Sungrow To Start Manufacturing Solar Inverters In India Soon

Sungrow solar inverter factory

Sungrow’s new Bangalore inverter factory could do with a few solar panels.

Chinese solar inverter manufacturer Sungrow has announced its first factory outside of China will be up and running in the second half of this year.

The factory, located in Bangalore, India, will have an annual string and central inverter production capacity of 3 gigawatts.

“Sungrow is always committed to optimizing all kinds of resources to better meet our customers’ needs,” said Sungrow Chairman, Professor Renxian Cao. ” With our same level of unmatched manufacturing and operational capabilities, the addition of a new factory in India will significantly enhance our delivery capability locally and elsewhere in the world.”

Last year, Sungrow shipped more than 16.5 GW of PV inverters worldwide, an increase of over 48% compared to 2016. The company says demand from India, the US, Europe, Japan, and various other Asia Pacific countries drove much of the growth.

Earlier this month, the company said it was preparing to expand its presence in its presence in emerging APAC solar markets, in particular South Korea and Vietnam. In December last year, South Korea announced its intention to boost solar power generation by five times, growing installed solar PV from its then current 5.7GW capacity to 30.8GW by 2030. With regard to Vietnam, a recent optimistic prediction states its capacity could reach several hundred gigawatts “once the market starts growing”.

More than 60GW of Sungrow inverters have been deployed across the world (as at December 2017) and the company claims to have a 15%+ global market share. One of its relatively recent stand-out projects was the supply of inverters for a 40MW floating solar farm in China, which is currently still the world’s largest operating “floatovoltaics” project.

The company is also pushing into the energy storage market with residential and utility scale solutions. In March, Sungrow announced it will be supplying an energy storage system consisting of 23 containers of storage inverters, NCM lithium batteries and energy management system  for a ~ 30MWh project to be installed in Hokkaido, Japan.

Sungrow inverters have been a popular choice for solar power installations here in Australia due to their general reliability and competitive pricing point. Listed on the SolarQuotes “trusted solar brands” chart, you can also view Sungrow solar inverter reviews from Australian customers who have had the inverters installed for at least twelve months.

Sungrow has a local physical presence, with an office in Sydney.

Founded in 1997 by Professor Renxian Cao, Sungrow has an R&D team which it says accounts for over 35% of the company’s total workforce.

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