helped a bit to give a little backup to the inevitable salesman's optimistic "she'll be right". Otherwise all OK, and thank you for the quotes and all the educational pages - they really helped a great deal.
BTW Sorry for the repetitive "all 4" ratings above, but I stand by them...
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The installation went smoothly well planned and completed as discussed.We are working through the issues of Electrical supply companies who deal best with solar systems and ensuring the solar is delivering the best output for our community facility Show additional information
As the system was installed we had everything explained to us and it is so great to be more self sufficient and great one on one personal service follow up. Show additional information
Your website completely influenced the system we chose based on all the valuable information provided but we were not completely satisfied with your choice of referred companies. Show additional information
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