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About Infinite Energy, Solar Installers

Infinite Energy is one of the largest providers of Solar PV systems in Australia. Founded in 2009, Infinite Energy is Australian owned with a head office in South Perth and an office in Brisbane. Infinite Energy employs over 50 people. Infinite Energy have installed solar panels in almost 8,000 homes, businesses and government facilities with a combined solar generating capacity of almost 30 Megawatts (30,000kWs). Their brands include SMA, Fronius, Sungrow, DAQO, REC, Canadian Solar and Sunpower.

Infinite Energy has four major divisions:
Commercial Electricity
Energy Efficiency Services
Commercial & Industrial Solar PV
Residential Solar PV

They view investing in a Solar PV system as just that - an investment in an asset that produces a yield in the form of avoided electricity costs and credits from the electricity retailer. In order to secure this yield and ensure attractive investment returns quality components combined with an expert design to match electricity consumption is the key.

Infinite Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
1) Salesman gave a professional presentation, came armed with technical data sheets, and the next morning emailed me quotes comparing 3 systems
2) Bureaucracy at Synergy (W Australia) unbelieveable-delayed process by over a week
3) Application lodged with Western Power mid-December 2016. Still awaiting installation approval mid-January 2017
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Your site was extremely helpful and I would just like to say thank you and keep up the good work. Show additional information
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Be careful what you are told about adding to an existing system. There is a lot of advice out there and not all is true. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what can and can't be done especially when rebates are involved. Show additional information
Just that we are very pleased Show additional information
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Only one company turned up to quote. On the positive, they have bene very professional to this point (system not yet installed). Show additional information
Show additional information
James was excellent in his sales pitch and extremely helpful after installation in setting up the wifi Overall Infinite Energy were extremely professional and easy to work with Show additional information
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A briefing email was forwarded outlining the various aspects of the installation process. Expected time of arrival and completion of the installation process. Forewarning of any potential problems that may occur ie; Broken roof tiles and having spare tiles on hand if required ( 2 in my case ), Inverter placement etc.
On completion of the installation process I was taken through the setup procedures for connection to my WiFi system and now have instant feedback on how the system is operating.
Overall the process was handled with smooth efficiency and I was very happy with the workmanship of the crew involved.
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Thanks for all your advice Finn, it really helped!! without your impartial advice I would have been lost. Show additional information
This is a solid company in for the long haul. They aren't the cheapest but they are value for money, using quality components. I have used their main rival in WA for another system in rural WA and there is variation across companies. Part of the problem is the sales people who don't have enough specialist knowledge and have a formulaic approach to problems. (eg partial shading: "use microinverters"). Just ask to be put through to the technical people if this happens, as you are still doshing out a fair bit of money. I reckon $3900 for a Fronius inverter and Canadian Solar panels for 3kW is fair value (just don't show me this in a year's time). Show additional information
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Would be better to do this after the installation. Show additional information
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Show additional information
It's a minefield out there and even with lots of research we were never sure of who to select as our supplier. This website really helped us with our decision making process. Job now done so now we wait!! Show additional information
We were very happy with everything. but i am still waiting for the paperwork regarding warranty etc. assuming we are supposed to get some?. i have asked once and it has been some time. Show additional information
Infinite Energy were excellent. They were ready to install the system in just over a week from signing up.
All the information they provided was accurate and detailed.
Price was very competitive - I had another supplier quote the same system components and they were more than 30% more expensive.
Installers arrived on time and the install was very quick and professionally done.
All round a very positive experience
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I chose a 12kW system that is battery ready (Sunpower panels plus Fronius hybrid inverter) in order to try to 'future proof'. Batteries later. 25 year warranty on panels and 10 year warranty on inverter(s).

