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Infinite Energy Reviews

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About Infinite Energy, Solar Installers

Infinite Energy is one of the leading providers of solar energy systems in Australia for both residential and commercial applications. WA owned and operated with a head office and solar panel test facility located in South Perth, Infinite Energy has installed solar on over 8,000 homes, businesses and government facilities since being founded in 2009.

Dedicated to only stocking the highest quality products on the market, Infinite Energy stocks panels from SunPower, WINAICO and Canadian Solar, and inverters from Fronius, SolarEdge and SMA. Infinite Energy is also an approved Tesla Powerwall reseller, and in 2016 installed the first ever Powerwall in WA. Infinite Energy also stock solar batteries from Fronius and LG.

Infinite Energy is committed to delivering cheaper and cleaner energy to Australian homes and businesses through its five major divisions:
- Solar
- Battery Storage
- Electricity
- Embedded Networks
- Electric Vehicle Chargers

Notable projects include:
- WA Parliament House (17kW)
- Curtin University (50kW)
- UWA Business School (40kW)
- RAC WA (100kW)
- Sandalford Wines (100kW)
- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre (312kW)
- Sacred Heart College (94kW)

Infinite Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Marked down on installation after they couldn't complete job on first visit due to high pitch of roof... and this was after they had visited and done visual assesment. Show additional information
Thank you 3 totally different sales people and service types, I went with the one that suited me. Show additional information
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We chose Infinite Energy as they seem to know their stuff, previous review were very good. They were not pushy. We haven't had installation yet but will update when we have. Show additional information
So far, I have had very good after sales customer service with Infinite Energy WA.
Any questions or problems that came up were answered straight away and rectified as soon as was possible.
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The panels have been up only 2 weeks and the weather has been cloudy and wet so haven't been able to fully assess value for money or performance yet. The installation was faultless and the follow-up with manuals, warranties, and other information (by email with attachments) by the company was prompt and professional. Additionally, before installation, when the company ran short of older model the 5KW inverters, they called to suggest I take two 2.5KW latest model inverters to be connected in parallel. This was a bonus, in that if one inverter were ever to go down, I would have the other still functioning for at least a part of the panels system, and also, had I deliberately chosen this option when placing the order, it would have cost me, so they said, an extra $1000. So all in all I consider I have a good deal from this company, perhaps also from strategically ordering at the end of the financial year when the company was willing to do deals! Who knows? I also have more panels than required for the 5KW inverters - with 2 panels being supplied at "no charge": The output of the panels is rated at 6.05KW. Show additional information
The installation took one day and was quite well done except that I was left with no wifi connection to the inverter and little understanding of the inverter operation.After reading the manual I discovered 3 of the 20 panels were not paired( not working) .After nearly 6 weeks the power modules were replaced and it worked fine. Another two weeks went by and the installer returned to fit a DC isolator .(I think this should have been installed on day one.)
When the battery was installed the monitoring portal did not give reliable information and still does not.
The production figures do not add up.

It has been installed for almost a month.
Also, 33% of my excess energy is still being exported to the grid instead of to the battery!

Infinite energy customer service is polite and apologetic but in truth nothing has happened to resolve the problem.

I am dealing with Solaredge directly now and am awaiting a response.They have admitted to a problem but have not committed to fixing it.

I would like to know if anyone else is having a problem once a battery is installed?
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Hasn't been installed yet but service and attention to detail has been good Show additional information
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Infinite energy provided an honest quote. They were interested in selling only good quality products so they didn't offer anything else (cheaper systems) and when I check with other providers, Infinite had the best price but they never even used that to push the sale. Also the quote provided was supported with good information as to why they think solar edge was the best option for my roof and there was absolutely no pressure to go with them so they basically show me what they have to offer, why it was the best option, give all the technical details for me to go and do my own research and their contact details in case I will want to go with them!
Also they are local. The person who contacted me, was the same person who did the roof inspection and he showed me all the major projects they have done all over the city so you know they know their business!
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The whole process was carried out very professionally from start to finish.
I am very pleased.
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Having placed an earlier review, which I cannot see or find back, where I rated everything very low, although everything was actually exceptionally good until the moment that the Clean Energy Regulator came to do an inspection, and then a waiting game started, with installers not showing when they were supposed to (according to the service people at Infinite Energy an unfortunate misunderstanding of non communication), but hazardous as I need to work as well.
In short, the installers came today and corrected three medium and two minor non-compliance issues with the installation (that I would have never known about if the Clean Energy Regulator had not done an inspection). Phew, glad it's all over and so far the system has been absolutely fabulous and the service is good.

