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About Solargain, Solar Installers

Solargain is one Australia’s largest solar companies and have been a mainstay in the solar power industry since it began. The company started as a one many plumbing business in 1995, servicing and installing hot water and solar hot water. In 2005, the company Solargain was officially formed. In 2008, Solargain dived into solar power, long before it became mainstream. Priding themselves on quality solar, they are proud of the following achievements:

1. One of Australia’s only fully Quality ISO 9001 certified solar organisations.

2. Installed over 40,000 systems nationally, which ranks third nationally in total installed capacity.

3. Have consistently been in the top 5 installers (by volume) nationally for the last five years according to Sunwiz.

4. Was one of the very first CEC certified organisations, installing systems before solar took off under the original $8000 rebate.

5. Chosen for many commercial projects, including the 1 MW project for the City of Cockburn ARC in Western Australia.

Solargain offers and services almost anything solar related. With major offices in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, they have one of the widest service networks of any solar company.

Solargain Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The process of the purchase was fine. The rep was good. Once the panels were installed (in the middle of winter) all was good until it started raining a few days later. Our roof leaked. We called them and they sent out a team to 'fix' the problem. It wasn't fixed, they just squeezed a bit of silicone in a spot and blamed the old roof. Then the claims about the condition and age of our roof started. We had no leakage problems before our installation. We gave Solargain the opportunity to fix this problem, and they failed miserably. We resorted to making an insurance claim and getting roofing experts to work out that they (Solargain) hadn't installed the brackets correctly on our tiled roof, causing water to enter during a storm that occurred just days after installation. It has taken over 5 months to get our roof (and other damage) repaired as a result of Solargain's incompetence. If I can give any advice, get your panels installed when there is rain, so you can see if they cause leaks straight away, otherwise they will dodge and weave and point the finger at anything else they can. Show additional information
Still waiting on provider contacting me to connect system. Apart from that, so far very happy. Thanks. Show additional information
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One panel was damaged in transit and could not be installed at the time. Unfortunately it took two months for a replacement panel to be installed. Otherwise the installation was fantastic and I am very happy with the system. Show additional information
I believe I got everything I paid for within a reasonable time, with no major problems on the way. Solargain was good to deal with, but there were some minor problems in the three-way relationship with the sub-contracted installer. There were some reasonable unplanned delays before the installation was complete. A government regulatory inspection showed some minor regulatory non-compliance by the subcontracted installer, not affecting safe operation. The monitoring system was never properly explained but eventually I got a grip on it with some good help from Solargain. Show additional information
Very happy with installation, inspections took weeks.
Solargain ACT has closed and we dealt with Joe in Melbourne who was very helpful and headoffice in W.A. (this was not a problem for us)
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Issues with voltage rise.. Causing my very expensive system to drop out frequently when sunny.. Kind of defeats the purpose of a solar system.
Ausnet have informed me that the network is within spec.. So basically nothing they can do.
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The ease that this website made the experience by giving some quality installers the will work with the customer to give a good result is a great service.
Thanks Finn
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Being a retired Electrical Engineer and owner-builder with electrician licence I was in a good position to judge solar system quality as well as installation quality. I must say I was impressed in both respects with Solargain sales and instalers. The 4kW system made of QCells Q.Power 270Wx15 solar panels and Fronius Primo 3.5-1 Inverter are regarded as high quality reliable components and of course Clean Energy Council approved. The installation was done professionally. Solar panels are mounted on strong framework paying attention to elimination of corrosion where dissimilar materials are involved. Cabling was run in conduit in particular to protect them from sun damage. Any technical questions I had were answered professionally. One area of concern was hot water system (HWS) which was on off peak tariff 33 (quite expensive). Recommendation was to eliminate tariff 33 and run HWS off solar system with a timer heating around 10am-2pm (adjustable as well as having manual override in the event of heavy hot water demand). To ensure enough solar power is available for other daytime-use items, it was recommended to reduce its element from 3.6kW to 1.8 kW, which I did. I also had to trim nearby trees to avoid shadows on the panels at least between 9am-3pm as recommended. The system operation was fully tested and is currently awating Ergon to change to Smart Meter. Show additional information
The system was installed tuesday this week..... So far the company ie sales, admin & installers, have been prompt, thorough and helpful.....
Hopefully the after sales care will be the same as pre-sale.... Your site was extremely helpful is explaining the intricacies of solar power to a lay people.....
It would appear their are a few 'sharks' in the market place that need to be avoided and being armed with some knowledge certainly helped to avoid them....
Thanks again for your help....
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I felt the communication I had with the company and installer was quite poor. I was left in the dark most of the time. I was given a timeline by email but most of what was said would happen, didn't.

