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UWS solar car takes up the challenge

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Here at SolarQuotes HQ we like to keep you updated on solar power technology. From the latest in PV development, to who’s big in solar farms, to breakthroughs in solar panels, we try to keep you, the reader, right on the money in terms of the latest solar energy moving and shaking. In keeping with […]

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What Should You Buy First? Solar Hot Water or Solar PV?

Solar Hot Water is fast becoming the poor cousin of Solar PV (AKA Solar Electricity). Consumers just seem to prefer solar PV to solar hot water these days. In fact solar hot water has gone from almost zero to 1,000,000 roofs in about 30 years, whereas PV has gone from almost zero to 1,000,000 roofs in […]

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‘Walk for solar’ latest to demonstrate grass roots support for Port Augusta solar power

port augusta solar thermal plant

The Victorian solar industry and supporters are the latest to suffer what is becoming an event as predictable as Gerry Harvey whinging about online retailers at Christmas time. This was when Premier Ted “The Blade” Baillieu’s government announced a slashing of the state’s feed-in tariff from 25 cents per kilowatt hour down to 8 cents. […]

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The 3 Types Of Solar Installer

Discover the 3 types of solar installer that you’ll find in the Australian Market. Learn which ones to avoid, and the tricks the bad ‘uns will pull to get your business. Or if you don’t want to watch the video, here’s a transcript for your reading pleasure.

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ACT solar power facility not just hot air

solar farm built by FRV

If you thought our nation’s capital was best known for its dodgy laws, war memorials and pollies’ hot air, you’ll need to think again. This last week has seen the ACT Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, position the ACT as the country’s solar power capital. How so? Did Mr Corbell move […]

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What is a Solar Feed In Tariff (Video).

I’ve been busy making videos that answer some common solar questions. Here I talk about Feed In Tariffs and what to do if your nasty energy retailer wants to punish you for going solar… Transcription below for those who prefer to read:

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Breaking News! Vic Slashes Solar Feed In Tariff

The Victorian government has just announced that their FIT has immediately been slashed from 25c per kWh to 8c per kWh. Basically if you haven’t already paid a deposit on your solar system, you can’t claim the 25c FiT any more. The details are a bit hard to get out of the Vic pollies at […]

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Where to get quality advice on buying your new solar power system

finn in a video

Well the long winter’s behind us and the new Spring awaits. Emerging blinking into the daylight, solar fans naturally turn their thoughts to increased solar radiation (you thought I was going to say love didn’t you?) as the sun begins its long, slow journey back towards its summer zenith.

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Should you buy the cheapest solar system on the market?

(This post was written in 2012 – but the principles still hold true!) Everyone loves a bargain. Especially me! But are those solar systems advertised at jaw droppingly low prices a great deal or a future headache? I feel quite strongly about this – so I decided to make a video. Here it is. And […]

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Year Zero approaches with Comrade Tony Number One in waiting?

Tony Abbott

After a week which saw Opposition Leader Tony Abbott perform more gaffes, backflips and nonsensical quotes than the average Barnum and Bailey circus, your columnist thought it high time to check out The Man’s policy on clean energy. This was a bit more difficult than first expected due to the fact that Big Tony, and […]

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