I don't know how the stars are derived from what I had to enter, but, until the Clean Energy Regulator came to inspect the installation, I would have given Infinite Energy 5 stars all round. Gabor was excellent in determining what system I needed. The savings, apart from one season (over the last 12 months), have turned out good. A person came around afterwards and helped me set-up the app on my mobile phone so I can see what's going on at all times and helped me set-up the 10 year warranty on-line. My only resistance in buying from Infinite Energy now has turned out to be the bite in the bum. Infinite Energy uses sub-contractors to do the installation. The Clean Energy Regulator Inspection has turned out 3 medium non-compliance and 3 minor non-compliance issues. So far I have not been able to get someone to attend to these (27/04/2017 the report was issued and today is 08/06/2017). Last Friday I was told the installers would be around yesterday between 11 and 1PM. No-one showed. I ring up, and an hour later I get to hear they were stuck on an installation job and would come around afterwards. I was home until 5PM (I earn my living visiting clients and get paid by the hour). The service department at Infinite Energy are nice and professional, I spoke to them this morning and I am again still waiting for another appointment........... I will update this review as soon as there is a resolve in view.

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The whole process was seamless. Once we made our decision Infinite Energy took care of the rest. The installers were efficient and professional as was everyone we had to deal with. Questions were answered and they stood out from the crowd in their preparation and planning of the best system for our conditions.
Five stars from start to finish.
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Really appreciated your advice the salesmen said he had not had anyone ask as many pertinent questions . A great service and next step is to replace our lights and wait for cheaper batteries. Show additional information
The sales rep was extremely knowledgeable and patient, and put things in terms we could understand. The installation team was diligent, brought all the correct components including the ordered solar panels and although it was a complex job they completed it in nine hours, one day. The system is now working to specification. Show additional information
We have used Infinite Energy for two major projects now.A family member has used them also.
We researched a company to assist us rigorously and extensively. Infinite Energy came highly recommended by both private and corporate customers.
We have found every aspect of service offered second to none.
Mark Stevens offered us the time, patience, honesty and integrity, seldom found in sales. His expert knowledge and willingness to explore all our options was so helpful. His main concern was that we would get a system that met our needs, at a price that we could afford, Mark's input was non pushy and user friendly.We learnt a lot about solar generally and the systems available.
Mark was available to answer questions at all times and was happy to do so, even well beyond the sale and installation of our job.
This superb customer service has been replicated with each person we have referred to Infinite Energy through Mark.
All aspects of our work was subject to customer service second to none. All staff, sales, office support and installation team were friendly, knowledgeable, and very hard working.
The work was finished before time and expertly done. Site was cleared up and installers very diligent.
The workmanship has been complimented by three other contractors that have needed to go onto the roof subsequently.
The finished solar system has continued to meet our needs exactly.We have, over four years since installation, saved a lot of money.The system has run efficiently and without fault. As has that of our family member that had the same system fitted.

Our gas hot water system failed four weeks ago.Again extensive research about replacement. Alinta informed us about the heat pump hot water system and told us that they had had good reports about Infinite Energy who were supplying and fitting them.

IN UNDER 24 HOURS (recognising that we had no hot water ) Mark and the team gave us all the information we needed and with the same superb service as before, installed the new system.
Amazing work, we so appreciated the fact that everyone went out of their way to get it done so quickly.
The installation team were fantastic, very hardworking and the result is top class workmanship and a clean and tidy site. So from 4pm first contact to Infinite Energy to 2.15pm the next day, job done !

