Can We Power Up Over 11 Billion People?

Experts have estimated that by 2100, Earth’s population will reach up to 12 billion people. In 2014, we have enough trouble (not to mention wars) finding and extracting energy sources such as oil, coal, etc.

Keep in mind that we’re only at 7 billion people today and  nearly 2 billion of them are living without electricity. Oil and coal are finite and with carbon emission policies spreading through most nations (apart from Abbott’s Australia), their use will become as fossilized as the fuel itself.

Renewable energy obviously has a huge part to play in powering the growing population.

But electrification is also key. Using renewable energy (and possibly nuclear fusion), electricity can replace liquid fuels from being used in lights, cooking, and, as the electric car has shown, transportation. It is imperative that we must continue to innovate to support the incoming crowd.

For the full article from the Energy Collective, click here:: How Would We Provide Enough Energy for 11 Billion People?


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