Port Augusta Set To Be Green Energy Hub

The Clean Energy Council of Australia is excited about the green energy prospects for Port Augusta, SA, and with good reason, because according to Rob Jackson the general manager the discovery of a bed of rocks that are naturally heated-hot rocks- in Port Augusta paves the way for increased geothermal production.
There is a substantial amount of interest from solar energy companies in investing in plant in the area; this seems to be an appealing location to all kinds of clean energy companies, with the possibility of a new solar panel factory as well as a company that makes wind turbines for energy providing windmills.
Manager Greg Perkin of Port Augusta has noted that since the hot rocks are located in close proximity to the existing power plant it would be fairly simple for Port Augusta to make the switch to geothermal energy dependence in the near future.
Additionally, due to the strategic location of Port Augusta in relation to the national grid the geothermal energy that is produced could not only be harvested and consumed in Port Augusta but across Australia.
This would mean that Australia would be well on its way to finding an energy alternative to nonrenewable coal and oil that could potentially keep the entire continent fueled at a lower cost to individuals and the environment.

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