Meet The SolarQuotes Crew: Margherita Moffa, Customer Support

Margherita Moffa - SolarQuotes

If you email SolarQuotes with a question – it will usually land in Margherita’s inbox.

Margherita Moffa was working for her husband after having left a customer service career in banking, when her brother-in-law Robert (SQ Client Operations) asked if she could help out handling customer service inquiries for a fairly young SolarQuotes.

Nearly five years on, she’s gone from a few hours a day to full-time at SolarQuotes, and is loving it.

Margherita states when she started, SolarQuotes had only five or six people and:

“we would go down to the city and get together in a small meeting room. Now, we have a beautiful office in Adelaide when we have to get together.”

Having spent her teens and early twenties with her family in Italy where she studied accounting, Margherita then ended up at Bendigo Bank, and that’s how she learned she enjoyed customer service.

Still, switching to the renewables business with SolarQuotes was a big change.

“I had a lot of learning to do, but I love it! The client is always the first person you help – that was drilled into me at Bendigo Bank.”

At SolarQuotes,

“I had someone teaching me, but I was really proud of myself. That’s how it was for me, it was interesting and exciting, and I was helping people and helping the environment. And Finn’s passion excites you along the way.”

That passion helps keep Margherita stay on top of a role that has each day starting with “70 to 80 emails sitting there”, and a consistent flow of emails through the day.

“It’s very exciting, because it’s not the same thing all the time.”


“I answer everything from customers who are missing quotes to ‘What’s this panel like? What’s this inverter like? What do you think of my system?”

The most common, however, is customers asking SolarQuotes to review a quote they’ve been given. Margherita’s job in reviewing quotes is to provide the customer an unbiased opinion.

“Normally, I give the customer an average of the price range they should be looking at. Tell them whether the quote includes a rebate. If the cost is a little bit high, it might be a meter upgrade or something that needs to be done at their home.”

And customers appreciate the help –

“It’s always nice to get a thank you, or ‘that’s excellent’ – I really know I’ve helped someone out.”


“Reviewing a quote, I can tell the customer whether the panel is on our recommended list. Sometimes quotes come through that we don’t recommend, and our rule is that if we wouldn’t recommend it to our grandmothers, we don’t recommend it to you.”


“I’m comfortable with everything when it comes to reviewing the quotes – panels, inverters, shading issues.”

More tricky questions – for example, detailed questions about electrical systems – get passed up the chain to Finn.

“My knowledge base is getting better all the time – I hope to be sending fewer questions to Finn these days!”

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