I am happy with the installation and the product so that part of the process was good. Communication could have been much better though.
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Went with the supplier as they are local to my town (some you sent me were based in perth) and had good feedback from colleagues who had used them. Show additional information
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My ratings need explanation. My experience with Solargain started off very well. I got a good quote for a good system. The ostensible value for money made the choice to go with Solargain seem like a 'no-brainer'. They were even good at the outset when I had to postpone my installation date due to some issues with my roof that I needed to address. When it came to rescheduling my installation that is when it all went downhill.
Firstly, let us understand that Solargain is based in Perth and my installation is in Canberra. The first contracted installer did not turn up on the day. So I lose a day's work waiting for the installer. I received no word from either the installer or Solargain as to why the no-show. I phone Solargain and just got a run around. Someone would follow up and get back to me. They didn't. After I continued to follow-up to find out what happened I got some story about the installer was sick on the day.
So Solargain organised another installation date with a different installer. That day was rained out. The installer at least called on the day to say he would not be going ahead. But another day's lost work for me. Then I had to follow up to find out when the installer would come again.
The installation seemed to go ok. And, doing the right thing I tried to pay 'on the day' but the Solagain payment system didn't work. I had to follow up myself to get onto someone to pay!
Then I waited and waited for the system to be turned on. I know patience is required and I waited 3 weeks. I had no word form Solargain about progress with the meter reprogramming or the inspection (required in the ACT). I had to call Solargain to get them to chase up with ActewAGL about the metre. Still no word about the inspection. Eventually I arranged that myself.
Meanwhile a work colleague who had their system installed by a local Canberra company had her system up and running in two weeks with two monitoring systems installed.
After 4 weeks (and not thanks to Solargain) we got the inspector out who turned on the system.
But not monitoring. Solargain only provide a link to the Fronius 'dubbed' Youtube video for instructions how to set up.
So I try to set up the monitoring and it does not work. Everytime I get to the connection to Solarweb it says change the IP to A and I do that and then it says change to B and I do that and then it says change to A and ... well you get the picture. So I have a running system but no monitoring.
But, this is not all. A week of so after the installation I got on the roof to have a look at the panels - I couldn't do it earlier since I didn't have a ladder at the time - and I find one of the panels with a large scuff mark through it. There are not trees anywhere near the roof and it did not appear to be rough like a scratch anyway. I don't know what it is but I want it checked out. I buy a new system I expect panels in new condition. There has been rain and the mark is still there, so it is not something to be washed off.
I have tried to get Solargain to come and check the panel and replace it. I have sent them photographs. But I get no action. I was told someone from NSW was coming to Canberra and would look at it, but nothing happened.
I really wanted to be able to recommend Solargain and perhaps if you live in Perth you might have some chance of getting service. If you live in the ACT I would definitely not recommend them. The system seemed good and the price very good. But the lack of communication, service and responsibility once the panels are received and they have got their payment mean it amounts to poor value for money.
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Even though I didn't use who you suggested I used your website to form an opinion of Solargain. Still awaiting installation. So far looking forward to installation. Show additional information
Apart from a few minor hiccups, we are extremely happy with Solargain. Although all the sales stuff was done over the phone and e-mail the sales rep was super knowledgeable, very friendly and was the only person that suggested to think about putting panels on the East, North and Western sides. Love the app that comes with the Fronius Inverter and the fact that they have a further 5 year extended warranty at the moment. It was installed in Winter so not really certain what it's capable of yet, but on average we are producing 7-10kw more per day than what they said we might. That all goes out the window of course if we have a weeks worth of rain. Show additional information
This industry is awash with vendors and contractors who are eager to get your business but are aware that it will be a one off purchase and that they are unlikely to get repeat business from you. The important aspect for them is to get the sale, less important to them to make it the best decision for you.

