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About Solargain, Solar Installers

Solagain is a rapid growth company in the field of solar power and solar hot water and it has offices in every State of Australia. The company says that it is Australia’s largest integrated solar panels, solar power systems, energy and solar hot water specialist company. Solagain is a member of the Clean Energy Council. Customer testimonials for Solagain are available, and include the following: “I’d just like to say how friendly, honest and competitively priced Solagain have been. From the telephone customer service, to the salesman, to the installers; I always felt that I was dealing with knowledgeable, reasonable people”. “The staff at Solargain knew their products. Every staff member from reception through to your electrical contractors were friendly, and answered my questions promptly and in detail”.

Solargain Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Very knowledgeable sales staff that helped me to specify the required system. Followed up with detailed written quote and system specification by email. Was able to later adjust the system from a string inverter to micro-inverters when I found some shading issues with no issues. The end system was a top-end quality system. SolarGains price was the best of the competitive quotes that I had. Have only had rough-in wiring on new house at this stage but this went smoothly and SolarGain liaised with my builder directly to do this work within the building schedule. Show additional information
I am still waiting my grid supplier to inspect and program meter to suit my needs. Show additional information
Salesman was prompt. He called in for inspection same day. Accepted quote and installation completed in 3 weeks . Neat instal by experienced friendly tradesmen who turned up on time. System working perfectly. I would highly recommend Solargain. A pleasure to deal with in. all respects
Ian Qld
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This installer was also doing a deal on a solar HWS which is the reason I went with them--there were 2 other installers who undercut the Solargain quote but could not do solar HWS which is what swayed me to Solargain Show additional information
The sales person was very informative and professional. The installers did an excellent job and the system has been working very well and performing just as the sales person predicted it would and although the weather hasn't been ideal for Solar Power, I've been happy with the results so far. Show additional information
Whilst certainly not the cheapest quote they were very competitive and knew their product much better. Their Salesperson was very knowledgeable and very helpful and not pushy.
They took care of everything, even installing the system earlier than booked due to a cancellation. Installers where brilliant and friendly.
Could not have gone better. Get in before the RET disappears.
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Of the three installers that SolarQuotes recommended, only Solar E and Green Wiring responded within a reasonable time. Infinite Energy took too long to respond and was eliminated from the list. SolarGain was added to the list to make the trifecta.

Solar E, Green Wiring and SolarGain, to their credit, arrived on time and presented their case well. Solar E and SolarGain were shortlisted as they offered similar products and prices. In the end SolarGain was selected as I had a 1.5kW system previously installed by them in the old house in 2011 and they included a previous customer discount in the quote. A week prior to installation SolarGain offered an upgrade from ReneSola panels to Q Cells panels for $15 extra per panel which I accepted. So my PV system now consists of a Fronius Galvo 2.0-1 inverter and 8 x Hanwha Q Cells Pro-G4 260 Watt panels.
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In my opinion there are mainly 2 types of solar companies.
1. The large companies that deal with large volumes. These companies are able to give you a good price and possibly sacrifice some quality.
2. Smaller companies with electrical background. These companies are usually a bit more expensive but focus on more quality and customer service.

I found that SolarGain is a good balance between both types of companies. They have been in the industry for a long time and their customer service has been good. This was not the cheapest quote I received but, I was looking for the best value for my money. I mainly dealt with one person throughout the entire process. He answered all my questions, provided multiple options, even did a site survey to make sure no surprises. The installation was completed just one week after I confirmed the order. I was not expected to pay anything till the installation was complete.