It isn't installed yet - hopefully I haven't cocked up. Happy to report the outcome if you want!
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Well presented, very personable young salesman who seemed to know about and understand the product he was selling.
The team that installed the system were efficient, organised, quiet and careful not to cause inconvenience for me. They did nit leave any mess for bits of wire. metal and rubbish behind them.
My experience with Infinite Energy, from my initial phone call to the completed installation was all positive. I would certainly recommend the company.
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Pretty easy experience all the companies recommended by you were of the highest standard with no pushy sales pitch, all informative and all very professional. The only difference in the end between the thre companies was one was recommended by a friend and we saw there work so we went with them. Show additional information
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Being in a coastal location quality and durability were very important considerations in the final selection of our system. Show additional information
They were always willing to take phone calls and answer any questions no matter how small or silly,would recommend them highly Show additional information
Infinite listened to what I wanted and offered several options. Others just offered the cheapest option with cheap equipment. Show additional information
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Very pleased with Infinite Energy their very professional and helpful Installers and backup to date.
I most certainly recommend them.
Infinite Energy were the only ones to actually come on site - the others were good but only quoted by remote using aerial photographs of the house.
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No Show additional information
we went for Infinite Energy in the end because of being local and helpful sale reps. System was installed very well also. would have given 5 out of 5 if they were a bit more hands on in helping to set up monitoring programs instead of just sending links to YouTube. Overall very happy with the system. Show additional information
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No pushy salesman-as with others. Good info given. would recommend Show additional information
Installed yesterday 07 07 2016. The big wait was for the regulatory meter.
The choice of Infinite Energy taken because of the knowledge and professionalism of the sales person and the backup offered,
Warranties etc. as advised by Solar Quotes to check out. The questions to ask list provided by Finn's team was invaluable when making the choice.
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I finally went for quality and warranty provided by this company. Service is good and follow up also good Show additional information
They are Clean Energy Council Certified (not just approved)
Installer which is not an easy certification to get , it made the difference in the end. The list of companies is on their website and it is not a huge list, it takes a commitment from the company to get it.
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We haven't actually had our system installed yet - a small oversight from the supplier, and one to be aware of. We have shingle style concrete tiles, and they are very brittle. On the day of installation the subcontractors turned up with the wrong brackets. The overlap on the shingle tiles is longer than standard tiles so the length of the bracket didn't extend to the bottom of the tile. We got given the option of using screw-in type brackets used for corrugated iron roofes. Given our tiles are so brittle, this was certainly not an option for us to even attempt to drill 40-odd holes into the existing roof tiles. We turned them away on the premise that if we couldn't get the extended brackets for concrete tiles we would not be putting anything on our roof. Two weeks later I had a call back from Infinite Energy saying they had the new brackets and they are ready to install. At this stage we are just waiting on delivery of some extra roof tiles before we go ahead with it.
Other than that, everything else has gone through uneventfully. The Fronius inverter was installed on the original installation day. Our panels will be Canadian. The Fronius/Canadian combo is one that Infinite likes to use. In addition, Infinite has designed a system that it will be relatively easy to add some more panels and a battery in 3-5 years time.
The reason we went with Infinite Energy over the other companies was because right up front, they gave us a competitive quote on a quality system. Also of equally high importance was that the company itself looks like they should be around for the long term. Thirdly, the salesman was professional and incredibly passionate about solar energy! He was the only one who gave us a design with the potential for 'adding on' down the track. Perhaps all the designs have this capacity, but it was something only he placed as of high importance with choosing the right inverter and panel placement etc.
We started our solar journey with 3 quotes from this website, and our final decision was between Infinite and Solargain (Solargain being one of the companies from the original '3 quotes'). We also obtained several other quotes. In the end it became abundantly clear who the Cowboys were from the real deal. Having gone through this process, I believe for your own peace of mind it is definitely worth the extra effort in learning about the different systems on offer - otherwise you can't tell who the Cowboys are!
We would have also been happy to go with Solargain - as a reputable company offering a quality system. The reason Infinite got the contract was because right from the get go, they gave us a good price and wanted the job. Solargain ended up coming back with 3 prices, and their starting price was excessively high.
We are very much looking forward to getting our system up and running, and we have no doubt it will be exactly as promised based on our experience with Infinite so far. We are also already looking forward to working with Infinite again a few years down the track when batteries become more affordable.
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Infinity energy were not the cheapest quote but provided me with all the info I wanted and did so quickly, politely and efficiently. Show additional information
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We didn't end up getting solar power for our house due to the amount of shadow cast by the trees on our block, we wouldn't have known this if the sales person hadn't taken the readings, and thereby advising us not to proceed. I liked the man's honesty so I asked him to come to my business premises where we are now getting a much bigger unit installed. Justin was very helpful and passionate about solar energy and didn't want the industry to get a bad reputation by selling units to people who would not see the benefit. Show additional information
The whole process was easy, the company did exactly what they promised, the installers (subcontractors) were on time, efficient, neat, tidy and awesome. Show additional information
Your information and website was extremely useful. Show additional information
Show additional information
I probably put more time into understanding and analysing the various system options available than most would do, building my own simulation and financial model to fill in the gaps of information left by all four suppliers I made contact with. Of all suppliers, Infinite Energy WA took the most interest in my analysis and the outcomes they predicted while some were less than interested.

For an analytically minded person, the Fronius monitoring software provides the most detail data and graphics I found.

While I did not purchase batteries, Infinite were knowledgeable on the subject, had options available and were willing to discuss the pros, cons and costings sufficient for me to make a well informed decision while some others were not at all willing to discuss the subject.

The installation and commissioning went well, and I am confident that combination of Infinite, Fronius inverter with Winaico panels will serve me well.
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The energy Consultant Duan Pater was friendly ,informative and professional and always available to answer questions. He quickly arranged for Western Power to change my meter, in a matter of days I had my panels installed.
I cannot speak highly enough of the two young men from West State Electrics who did the installation they were courteous, polite, efficient and cleaned up any mess when they finished the job
In all I was very pleased with the whole process and would certainly recommend Infinite Energy to my friends.
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