$2,800 Victorian Apartment Solar Grants Announced

Solar rebates for Victorian apartments

The Victorian government, with backing from the federal government, is expanding access to solar power for apartment owners and renters.

As the Victorian government’s media release points out, around 65 percent of people living in apartments in Victoria are renters – and they often face difficulties getting support from owners to install solar panels.

There’s over $16 million, coming equally from the state and federal governments, which will be spent by Solar Victoria to support as many as 5,000 apartments during this initiative via the state’s Solar Homes Program. The funding will provide grants to owners’ corporations of up to $2,800 per apartment, with a maximum of 50 apartments per building.

The release notes this is double the $1400 Victorian solar rebate currently available for freestanding houses, recognising the extra challenges – in particular, complex approvals – faced by apartment dwellers and owners. The doubling of the subsidy was the result of the federal government matching the state government’s offer.

The federal funds will be provided through the Albanese Government’s Community Solar Banks program, which was an election commitment. The application process and program criteria will be published when the scheme opens for applications later this year.

You can register your interest in the apartment solar grants at the bottom of this page. This incentive is in addition to the generous Australian “solar rebate” also currently available for apartments.

Social Housing Energy Efficiency Funding

In a separate media release from Federal Environment Minister Chris Bowen, the Albanese Government also announced $46 million funding to match Victoria’s spend in its Energy Efficiency in Social Housing program. This initiative aims to cut bills for social housing residents – and emissions.

The expanded program focuses on modernising and electrifying public housing with reverse cycle air conditioning, heat pump hot water, electric cooktops and solar panels.

“The Albanese and Andrews Governments are making necessary investments to ensure Victorians living in social housing and apartments can access solar and energy efficiency upgrades, putting downward pressure on power bills and reducing emissions,” said Minister Bowen.

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  1. Monika Pranowo says

    I would like to register my interest in the apartment solar grants scheme. I’m an owner of 1 bedroom unit on Franklin Street, Melbourne CBD.
    At the moment i’m struggling to keep up with the increase of my electricity bill. My building is an older building built in 1999. Last discussion with Owners Corp showed that we were not eligible for solar panels.

  2. This is a great policy but it needs to be matched by appropriate regulation. It is too easy for landlords just to look at what’s cheapest rather than what’s in the best interests of the tenant, building, strata, or society.

  3. We need to think what landlords will do to save money! Take inverters for example. A landlord might install a cheap Huawei inverter. Sure they save a bunch, but their tenant’s data is at risk, and the nation’s energy security is jeopardized due to Huawei’s cyber security profile.

  4. Are you telling me a landlord would be looking for which panels are not made with Uighur forced labor? NO WAY, there going for the cheap panels and ignoring China’s Human Rights Record.

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