Learn About The Adelaide Solar Cities Project

If you live in Adelaide and want to learn what the pollies are spending your taxes on then come along to the Australian Solar Energy Society, South Australia Branch’s public meeting tomorrow 29th Feb in Goodwood and say hello!


Speaker:  Dario De Bortoli, Adelaide Solar City Program Manager

When:  Wednesday 29 February 2012 commencing 7:00 pm

Where: Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood 5034

(Location Map:  http://is.gd/ZrLFfX.  Car Park, Tram, Train and Bus services all conveniently serve this venue)

Cost:  $5.00 payable at venue door – all welcome!   (AuSES Members – Free)

Reservations:  To assist with catering, please provide your name and the number of people in your party via email to AuSES.Adelaide[AT]yahoo.com.au

This presentation will discuss the background to the Solar Cities Program, the expected benefits, targets and progress to date, community engagement strategies, the solar trial, the cost reflective pricing trial, energy efficiency initiatives and the home energy assistance program.

Presented by: Dario De Bortoli, Adelaide Solar City Program Manager

Dario is an employee of Origin Energy Ltd and is responsible for the management and ongoing delivery of the $65 million Adelaide Solar City project.

South Australia’s Solar Customers Step Up to the Plate

Well, South Australian solar customers can hold their heads high. A report released earlier this week by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) has found that around 80,000 electricity customers in the state will have installed rooftop solar systems by December of this year.

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Will Port Augusta Point the Way to the Future of Solar Power?

This week’s column will take you into the realms of fantasy (if you’re a talk radio shock jock or anti-renewable pollie). Yes folks we’re treading into the dangerous territory of the concept of solar energy as baseload electricity.

For years one of the constant carping criticisms aimed at renewable energy in this country has been that it won’t provide baseload power resource in the same way as good ole fossil fuel-derived power. The argument goes that when the sun stops shining, or the wind stops blowing, renewable energy cannot deliver.

While the criticism may well have been a smokescreen thrown up to keep high polluting coal plants in operation, the point is valid: how can you rely on a source of energy if the power it creates cannot be stored?

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Uncertainty for SA Solar Industry as Parliament Rejects Feed-in Tariff Increase

By Rich Bowden

South Australian investors in rooftop solar energy have been left shaking their heads after events in the state capital this week saw the solar feed-in tariff retained at 44c instead of the promised increase to 54c.

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Port Augusta Set To Be Green Energy Hub

The Clean Energy Council of Australia is excited about the green energy prospects for Port Augusta, SA, and with good reason, because according to Rob Jackson the general manager the discovery of a bed of rocks that are naturally heated-hot rocks- in Port Augusta paves the way for increased geothermal production. [Read more…]