AU Powerwall Price Drop + Tesla Battery Without Solar SA VPP Trial 

Tesla Powerwall price Australia

Shock, horror – but in a good way. Tesla has recently quietly dropped the price in Australia for its popular Powerwall battery system.

But first, in what’s been described as a potential game changer, 20 Housing SA households will have a Tesla Powerwall installed – without any solar panels to go with it.

The trial will be part of Phase 3 of the SA Virtual Power Plant (SA VPP) that will also see 3,000 more social housing tenants in South Australia joining Australia’s largest virtual power plant.

These properties will have 5 kW of rooftop solar and a 13.5 kWh Powerwall battery system installed at no cost. 1,100 tenants have already had solar + storage systems installed under the program, which provides beneficiaries with significant energy cost savings under a related electricity plan.

Regarding the solar-less battery trial, South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan didn’t offer much in the way of specifics, only that:

“Tesla will use the plentiful supply of renewable electricity generated by South Australian’s world-leading uptake of roof top solar to charge the batteries for the evening peak when the sun sets.”

But in an ABC report, he provides a bit more detail. Minister van Holst Pellekaan mentions that with the battery alone it can still deliver the “29 per cent savings on electricity prices” other housing trust and public housing homes are receiving.

Before Australians without solar panels rush out to buy a Powerwall, it’s important to note the Minister was referring to these batteries installed as part of the SA VPP, which has all sorts of tech smarts behind it. Minister van Holst Pellekaan said if the trial is successful, it could be extended to other properties unable to host solar panels.

The SA VPP has been supported by $8.2 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), $10 million from the South Australian Government’s Grid Scale Storage Fund, $30 million debt finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Tesla has kicked in an $18 million equity contribution.

Powerwall Price Drop!

In other Powerwall related news, over the last couple of years we’ve grown accustomed to Powerwall price increases in Australia – the latest was in February this year when it jumped $800. SQ’s Ronald quipped at the time:

“At this rate, I’ll be telling you about the next $800 Powerwall increase sometime in May.”

Tesla’s Elon Musk obviously saw this comment and decided to stick it to Ronald, because in late May there was another price change – but this time heading in the right direction. The price of a Powerwall, including supporting hardware but not including installation, was quietly dropped from $13,300 to $12,750 – a decrease of $550.

I firmly believe we have Ronald to thank for this.

But seriously, while Tesla and Elon Musk cop a bit of stick here at times on SQ, also recognised are the awesome aspects of Powerwall. For example, just recently Tesla’s home battery potentially saved Ronald, SQ founder Finn and Finn’s family from food poisoning. You can find out more in Ronald’s article on solar power and slow cookers.

What the next movement will be on Powerwall pricing is anyone’s guess and even with this drop, it remains a significant outlay well out of reach of many Australians – even with assistance of generous subsidies available in some parts of Australia such as SA’s Home Battery Scheme.

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Michael caught the solar power bug after purchasing components to cobble together a small off-grid PV system in 2008. He's been reporting on Australian and international solar energy news ever since.


  1. James Jennings says

    My problem is i want a powerwall installed at my home. I already have solar panels on my roof, but tesla now only sales their powerwall to people that have their solar panels installed by tesla. You can’t buy the powerwall separate. Sucks !

    • Ronald Brakels says

      If you are in the US you’re Powerwall blocked, but not a requirement in Australia. The price drop hopefully means there isn’t a shortage of Powerwalls in Oz and people will be able to get one here if they want. But if you are in Australia and Tesla is refusing to sell you a Powerwall because you already have solar, let me know. That is interesting information.

    • Gerard Murnane says

      Hi James,
      I’m in Melbourne and just sold the house, excluding the Powerwall 2 and Tesla Gateway.
      Waiting to hear back if the new owner wants to buy it, otherwise I’ll have it de-installed.
      Initially installed in December 2017, the battery was replaced last year, under warranty, so it’s less than 12 months old

    • Rob Welke says

      Ive just recently bought a Tesla Powerwall to supplement 4kW of existing solar panels (not Tesla) which we have had in service for 3 years.
      Call Austin at Tindo Solar, 0407 860 142

  2. Paul Ryan says

    A price drop??? Didn’t they increase them by $800 in November?

    So technically, still a price rise.

    Keeping a close eye over the next few years whey they actually become practically affordable.

  3. Yet another “renewable energy” con job.

  4. Stephen Helm says

    Have had 36 panels on unshaded roof getting full sun most of the day and a power wall installed since late January 2021. Today is the coldest we have had so far this year and the clouds have been the thickest with heavy rains at times and I have been powered by the grid for the first time since installation also acruded solar credits so if I could afford another battery I would the system runs in the background and unless I chose to check it during the day or night it runs perfectly so pleased I have reduced my footprint.

  5. Tony Eyles says

    The Price drop Sucks!
    I just signed up for a Powerwall at old price.

  6. I’d love it if PW2 supported 3-phase systems, but it doesn’t … at least without expensive giggery-pokery (and yes 3 batteries or an extra inverter is what I mean). It’s a shame I can’t find a good is Redback supplier in Canberra.

  7. Haywood Jablowme says

    Get a BigBattery 12.6kwh for$4000

  8. Coconut Palm says

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the price drops as Tesla scale production and shift their stationary energy storage products to a Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry and their 4680 cells. Super excited for sub 10k AUD Powerwalls within the next 4 years.

  9. As a potential car buyer I’ve just been told that they have come down in price too. Reality bites?

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