The Finn Peacock site was invaluable for me in helping me derive a short list of reputable vendors and equipment choices. As a result, I found what was for me the perfect choice of vendor who was prepared to spend the time with me and provide me with good advice from which we have made our system design choices. His advice was not always as you would have expected. He could have tried to talk us into a larger system with a big battery, etc, but instead he gave us the info we needed to hear which resulted in us down-sizing slightly to improve the appearance of our house but without significantly compromising the effectiveness of the resulting system. We have also decided to hold-off from buying a battery until the economics of that decision make more sense.
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The team at Solargain were very helpful and informative. Thankyou Show additional information
I accepted SolarGains quote literally hours before the STC price crashed, yet they still honored it, despite taking a loss. Components were quality (Fronius & Jinko), initial problem with the inverter that they did not quibble about replacing. System has been excellent since, over performing what was estimated in the quote. Show additional information
I had problems with the number of panels in a string ( supposed to be a minimum of 8 but the installer had 3 rows of 5 it didn't work very well ) and the layout did not reflect the correct positions of the panels also it took 2 days to install my system and heaps of phone calls and repeat visits by the installer to make me a happy customer.
I am now a happy customer, I am pleased with my choice of the more expensive equipment and I think Solargain did quite a good job considering their offices are in Western Australia. I would of and have been recommending SolarQuotes to everbody and anybody interested in puting in solar and my experiences, Thank you keep up the good work.
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Solar Gain were very professional with excellent communication and provided every thing we wanted for a good price. Show additional information
I was not looking for more than an average system. Show additional information
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Have not heard after nearly 8 weeks when installation will commence,and no explanation about the delay. Show additional information
I found solarquotes in my search for solar companies to install a Solar PV system for my home. I read the extensive information on the site before requesting quotes and found it most helpful. They gave me 3 installers in my area (Melbourne) and 2 contacted me within 24 hours. The third didn’t contact me for a week but by then I had already made my decision to go with SolarGain.
SolarGain didn’t visit my site. They evaluated it from Google earth photos of the roof of my house and photos I sent to them of my switchboard. The other company did visit my home and they even recommended similar equipment but I felt their sales person didn’t have the technical knowledge and their quote was more expensive like for like.
SolarGain initially recommended a Fronius inverter but due to some shading issues on my roof, and after extensive discussions with the sales rep from SolarGain, I decided to go with Enphase microinverters and a larger system as it still offered a similar payback period. The Enphase microinverter system was about 10% more expensive than the Fronius so I decided to go with that but it included consumption metering (which I specified and is extra cost) and panel level monitoring (which you must ask for as it an extra cost option). I am very pleased that I got both options as it gives me more insight into controlling my energy usage. And I can see clearly that the shading issues would have affected my system from maximising the output from the panels.
SolarGain was booked in to do the job in 5 weeks from the date I ordered and they estimated 2 days for the installation. They confirmed that date a week before and arrived on time to start. Fortunately, it didn’t rain on those 2 days and the installation went smoothly. The installation team was very professional and very neat and tidy. They cleaned up all packaging and rubbish left over from the install. The lead installer said the inspection would happen next week and I couldn’t turn on the system before the inspection. The inspector arrived 1 week later exactly as promised and passed the system and turned it on. I already had an existing solar PV array (1 kW) so the metering equipment did not need to be upgraded so I was good to go. I still had not received my Enphase Enlighten account details so I contacted SolarGain and the details were passed on to me a few days later. I then discovered that I didn’t have panel level monitoring and I told SolarGain that it had been specified in the quote and they subsequently turned it on the next day.
I was very pleased with SolarGain overall and I would highly recommend them to install Solar PV systems.
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The installation only happened yesterday, and now we're waiting for it to be inspected and turned on. That's why I didn't comment on the system's value for money or its quality. But it looks good on the roof, and we're expecting big things.

