Trina Breaks Black Silicon Efficiency Record

Solar Cell Efficiency

Trina have done it again: a solar cell efficiency of 23.5%.

Trina Solar, one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world, has announced they have achieved a new efficiency record for black silicon solar cells of 23.5% on a large-area, mono-crystalline, square silicon wafer, 156 millimeters across. This beats the previous record of 22.94% Trina achieved in May 2014. The new record was confirmed by the Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technologies Laboratories.

This achievement with a large cell comes two years after an efficiency of 24.4% was achieved with a much smaller, 20mm by 20mm cell, developed in collaboration with the Australian National University Centre For Sustainable Energy Systems in Canberra.  The Australian team successfully developed black electrodes that reduced the amount of light reflected.

Black silicon is an extremely dark form of silicon that is very efficient at absorbing light.  There are several techniques that are used to create it with the current commercial method being to etch silicon with plasma to reduce the amount of light reflected.  Basically, it makes it the opposite of shiny.

Black silicon panels were introduced to the market two years ago with efficiencies of around 18%.  The new record achieved by Trina in the lab will lead to higher efficiency black silicon panels becoming available in the future.

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  1. michael chapman says

    All these records broken in the lab but when will the solar panels with this technology actually reach the market by the time it does they will be beaten again ?

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Because Trina has managed to produce a large cell 15.6 cm across, it does suggest they’ll be able to put them in modules and sell them to the public before too long. And yes, by the time they come out maybe there will be something better in the lab, but that’s the way it goes. All part of the process of improvement of solar PV.

  2. hi i have had a quote involving BLACKMAX solar panels. have you heard of these


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