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Hawking Electrical Reviews

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About Hawking Electrical, Solar Installers

Hawking Electrical have been trading as an Electrical Contractor here on the Gold Coast since 1990 and have been involved in the solar industry for the last 3 years. During this time we have developed a solar division in our business where the operations manager has been designing, installing and managing solar projects for the last 8 years.

Our company employs in excess of 60 staff members and we have approx. 38 electrical vehicles on the road. We sub-contract to some of the most active Home and Commercial Project Builders in South East Queensland.
We are Master Electricians.

We offer prompt and courteous staff, professional installations and realistic advice, competitive prices and obligation free quotes.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the right information and solution for them. We do not just sell one size fits all systems. We tailor our solutions to each household and base our calculations on their consumption patterns.
Our inverters and solar panels are sourced from long standing reliable suppliers, we do not direct import. Combine that with our quality staff, 25 year trading history, ongoing electrical contracting work, solar experience, means we can truly offer you service and peace of mind over your warranty period.

We look forward to helping as many people as possible realise the benefits of going solar!

Hawking Electrical Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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The sales person from Hawking Solar, Keith, spent time explaining the process and answering all our questions in a very professional and friendly manner. The installation was fuss free and after sales service exemplary. I would certainly recommend Hawking Solar to anyone in the market for solar for their home. Show additional information
After a problem with the Clean Energy Commision inspectors shutting down my system, Jason, from Hawking Electrical had me back on the air quick- smart. I'm very grateful that he was there when needed. Conversly it took nearly two weeks to track down the Clean Energy people to report the negligence of their inspectors. I would also like to thank Solar Quotes for their original recommendation. Show additional information
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The installers, were;
Professional courteous
Well spoken
Presented well
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The installation team were professional and cleaned up after themselves in such a way that you wouldn't know they had been .
I have since recommended Hawkings and the system to a neighbour who has also gone with Hawkings
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Thank you for all your insight. Show additional information
I can recommend this business
The usual problems and issues arose.
They were dealt with in a professional manner.
My neighbor has signed up with them, he is only weeks away from his install.
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Not the cheapest, but Hawking Solar proposed a system with high quality PV panels and micro inverters and support it with good after sales service. However, it hasn't been installed yet, so I can only hope it and they perform as well as they say they will. Show additional information
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As soon as the deposit was paid, the company contacted Energex who instantly (within hours) approved the system and installation was carried out within a week. The installation was carried out by 4 people in less than 4 hrs.
The work site was cleaned up and everything was carried out courteously and professionally.
I recommend them warmly to anybody who wants to install a reliable pv system.
Now we await Energex to change the meter box to enable metered infeed to grid. We have not heard from them yet.
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Have some shading issues and Hawking Solar puts some effort into determining and evaluating potential solutions. Show additional information
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Hawking's rep Chase Marshall was brilliant with the entire sales process very knowledgeable and gave us the best deal that he could on a 6.12Kw Micro-inverter system with 18 340 watt JA panels and Enphase inverter system.

This installation is currently producing 24-27 Kws per day in the winter!!!!!!!!

There was a slight installation hiccup but Jack the installer fell over himself resolving the problem as did the rest of the staff at Hawking Solar.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hawking Solar to anyone that is considering in investing in a solar system and I am actively promoting them to anyone who asks me.
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Failure on installer's part to secure parts required meant that I had to wait 2 weeks between start of job and completion. That cost me money as I had a 50 cent rebate applying on a previous system which they removed prematurely. Show additional information
No, Other than to say I am satisfied that the installation went yet have not seen the next power bill. The positioning of 2.56 kw system was excellent as for discreet installation,. Efficiently installed on day agreed. Trust all goes well here as it is the first time I have ever used the Solar concept and the deal originating from this site as to how to go about things. Show additional information
I am so glad I chose Hawking. So much more open helpful communication In contrast to clever sales techniques and applied psychology from another. This was despite a learner salesman. Show additional information
Hawking solar were able to supply a great solar package that included the enphase micro inverters for the same cost as a traditional inverter. Show additional information
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After receiving 3 quotes via solar quotes website, Hawking Electrical was one of them. Out of all 3 I contacted they provided a VERY comprehensive report for my property, had the best price and products I wanted and were not pushy AT ALL with selling me their service. The 2 guys who came out to fit the solar did so even when I thought the wet weather would mean I'd have to wait a lot longer. The installation was done within weeks of contacting Hawking and the guys were very professional.

Although this is not directly related to Hawking Electrical, the one issue I've found while doing my solar research is that no one has yet been able to tell me how much Energex will charge for the meter installation. I realise it depends on the type of meter you have. I've still no idea how much it will be but apparently it will be added to my next power bill??

Energex took 4 weeks to come out and change my meter before I could start using my solar :(

As for Hawking Electrical, I would recommend these guys every day of the week! They did a fantastic job.

Supplier Reply

Thank you, Andrew!