We chose Solargain because they gave the best deal for a system with Optimisers. We were concerned about shading, and Micro-inverters were too expensive.

Although the installation team arrived a little later than we were told they would, they made up for that once they got here. Very efficient and courteous. And a bonus, no cracked tiles.
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I found the three quotes to be very expensive. The company I went with provided more kw of solar panels of comparable quality (ie tier 1) and extras such as fronius smart meter at prices over 1500 cheaper. Show additional information
Both before and after service was great.

Installation team was very good.
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It appears the Solar side of the equation is quite good, post installation getting visibility of what your energy consumption is quite challenging. Show additional information
I used SolarGain 8 years ago and was pleased then with their service and the system Show additional information
After having the unit installed I had some questions about the installation that I was not happy with.

The installer came back out and fixed everything plus more well done solargain
Impressive and would recommend them to all family and friends.
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Everything happened as promised, installers on time, moved cracked tiles lower down for easy replacement and sealed them. They were clean and tidy and gave a good handover of completed install. Joe from Solargain answered all questions and more to assist me in choosing the right system. Show additional information
A very good experience from beginning to end. Result great.
Others are no comparison.
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Planning and installation went well, and the system has been working well for a while now. Solargain was the cheapest of the companies that quoted - quote price from lowest to highest varied by about 25% for the same 280W panels & micro-inverters. It wasn't all about price though - quality mattered to me also and I expect all the quoters would have done a good job.

I love the online enphase electricity production & usage website - updated for my system every 15 minutes almost in real time. I've found this actually helps planning energy use.

Solargain communication during design & installation was good. Not quite so happy that before installation when I asked about possible future system expansion, I was just told no problem - just call us when you're ready - whereas after installation, indicative quotes for expansion were much higher than for the initial installation and I was told they always advise customers to be sure to size the system to suit future needs because the cost of expansion is higher. I definitely wasn't so advised. Anyway my system is big enough for now and I'll consider expansion after I've looked at power generation & use for a year and when battery storage becomes more cost effective. With micro-inverters there shouldn't be major issues with expansion or battery addition.

Once the system was inspected, Origin quoted United Energy as saying up to 40 working days to reconfigure the meter. After a few weeks having heard nothing, I followed up Origin - the reply was wait for 40 work days. Still no communication after > 45 work days re the meter so I followed up again. It was eventually found (another 10 days later) that United had re-configured the meter on the day they received the paperwork after the inspection. So for no good reason, no feed-in tariff for about 10 weeks due to bad communication between energy retailer &/or distributor. (So far no backdating of feed-in tariff and no response to my email from Origin.) When I initially asked Origin how I would know if the meter reconfiguration is done, they said I would be told in a letter. That still hasn't happened. Instead, I can see from looking at my account on the Origin website that I've been getting the feed-in tariff for about 2 weeks. Solargain tells me that the other distributor in my area, SP Ausnet, takes about 120 days to reconfigure a meter - don't know if that's work days or calendar days. I hear similar stories from others - cynically one could believe they're happy to take the power we generate for free for as long as possible. So consider chasing up energy retailer and distributor if things are taking longer than expected! A couple of the solar panel quoters said similar - seems too common.

