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About Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
Platinum Partner
Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)
ABN: 77 600 142 854  ABN active since 01 Jul 2014 | Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
ACN: 600 142 854  ACN active since 16 Jun 2014 | Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd

Hawking Electrical have been trading as an Electrical Contractor here on the Gold Coast since 1990 and have been involved in the solar industry for the last 3 years. During this time we have developed a solar division in our business where the operations manager has been designing, installing and managing solar projects for the last 8 years.

Our company employs in excess of 60 staff members and we have approx. 38 electrical vehicles on the road. We sub-contract to some of the most active Home and Commercial Project Builders in South East Queensland.

We are Master Electricians.

We offer prompt and courteous staff, professional installations and realistic advice, competitive prices and obligation free quotes.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the right information and solution for them. We do not just sell one size fits all systems. We tailor our solutions to each household and base our calculations on their consumption patterns.

Our inverters and solar panels are sourced from long standing reliable suppliers, we do not direct import. Combine that with our quality staff, 25 year trading history, ongoing electrical contracting work, solar experience, means we can truly offer you service and peace of mind over your warranty period.

We look forward to helping as many people as possible realise the benefits of going solar!

Hawking Electrical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

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It is obviously inadvisable to rate a system as fantastic when one has experienced it for less than 48 hours! However, by all reports, references and research, it promises to be an excellent system all round, carefully considered and installed and at a very acceptable price. We were also very happy to have a panel upgrade to a new release at the original quoted price, so slightly increasing our potential capacity.
The only minor glitch and failure on Hawking's part was a communication error/omission in the scheduling department, causing the installation team to arrive on the date first offered to us when we had already booked to be interstate. It was a bit alarming to neighbours who called me after I'd missed some calls from the installer (being on holiday in an earlier time zone!). Fortunately, they were still able to honour the date to which we had agreed by phone and all went smoothly with the installation: a pleasant and hard-working team.
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Hawking Energy Solutions have installed the enphase micro-inverter system which I understand is the most advanced system on the market. This system comprises 12 x REC 350w 2 perc panels plus 12 new iQ7 enphase micro inverters which means that it is all A/C on the roof. The power that is produced is more than adequate for my 3 bed duplex but the system can be expanded one panel at a time and it is simple to add a battery system if needed. My system is also expected to produce 9% more energy due to the inverter function being on the roof and a full usage monitoring system was included in the price. The two installers were extremely efficient on the day and the after-service from Hawking has been excellent. If you are new to the workings of solar technology I would still advise any potential buyer to get onto Finn Peacock's Solar Quotes website so that you can fully understand how the technology works and what is best for you. Show additional information
Great experience overall with Hawkins, Keith their salesperson was simply excellent. The entire team went well above my expectations, would highly recommend them to anyone on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Show additional information
Just installed yesterday, very happy with the service & everything went smoothly, now waiting for our power supplier to change the metre and start saving us money. Show additional information

Positive Residential Solar Installation Experience

After obtaining 3 quotes from the Solar Quotes recommended providers we chose Hawking Solar primarily because of the very professional way in which the options were presented and explained to us, including the expected efficiency of the panels and estimated payback period. We purchased a 10.85kW REC 350W Twin Peak 2S Panel system with a Fronius Primo 8.2 Inverter. Although there were some minor setbacks during the installation phase, the office staff at Hawking Solar kept us fully informed regarding scheduling of the work. Overall the experience with Hawking Solar has been a positive one and we would recommend them to family and friends. Show additional information
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Great to deal with!

These guys know their products and have been really good with providing me feedback and they answered all my technical question (and I had many questions) before I signed up. The installers were very professional and polite. I would say their pricing is reasonable and they seemed to have a solution for most people's budgets and roof setups. Show additional information
Very Positive Experience with both companies that I had quotes from.
Hawking Electrical have kept me informed regarding the process and I am looking forward to having my system installed next week.
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From the start I wanted a quality system.

I had gone through 3 quotes with different companies when a work colleague recommended Hawking Electrical & Solar. Keith thought an Enphase inverter would suit my property, as it's not a string inverter it responds better with shade, I have trees and live in a bushland area. After doing a bit more research I was convinced Enphase was for me as it can also be turned off from the mains so there is no electricity on the roof, this would make my house much safer in a bushfire (you never know).

Out of respect, I rang the other companies who had already quoted, put in the time and effort to tell them of my decision, one company asked to give me a quote on Enphase with Sunpower panels, after a hard sell and convincing me around. I told Keith I signed with them, wishing me well he inquired what I had bought. Keith immediately became concerned for me because he knew these products were not compatible due to the higher panel voltage and I would have trouble. I checked with Enphase and Keith was correct, he really does know the solar industry well. Keith helped me get back on track with Hawking Solar with a renewed sense of trust.