Considering my experience with SolarGain, they have met my expectations and a bit more.
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I would like to say Solargain was seamless as they provided the answers to what I needed to ask without me having to explain what I was asking (from your list )
They viewed what my requirement were and got on roof to measure
They checked metre box and fuse box
They gave me a choice of systems and inverter and advised me in my language
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Solar installers were extremely helpful and informative. They were able to answer my many questions, reassure me about potential problems and could not have been more helpful. Show additional information
I did get quotes from the three suppliers you recommended plus two others. I included SolarGain as I already had some knowledge of them and they were highly recommended on your website. They just offered the most desireable mixture of product and advice including future options for battery storage.
We have Q-Cells panels, Fronius inverter and Enphase Envoy-S
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Great company to deal with. They get onto any problems straight away. Show additional information
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Not every quote includes the cost of replacing the electricity meter even after I told them I had the old dial type of meter! Solargain is one of the few actually conducted a site visit and take time to answer questions instead of just getting a signature on the dotted line.
The installation team was on time, tidy and cleaned up the site afterward. There was issue with the communications with the Envoy-S meter. The issue was rectified within a week. As it turned out, current transducers were fitted incorrectly. The only disappointing part is that the changes to the circuit breaker allocation in the switchboard weren't explained.
User definitely needs to do some home works before calling anyone for a quotation!
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This company was very honest in all areas advising all rebates that applied to the installation etc. would highly recommend them to anyone. Show additional information
Great service, they did a very professional job Show additional information
The sales person spent about 30 minutes over the phone with me.He explained how the system works, answered all my questions and went through the installation process with me.
The following day I received an email with the installation package and a photo with the supposed installed panels. There where no pressure by following up about my decision to choose an installer. After I have chosen Solar gain, 7 days later the system wars installed. The installation technicians were absolutely spot on. The quality of workmanship first class and even the rain didn't hold them back. When finished the electrician went through with me, set up the system to full operation.
I highly recommend Solargain for their professional service.
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Very good sales person who called around and gave us all information we need to make an informed decision. Not yet installed as we have been away but service has been very prompt. Recommended Show additional information
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It was a bit of a shame that our roof could not accommodate as many panels on the north facing roof as we would have liked, but that is a space thing. The Solargain crew were extremely supportive during the installation, and worked hard to make the process as calm and easy as possible. Show additional information
After 6 weeks the system is still not connected to the grid due to ACTEW does not get their ACT together. They should think about a name change..... Show additional information
I have elected for äverage" for my ratings as it is too new to gauge if it was good or fantastic - ask me again in a year's time. However, I do feel that I might have got a better price for the system that I have installed - but if it lives up to saving me the money that I am supposed to do - then I would be satisfied. Show additional information
I was disappointed to learn the day before installation that 2 prices were used, one so called interest free price which was about $1000 more then an available cash price so we in effect paid the interest up front. I feel that this was a sneaky way of doing business. Show additional information
Solargain were the only group who came to see us (and our house) in person. The others just gave us quotes over the phone. The salesman was knowledgeable and helpful, and has remained contactable whenever we had questions about the system. We believe we were sold the best system for our location and requirements. Show additional information
paid $3,040 Show additional information
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Two of the quotes were very similar but I chose Solargain because they matched the lower quote and added tilt frames at no extra cost for the same panels and micros. Show additional information
Was initially very happy with my dealings with Solargain (obviously why I chose this company over others). Salesperson Nick was a pleasure to deal with. He took the time and effort to visit me at home and was as you would expect knowledgable re all things solar.
I purchased what I believed to be a good quality system (Qcell panels and enphase micro inverters) at what I believed to be a reasonable price.
The installation was postponed the once which I understand can happen, although only providing one days notice for the cancellation is less than desirable.
The guys who installed the system were good blokes and from what I can gather have done a reasonable job, although there was a minor issue with one of the panels not having been installed correctly.
The issues arose after the install with customer service or the lack there of. I found myself having to contact the office about what the necessary steps were to get the system online and then when the system would be on line. Then on multiple occasions have to follow up with what was happening with the panel repair and the meter upgrade. I would leave messages and not have them returned. I would speak to someone and they would not get back to me when they stated they would.
Whilst these issues were eventually resolved they unfortunately took much more time and effort than they should have.
Call me funny but when I pay a substantial amount of money for a product and or service I expect things to be followed through to the end. As things stand and given that the process was not a smooth one I still have not had anyone from Solargain contact me to follow up the installation and check that things are now satisfactory.
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Installation due to take place on 18/19 April. Solar installation includes evacuated tube solar hot water. Shall undertake comparisons with pre-existing electricity supply when installation completed Show additional information
Very professional with good follow up. Show additional information
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Very professional. Good customer service. Followed up with phone calls. Helpful. Show additional information
The whole experience from using Solar Quotes through to the completion of the installation, went without a hitch.
Information obtained from the Solar Quotes website was fantastic and certainly assisted us in understanding the process. After having decided on the system we then proceeded with getting quotes from the three suppliers, as advised by Solar Quotes.
Once we decided on the supplier, we then went through finalising the process with personnel from that company with installation taking place approximately 2 weeks later.
The installers were on time, installed the system and then, prior to leaving, took the time to explain the system to us. The supplier also handled the organising of the electrical inspection as well as undertaking to contact and forward to our electricity provider the required documentation.