And Finn et al - your website is a treasure.
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Price was $6000. Your prince ranges of 3000-6000 or 6000-10000 is too wide. You can narrow them down to increments of 500 because this is where most prices will sit.
System- 6.48KW system: 24 Jinko 270W panels and Fronius 3-phase inverter. I managed to lock in an extra 5yrs warranty from Fronius to make 10yrs inverter warranty.
Solargain installation was good and well planned. I could have had the cables roughed in during the build but because I delayed in making a decision, I missed the opportunity. Nevertheless, the cabling was still pretty neatly done externally. Being new to solar, I could not fully comprehend the role of smart meter monitoring for consumption. When I realised that it was somewhat pointless to monitor production and not be able to monitor consumption (in these days of "self-consumption is better"), I had to get a smart meter. It was unfortunate, though understandable, that Solargain would not oblige me the same original quote cost for smart meter installation. The difference in latter installation was rather prohibitive. There should be accommodation to "test-run" the economic viability of such a valuable accessory without been lumbered with a significantly higher cost of a latter decision. I got the smart meter installed independently at the same cost they originally quoted. Now I am able to optimise my self-consumption and can project what battery size would be required if ever the batteries become economically viable. Credit to Solargain though, I paid the same price quoted in 2016 inspite of the drop in STCs that commenced this January 2017. Though the system performance is so far so good, it is pitiable that one gets a pittance FIT. It beats me how the SAME product (1KW of electricity) can have 2 WIDELY DIFFERENT economic values (25c for supplier; 6cent for me). With the number of solar owners, am amazed that we cannot mount a strong force to push regulators/Governments into making solar electricity competitive. Like for like pricing would have made solar much more economical.
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My experience with SolarGain from initial engagement through to installation was great, my concern is that two weeks after installation I still have had no indication as to when the system will be inspected and signed of as ready to be used and subsequently turned on. Having said that this issue may be totally out of their control and I am subject to the scheduling of ACTEWAGL and ACTPLA? Show additional information
Selected supplier as other other competitive quote was going to charge travel to fix any warranty issues after install. Would have had to pay for 300km travel at $ 1.50/km. Very hard to get quotes in country area south west WA. I have a tile roof & install left cracked tile. Installers returned no questions & happily fixed problem. Left with file containing all paperwork and information needed to operate system & interpret digital power meter and instructions to register inverter with Fronius. Have done so and can easily monitor system performance. Show additional information
Only received 2 quotes and option 2 & 3 were the same supplier, but ended up using the same as our neighbour. Overall your website is excellent and very helpful. Show additional information
I originally intended to install a system comprising 24 x 270w panels with the design drawn up by Pure Electric and provided to SolarGain. However, when it came to the installation (by a local electrician) it was discovered that only 23 panels would fit. Whilst I only paid for 23 panels it was disappointing not to be able to install the maximum that could be run through a 5kw inverter. That said, the system works well and am happy with it's performance in the first 6 weeks. Show additional information
Salesman (James) was excellent. Very knowledgeable and new what he was talking about. The install was great, they were on time and neat. The after install tech support is prompt.

Have recommended to others, and also this is my second install with Solargain.
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Outstanding service and install from Solargain and the team at SymmetryElectrical, can't recommend strongly enough. Show additional information
Customer service went out of their way to make installation booking according to my availability. They approached another client who was a bit flexible to swap their installation date with me. This really helped me.

There is no support for setting up Fronius App for live data report after the installation is done. I have been advised to work it out myself by following the you tube videos provided by Fronius but that's still not working for me.
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System install was quick, included a heat pump, workers tidy, enjoy the app that comes with the solar system - vey happy over all. Show additional information
Firstly Murray from Solargain contacted me within a day and then quoted me on a top system that was a better design than other quotes that I received. Also the price was no more expensive.

The installation was completed by Phil and Tom without any issues and Phil was able to answer a few more questions that I had. The installation was first class and they cleaned up after the job was completed.

The system has been in place for over two weeks now and is working welI.
After sales service has also been very good
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The only concern we have is the lack of communication between the sales office and the installers. The quote we had agreed on stated that the roof was terracotta tile and there was an image of the roof showing where the panels were to be placed. The installers on arrival were surprised that the roof was tile and then installed the panels where they thought best. They were not aware or advised where they should go. Fortunately all worked out in the end.

We had a smart meter installed so that we can monitor solar production, our consumption and what is going to the grid. This all working well despite the Fronius App not being the most user friendly.

Energex have only today, approx. 3 weeks after, installed the new meter so we are fully operational.

So at this early stage we are more than happy and look forward to cheaper electricity bills.
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