On the day of install, James and the boys from Hawking were so respectful. I was a little concerned about my veranda tin roof being dented as they would have to walk on it to get to the roof. The boys took it upon themselves to go up the side of the house to avoid the veranda roof altogether. This made their job a little harder but out of respect for my home, they chose this option. My 6.745kW system looks great & I have nothing but praise for the whole Hawking Solar team with 100% confidence and trust that they have my best interest at heart.

As I don't have the internet hardwired to my home Keith also recommended the Enphase Mobile Connect so I would have access to my production & consumption data. This was requested at a later date & was installed a short time later. Keith always answers his phone or calls right back if I need to leave a message, so for someone like me who needs their handheld at times, I couldn't be more happy with the service he & Hawking have provided.

Keith proved to know his products better than his competitors. He had earned my trust 100 %
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Very Good Installer

Our sales representative for Hawking Electrical and Solar (Keith) remained very professional throughout the process engaging us through email and phone regularly answering questions we thought of as we went along. Keith also assisted with identifying our daily energy consumption and the type of system we required to address this so as to minimize our quarterly bill. This enabled us to be better informed giving us the options of the best system to use with a specific budget in mind. The trades people that attended were on time and were very professional through install. All in all a very smooth installation and excellent service delivery. Show additional information
Sold me on aspects relating to putting hot water on peak and few other things that would bring 5.5kw up to the 7kw from SAE comparing to. All sounded good but never got done. Once installation done it was hard to get them out. Even spoke to boss and he was apologetic. Nothing got sorted. My own sparky sorted it and found other discrepancies. They looked at my bills and saw $1000 plus for the first year more than should’ve been. Talked reimbursement, or additional solar panels as compensation but nothing eventuated. Don’t use them! They’re all sweet and dandy til you’re paid up then check ya later.....all talk. Enphase system seems ok though regardless but won’t be adding more through hawking.

Supplier Reply

Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear about your experience but at Hawking Solar we are all about ownership. So we will discuss remedies on Tuesday, after easter as discussed today.
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The experience with Hawking has been horrendous and they would have to have the lowest quality of service I have ever experienced with any company I have ever dealt with.Salesman contacted us regularly and was all over us to buy panels, but that is where any service stopped.

Signed a contract for solar almost a year ago. Waited months for install but once Hawking installed they provided the wrong size panels and not enough panels. Plus the installation was poor with panels crooked and racks not the right length. Had to constantly chase them up, often with no communication from them for months. Continued to lie about what they had done or what they were going to do. Often not turning up as arranged. Communication from them was shocking.

There are too many things to write; but even small issues like the installers smoking in our yard and throwing the butts onto the ground. The install manager advising that installers had come and swapped panels on the roof while we were not home or at night while we slept. Asking us to sign an STC form for more/different panels than what we actually had. Telling us the panels were of a particular type when we could clearly see them on the truck as something else. The list goes on…

Finally, almost a year later they have come and replaced the panels with what was originally ordered. No reason as to why it took almost a year or why we were treated the way we were. Then advised that payment was due in three days. It has been two weeks, no follow up phone call to see if we were happy with the install rectifications, nothing. No compensation or restitution for all the issues, just pay us in three days.

Unfortunately, I would never recommend Hawking, as the service was extremely poor.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your feedback GM,

3 hours after the posting of the review a Co-Owner and I spoke with you to express our sincere contrition regarding your experience and to find out if there is was anything that we could do to remedy the situation. We discussed all of your outstanding concerns and have settled on a solution that will be to your satisfaction. We look forward to realising this solution this Saturday, with 1.4kW of additional Enphase REC solar, with black anodised racking and rewiring of a 1m length of rooftop conduit, subject to tomorrows site inspection, all at no charge.
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Very professional & informative presentation with all quotes but outstanding visual & detailed quotes on systems by Hawking Solar. Flexible and open with inquiries made and an entire incident free process from initial consultation to installation. Very impressed from all quotes obtained through Solarquotes. I highly recommend Hawking Solar & extremely satisfied with our chosen system at a reasonable price.
Craig R
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Happy with service so far Show additional information
Enphase wanted $300 to have access to full monitoring. Show additional information
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At moment still having issue with smart meter, Hawkins have advised they will sort problem. Think after sales service is important. Show additional information
I talked to various providers (MC Electrical, CSA, Hawking Electrical) and I also read a fair bit online (from Solar Quotes and other blogs and info providers). I have to say that all providers were really good and I could have gone with any one and I am sure I would have been happy and their system would have been totally fine. At Hawking Electrical I talked to Keith Butler and I think I was just lucky because Keith was incredibly helpful, honest and happy to engage with my many questions in a very patient manner.

I asked a lot of detailed questions about pretty much anything (I was perhaps a bit picky as my sense was that making decisions about the various available solar systems/products was pretty complex, I was keen to be able to evaluate these at least a bit, and this was a large investment). Keith never got tired of taking the time to respond in detail and in a calm manner to any of my questions and when he did not know the answer to a particular question he would confirm and got back to me (rather than trying to make things up), which I really appreciated.