Whilst the suppliers and installers were the ones directly involved with our purchase, we certainly were lucky to be guided through this whole process with the information from Solar Quotes. - Thank you Solar Quotes!
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When I had a look on the roof I couldn't believe my eye's the panels don't seem level and the brackets are on a angle and it looks like some of the bolts aren't screwed in properly and the conduit going across to the panels are cable tied on ,text screws missing out of my sheets where they couldn't be bothered putting back in and dents on my sheets. Show additional information
Green wiring quoted quickly but with out a lot of detail and showed little interest beyond that.
Advanced solar responded quickly,
Infinite energy only responded after numerous requests. But responded quickly once we finally got them to listen.
Some independent research recommended either Solargain or Infinite. They offered the same inverter.
Did a lot of research and reviewed data sheets and looked at performance rating by Photon and desert knowledge, and decided on Qcell panel, also had best warranties. Research included contact with parent company office in Germany. Without being specific I am not impressed when salespeople spend time running down other suppliers and my choice of supplier was very positive about some of his competitions products merely pointing to better performance data. The negative spin by other suppliers led to me doing a fair bit of research which in the end demonstrated to my satisfaction the issues raised were no longer a feature of the product.
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Although there are suppliers with cheaper systems, we decided with Solar Gain mainly due to salesman Will doing a great job selling his company and products that have been around since inception of domestic installations. Hopefully this will infer that they should be around if any warranty/repairs/support are required.
Installers were great on time quick and clean, all went to plan very easily.
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Thanks for the service. Very informative. Show additional information
Joe from Solargain was extremely helpful in answering all my questions about the type of solar system that I needed or how the orientation and number of panels would impact on the performance . No matter how small or trivial my question was it was answered promptly . I was given options at different price points and based my choice on what I saw as value for money with quality components . If you want to monitor the output of the system over Wi-Fi the Fronius Primo Inverter does a great job with access available in real time on phone , tablet or computer and will tell you if there is an issue.

The installers that came to install the system , Kevin & Dave were friendly to deal with and professional in their installation of the system and on time .Once I saw a spirit level in use I knew that all was going to be OK. All cables in conduit ,clipped and labelled. The inverter was installed in the best location not the easiest location .
They continuously cleaned up after themselves and left the place as they found it. I was shown through the inverter use and how to isolate it from the grid .

The panel part of the installation was aborted 3 times due to the constant rain that happened to fall on the scheduled day of installation, Good to see that safety was put before everything else. Anna at the office rescheduled the job promptly and the guys arrived each time almost within a minute of the scheduled time.

For the job that they did at my place , I don't have an issue with giving Solargain thumbs up.
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I gave Average for customer service, only because they forgot to upgrade my meter. Other than that they were great to deal with, and I will be using them in 2017 when I purchase my extra 1KW solar panels only, and the battery/s for when I go off the grid. I have total faith in them to hook up both systems into the battery system, even though one of the inverters is not plug and play.

I dealt with Nick in NSW and his knowledge is incredible. I even contacted Finn Peacock from this site, to make sure Nick was correct on his advice.

I would highly recommend Solargain.

Many thanks to
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As quoted in my direct call to your office they were not the cheapest.
The quote from Captain Solar was a three liner, and when they did ring all they wanted me to do was cancel the deal I had made. As with Solar Ray they wanted to do was micro inverters, but when asked did supply a quote for string system.
Thank you for your assistance
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