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Where to get quality advice on buying your new solar power system

finn in a video

Well the long winter’s behind us and the new Spring awaits. Emerging blinking into the daylight, solar fans naturally turn their thoughts to increased solar radiation (you thought I was going to say love didn’t you?) as the sun begins its long, slow journey back towards its summer zenith.

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Should you buy the cheapest solar system on the market?

(This post was written in 2012 – but the principles still hold true!) Everyone loves a bargain. Especially me! But are those solar systems advertised at jaw droppingly low prices a great deal or a future headache? I feel quite strongly about this – so I decided to make a video. Here it is. And […]

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Year Zero approaches with Comrade Tony Number One in waiting?

Tony Abbott

After a week which saw Opposition Leader Tony Abbott perform more gaffes, backflips and nonsensical quotes than the average Barnum and Bailey circus, your columnist thought it high time to check out The Man’s policy on clean energy. This was a bit more difficult than first expected due to the fact that Big Tony, and […]

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Calls for more Australian investment as South Pacific turns to solar

Tokelau Sign

As news arrives of solar energy’s gains into our neighbouring South Pacific nations, many movers and shakers in the Australian solar sector are calling on our country to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Specifically many analysts are saying Australia should position itself as a regional power in solar energy, presumably churning out solar knowledge […]

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Where should your solar inverter go and should you worry about voltage drops?

Solar Inverter Position

I got a great email the other day: “One solar installer has told me that it is best for the inverter to be as close as possible to the panels and NOT to the meter box as your checklist indicates. Is he crazy?” Short answer. Yes – he’s crazy. Longer answer: As close as possible […]

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Solar energy Australia: the sky’s the limit

solar panels and sky

One of the key sub-themes that tends to elbow its way through these SolarQuotes weekly columns is the understating, or inability to recognise, of the potential of solar energy in Australia. Time after time we at SolarQuotes HQ are forced to report on cuts in support from slow-moving and slow-thinking state governments. The bad news […]

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Solar amongst cheapest energy sources by mid 2030s: report

protestors with a banner

The Australian solar energy sector received a huge morale boost this week with the release of the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics’ Australian Energy Technology Assessment (AETA) Report. Putting the report’s findings in a nutshell, which is always dangerous, it seems previous reports and energy assessments were, to put it bluntly, dead wrong and […]

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This Growatt Inverter Review is Good.. But What About The Reliability?

The growatt 5000MTL inverter and photon scores

A Growatt 5kW inverter got a great review in Photon Magazine recently, but there is still a question mark over the Growatt’s reliability.

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Time to batten down the hatches as China, EU solar trade war looms

chinese and EU fists

Is there going to be a solar trade war between China and Europe? Will it push solar panel prices sky high?

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Australia’s solar sector from a German perspective

How much solar contributed to german electricity production on July 23

Wunderbar! All those solar naysayers may want to have a look at the German experiment with Feed In Tariffs, where wholesale electricity prices have been hugely reduced by solar panel installations and on a good day 46% of german household electricity needs can be met by solar. (Oh and did I mention their economy is the envy of the world?)

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