Suntech and Aussie Uni Team Up to Make Dirt Cheap Solar Cells

Victoria’s Swinburne University of Technology in Australia will be developing the most efficient, and inexpensive solar cells ever made. Along with Suntech Power Holdings Co, the biggest manufacturer of solar cells in the world. Together, they plan to invest a total of three million Australian dollars into the project and proposals have already been made to the Victorian Government with regards to extra funding.

The project won’t begin until the University’s new $130million dollar Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is completed in 2011. A state of the art ‘5 star Green Building’, acclaimed to be amongst the first of it’s kind at Australian Universities. The new ATC will incorporate many ‘Green’ features, including energy efficient air conditioning and water recycling throughout. It is hoped the facility will attract some of the world’s best researchers.

Swinburne professor Min Gu and Dr Shi Zhengrong, Ceo for the company believe, combined, a Nanoplasmonic Solar Cell will be in manufacture within the next five years. The technology involved is revolutionary, the cells being capable of capturing a much wider range from the colour spectrum. It’s claimed; these new cells will produce twice the power, yet cost half as much.

Professor Ian Young is the Vice Chancellor of Swinburne; he also believes the research will bring about a major development in solar cells. Professor Young also feels the project could bring about major developments locally. Possibly leading to more jobs in the state of Victoria, and Suntech manufacturing the new panels nationally later on. Only last month Sydney Olympic Park, a BP company, closed its solar cell plant. So, without doubt, Suntech in Australia would be a welcome prospect.

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  1. Somehow I believe some smart arse has gotten into my computer and found my invention, Daynite solar panel, I hope they improved it immensely as mine did not work very well.LOL


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