We always strive to do our best for our customers so your feedback is wholeheartedly appreciated.

please let us know if you any further solar or storage needs.
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The staff were very knowledgeable about products available. They offered a good quality system at a better price. Had an issue after installation, but able to talk to staff and quickly resolve it. Show additional information
Both Hawkins and CSA reps were good, down to earth, straight talking. Show additional information
I had two suppliers respond within a couple of days to make an appointment, but Hawking (who were the successful supplier) took almost 2 weeks to contact me.
When I mentioned to Hawking that I had given up on them they said that they had received notification from Solar Quotes only the day before, so I went ahead and got them to arrange a quote for me.
It appears that there may be a small glitch in Solar Quotes email notification system to the suppliers.
Overall very happy with the installation. The salesman was easy going and knowledgable, the "boys" that did the install were professional and tidy and the office did a smooth financial transaction.
One thing I would like to make special mention. I did a part payment and financed the rest, roughly half and half.
Keith the Hawking salesman put me onto Community First Credit Union for a 'Green Loan'
They are providing personal loans for 'green' projects at only 6.99% interest, $190 establishment fee and no other fees. I'm in Queensland and CFCU operate on the NSW central coast and northern Sydney, but will do loans all over Australia. It worked out better than some of the 'interest free deals' that I was offered.
Energex seem a bit lax in changing the meter over to solar. I rang them a week after the installation to check my status and they had no listing of me in their queue, so I rang Hawking who could produce evidence of informing Energex on the install day, and then surprise surprise, an email from Energex about 1 hour later telling me I now had a work order number. Hmmm....I thought privatised government monopolies were supposed to be more
So now its 2 weeks since install everything is all done, except waiting for Energex to update the meter. Grrrr
Very happy with Solar Quotes, the website allows you to distil out all the information you need without too much clutter.
I am a retired engineering Technical Officer and I suppose I might have an advantage over a layman as I can read and understand technical specifications but the website allowed me to go straight to what a was looking for without any of the marketing hype.
I can strongly recommend both Hawking Solar and Solar Quotes.
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I have not been hooked up to Solar yet. It happens on Friday 6/1/2017. Energex has been a bit behind in getting people connected.

I can't wait for it to kick in as it has been quite hot here the last few days and I have been using air con a lot.
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Just awaiting installation. Show additional information
Sales staff were helpful and informative and ready to answer any questions. Office staff not so good. Show additional information
It is very hard to sort out the correct information from what you are being fed on a purchase that you are not really familiar with, although I did learn a lot in a short time. The reducing subsidy was the greatest untruth that was mentioned. One kept bringing the price down with all sorts of reasons until I told him he was too cheap. Then he got closer to what I wanted. 2 would would not leave any brochures or prices with me. Then on the phone. Finally went with the bigger company that I new a bit about through a relative's work. I spent $16,000 dollars on 2 houses and now waiting to have my meter changed so I can use it. Hope all is worth the effort and the money. Show additional information
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Thanking Hawking Electrical,for the the ease of installing Solar Panels. First contact was Kathy who said a Rep would come out to my place,with no pressures on a decision. Steve did just that,and I contacted him a a later date and decided to go ahead.
Josh contacted me,Josh is a perfect contact for questions and the process. A true asset to the company, such a friendly lovely guy.
The installers Guiliano and Gareth, polite friendly, tidy efficient young men. I felt very comfortable as they carried on with the installation.
I did my research, and I would recommend this if considering Solar Panels. Kris
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It isn't very clear that I am supposed to make the link between Energex and Click Energy to get my new meter installed, I think this step needs to be made much clearer by the installer.

Hawking quickly and correctly supplied Energex with an EWR, I was also notified by Energex that it was received, but at no time was it spelled out in laymans terms that I simply had to ring Click Energy to tell them the EWR to then have Click tell Energex to install a new meter that they were asked to do from Hawking in the first place!

It seems much more sensible to have Hawking notify Energex and have the install go ahead from there, very disjointed and round-a-bout way of organising the install which only takes 5 mins when you know.

Instead I have waited 3 months for a new meter only to find out I could have had it rectified in 5 mins three months ago.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your Review Alex,

It's unfortunate that click energy didn't get around to coordinating with Energex! We agree that it would be far more beneficial if Click wasn't involved in this process as retailers do inject variability in the time frame for the meter swap over. It's common for retailers to place blame back on installation companies but the reality is, speaking from experience, no amount of cajoling expedites the retailers. Unfortunately, prompt service for solar customers isn't always a priority for many retailers. You may be pleased to know that this is being changed next year and solar installers in Queensland will have the ability to change over the meters themselves, eliminating this step. Not much help to you now but at least you know that this is being fixed.
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Great service from Hawking Solar and in particular Peter the consultant, Anna and the installers Show additional information
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SAE Group were quick off the mark with a quote that seemed reasonable, but I delved deeper and upgraded my requirements based on the advice from all 3 but SAE quote had lapsed so I went further with the other two. (That was possibly unfair of me to SAE not to renegotiate)
MC Electrical were as good as Hawking ($50 dearer which is neither here nor there) for the same specifications. Both were local electrical companies as well as solar (which I found important). It was really the toss of a coin actually.
I am very happy and already have good evidence that I am on target to save $2000/yr as predicted by Hawking rep. The daily sun, even on a cloudy day is pouring the savings in, almost but not quite feel sorry for AGL!!! (Keep in mind that I am still getting the 44c from the Government although a new 5kw system is also worth while - a matter of optimising the gains).
I am also recommending both and Solar Quotes to 5 relatives and friends who need/could use it.
The strategy is to use as little as possible at peak solar periods while on the 50c (44+6) FIT. For a 6c only FIT the strategy would be the opposite, use it while you are making it.
The reason I delayed decision making (to upgrade) was that I was worried that I would not live long enough to gain but the specs and prices are now so that it is a short term and not a long term investment and I assume I can make it!!
No tiles broken in the installation although I had gone to great lengths to procure and paint spares, almost disappointed that I did not have to provide at least one.
Timely, the old inverter died at switch off the day before installation (I should explain that had 1.5 kw panels with a 3kw inverter beforehand Anyone want 8 x 190w perfectly good panels?)
Happy to report back in 12 months.
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