He was also open to talk about any pros and cons of any systems in a balanced manner (which I thought is something unique in the market where I had the impression that sales people more generally often try to talk down other providers). Once we came to an agreement, he was very organised, explained the entire process in a clear way and took care of anything at their end. I paid for permission to have panel-level access on my app and when this got lost somewhere in the process, he jumped immediately to sort this out. Overall, Keith was very outstandingly helpful and patient and I feel I was a bit lucky to have worked with Keith (if you go with Hawking, I can recommend asking whether Keith has capacity).
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Communication has been poor since the deposit has been paid which is a little concerning so we will see how it goes... Show additional information
Will be installed next week. Show additional information
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Very strong customer focus. Knowledgeable and factual without being pushy. Show additional information
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Hawking were efficient & took time to explain everything about how solar worked, what to expect from the system & did everything exactly when they said they would.
The actual install took only a few hours & the team were a pleasure to have around.
I can’t speak too highly of how good they were from start to finish.
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I’m a tech nerd and wanted information on the system performance so went with Enphase micro-inverters for a few reasons:
1. I wanted data on how the system was operating
2. We only had a small roof space facing north, so I wanted split between E, N and W (Micro-inverters can handle multiple orientation)
3. There was likely to be a minor shadow problem from a neighboring tree and I wanted to avoid total system degrade because one panel was shaded.

The install was well done - especially as they used brackets that did not require holes to be drilled into the roof tiles.

The only negative, was that I was told connection would be a lot faster, but there was a delay of a couple of weeks in getting Essential Energy to install the new meter. I had been led to believe it would be operating when the crew finished the install, but that was more about managing my expectations.

Also - the Enphase system allows you to monitor individual panels (for an additional fee). I was initially fobbed off when I tried to get the additional monitoring, but there was a new person who started in the office and he fixed it Immediately - so all good now.
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Delay after delay and another week goes by and still no word on when our install is going to happen , we were notified the day before the original install that their was a delay no panels apparently , another 2 weeks go buy no word so I contacted the sales rep , last Friday we received a phone call to say they are running behind as we have had some wet weather here. This week we have had four days of fine weather , and still no phone call . As stated before our first appointment was cancelled 1 day prior to the installed date , you would think we should of been slotted in ASAP not now 3 weeks later and no phone call this week . My wife looked on their web site and yes another customer has also had the same issue . Wish we had done this first off . Show additional information
From quote thru instalation to handover the Hawking people have been terrific. Show additional information
They are still performing the installation and after many attempts to get them to site I am strongly considering abandoning the contract.
They definitely are giving your industry a BAD name
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These guys really get what good customer service and value for money is all about! They give the best products at the best price the first time..... not like others who over inflate then keep reducing to get your business...Thanks Robert for your low pressure sale and honesty!

The guys who came to do the install did a great job.  Very happy with the work they did it was neat tidy and of a high standard.  They were also well presented, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient....everyone we dealt with was a real credit to your business!!  Very happy that we chose Hawking Solar to do our solar installation for us... we have already highly recommended them to friends who are looking into solar and great to support a local family owned business!!!
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Salesperson was well versed in knowledge of his product and could demonstrate the pros and cons of the various combinations of panels and inverters. would definitely recommend them and would happily use them again. Show additional information
The initial quote was very good and provided significantly more detail and information than the 2 other quotes. Follow-up requests for additional information were also answered quickly. After deciding to go with Hawking Solar however, the information has tended to 'dry up' - I have had to chase them for information and updates on the installation.
1. As part of the installation I wanted a plug installed in the house switch-board so that I could connect my portable generator to the house in the case of a power outage - They obviously didn't want to do this because I was continually 'fobbed off', before finally given a ridiculously high quote for an additional $600 for the plug installation.
2. I was expecting to get the installation before Christmas however when I hadn't heard anything I rang Hawking at 0940 yesterday morning - Told that they would call me back within 5 minutes. I didn't get a call-back as promised, but did get an email (finally) at 1434 telling me that they couldn't do the install before 11 Jan 18! I have however, been assured that I will not be out of pocket for the delay in the installation.
I understand that there can be unavoidable delays but from a customer service point of view they do need to tell the customer 'up front' rather than the customer having to 'chase them" for information.
3. A roof tile was broken while the installers were installing the 'rails'. The following evening we had two heavy showers of rain which allowed water to soak through the ceiling of the lounge (x2). I rang Hawking and they sent out an installer first thing the next morning to find the leak (and ultimately replace the tile). Hopefully the only damage is the stain to the ceiling but I have asked for it to be checked out to ensure that the integrety of the plaster has not been compromised. I exepect that this will be done at the time of the final installlation.
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