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Solar energy: has the smart money seen the light?

cash and solar panels

The big news in solar energy this week was the acquisition of Power-One — manufacturers of the fable Aurora Inverters — by the Swiss energy giant the ABB Group for one billion dollars. For those among us who will never see $1,000,000,000, to give you an idea of its worth, its about half of what […]

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Aurora Inverters sold to Swiss giant for a cool $1Billion. SMA should be worried…

an aurora inverter surrounded by cash

I’m a big fan of Aurora inverters. These thoroughbred Italian inverters are manufactured by a company called Power-One and are the second best selling inverters on the planet. (The best selling are SMA in case you didn’t know) So news of Power-One being sold, lock, stock and barrel to Swiss engineering conglomerate ABB, made me […]

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Retro solar tax: it couldn’t happen here…could it?

a tax sign and 2 solar panels

  Know how you wake up in a cold sweat after a particularly bad nightmare readers? And I mean really bad dream (no not the one about NSW premier big, bad Barry “Bumper” O’Farrell and the three feed-in tariffs — that’s another story). Sitting bolt upright as your eyes slam awake you look around and […]

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From ‘Frack Off’ to ‘Hello Sun’?

anti fracking protestors

photo credit: flickr – kateausburn Unless you’ve been living a hermit’s existence with no access to news outlets, the Internet or NSW premier Barry “Bumper” O’Farrell’s rants you’ll have heard the constant chorus “Frack Off!” being directed at the (not-so-green) gas industry led by AGL. The choice insult refers of course to the gas industry’s latest controversial […]

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Newly crowned as net producer, PV looks to full payback of dirty energy debt

holy grail film poster

Always rewarding to bring readers good solar news and this week’s offering is just that. The achievement/milestone/breakthrough (call it what you will) is that the amount of the energy produced by global PV solar power has surpassed the amount of fossil fuel energy needed to make the panels. It seems fairly certain that a tipping […]

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Trina Solar Panel Review Shows Great Performance in Hot Aussie Conditions

The scoresheet

Thinking of putting Trina solar panels on your roof? Then finding a review that you can trust is critical. After all, unless you are an uber solar geek like me you probably have never heard of the Trina brand before (they are one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers on the planet by the way). Reliable, […]

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Pacific Energy Summit hears calls for better funding for renewable projects

pacific energy summit logo

It may have received scant attention in the Australian mainstream, whose attention may have been distracted by aborted leadership coups, football kickoffs et al, but a very important energy summit (including the latest in Pacific solar energy projects) took place in Auckland, New Zealand last week. Eighteen Pacific nations attended the summit which was hosted […]

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Grand Designs + Solar Panels = Epic Fail

vertical solar panels

Today’s top solar tip: Please don’t look to Kevin McCloud or Grand Designs for advice on solar power! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Kevin McCloud, he seems like a top bloke. And Grand Designs is one of the few things I actually watch occasionally on the gogglebox. But they really need to do […]

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Bosch Solar : RIP your panels were awesome

a grave

Yesterday was a really sad day for fans of top-of-the-range solar panels. German giant Bosch announced that it could no longer bear to haemorrhage any more cash from its solar division. So it is going to shut the whole shebang down ASAP.

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Will Fergie’s inglorious exit herald a new era for solar power?

Well the dust has settled on the federal Labor leadership challenge that wasn’t with Julia “The Ranga” Gillard announced the winner after Kevin “The Piker” Rudd refused to show up for battle. Actually it was less a leadership struggle than a complete shemozzle and the ructions within the Labor Party following the events will be […]

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