A long review we know, but for us these were two major investments that needed to be right and we could not afford to make any mistakes. Our trust in Infinite Energy and the people who work for and with them has been rewarded by the company fulfilling all their promises to us.
We would highly recommend them and would be happy to discuss our experience with any potential customers.
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I found Infinite Energy great in as much as David, their salesman was well versed on all aspects of solar energy systems. He advised on the best unit for my needs in various sizes and prices. The one I went with was the most expensive and more expensive than the other 2 quotes but I felt that I had the best deal with the best service and they appear to have very good back up. My system is hooked up online to their operation so if there should happen to be any trouble they can look at it from their office and work out what needs to be done before sending a technician out. I like this idea very much. I also have access to my system online and can see daily what energy it is producing.
I found Infinite Energy very easy to deal with and they kept me informed at each step what was happening and each of the various staff members that I dealt with were very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure dealing with all of them. It was also installed quicker than I expected. The installation team arrived on time and worked steadily until the system was installed. I was informed from start to finish what was happening and then instructed on how to use it and read all the info on the inverter, which I can't really remember but I can see what's happening online anyway.
Thanks to Finn and his website for recommending this company. I feel I have made the right choice and hopefully time will prove me right in my decision.
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For installation I just ticked good but it has not been installed yet. It will be done this coming week.
I was completely ignorant of solar modules. I have learnt from you and from other websites. I come to know how the solar system works. Since I have known chosen SunPower modules for my house. I have also checked the financial soundness of the company.
Theirs is the best warranty for their modules compared to others. I hope people who want to install solar modules should go to your website to learn.
Installation should be energy council approved installation companies which will then give 5 years, warranty on their work and others.
Always get more quotes so that you can compare and decide your choice. Do not be persuaded by the salesperson. Remember three salient points - price, quality and performance. Go quality first, then their performance and last of all price.
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We had an issue with TV reception being interupted while the system was producing energy.This was caused by a low signal strength to start with so the extra interferance during the day caused the reception to be lost.The issue took a long time to be resolved (2 months) and required a lot of emailing and calls to get the desired result.
Infinite Energys salesman was a great help in keeping us informed on progress with the issue, and keeping up the pressure on the manufacturer.The problem, apparently is with Solar Edge themselves being difficult to get hold of and appalling slow to do anything.
Having said that they have now fixed the problem with a different antennae which they paid for so we had no out of pocket expense as you would expect.
If it had not been for that issue I would of rated customer service higher.The system itself is terrific and I use the monitoring regularly to update a spreadsheet which keeps track of our energy cost savings and our payback time.
So far the predicted savings and energy production estimates provided by Infinity Energy at the consult/quote stage appear to be accurate but will need 12 months data to confirm that.
We would like to thank you for the advise that you make available as a resource and would suggest anyone considering solar energy,should have a good read of all your information.
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Infinite has the more professional approach. Compared to other quotes these folks were the only ones that came with the most options and configurations to suit my need. Backed their configuration options with analysis of power production and had the data sheets of the equipment at hand when consulted. They were not the cheapest, but offered the best quality products that I favoured from my own research. They submitted the application to Western Power the same day I accepted the quote. They could not finish the installation on the Friday and came back on the Saturday to finish and commission the installation. Appreciated not leaving it for Monday. Great work, a very neat installation and flawless operation. Show additional information
My system has not yet been installed but so far Infinite have been very efficient. My install is not your average, its on a my shed and my patio and they seemed to be the only company that would fit with what I wanted. All the others said it would be to difficult to do but Infinite said the same but it was achievable. cant wait to start saving from the sun. Show additional information
They processed the deal flawlessly with prompt interaction. The submitted the Western Power application the same day I accepted the quote. The installers arrived prompt on time, could not finish the job on the Friday, but were back early Saturday morning to finish and commission the installation. They cleaned out the site, left no boxes, cable cutoffs or rubbish behind. A really neat clean job. So far had no issues and everything works very well. Show additional information
The salesman was very knowledgeable. He could answer any questions we had. He gave us a lot of confidence in the product and the installation went ahead with no hitches Show additional information
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I had arranged the installation of solar for my elderly parent, my dad is 84 years old and another family member living next door.
On the day of installation, two teams were to arrive around 7.00 a.m.

Well there was only one team, the other never arrived and my parents had to wait till after midday for the other team to commence the installation.

Last week when visiting them, I noticed all lower row of the panels are over gutters within cm of pergola, so if they need to change, repair or clean the gutters, they will be in trouble!

I rang customer service, and instead of assurance of assistance, I was immediately dismissed by their rep, was told that my parents on the day had signed off on it. I went on explaining that all process was done through me, and as the installer on the day would have noticed they are elderly with limited language.

It was agreed that I take few photos by end of week of 30/4 and send it over to see if best decision has been made.

This phone call was made on Friday 21/4, since then I have had an email and two phone calls (Monday 24/4, Thursday 27/4) being "told" that my 84 year old dad had signed on it and what do I want done. I responded; as discussed, I will take and send photos. I also , again, brought to her attention that my dad, had not even noticed the position of panels, before I went to check them. The customer support, should be called customer bully.
Any company is as good as their response to issues when it arises. So far all I have endured is lack of understanding, blame shifting even before anything and being attacked by their customer "support" rep. Frankly, quite disappointed and upset. Lets see What happens next.
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Our install date is 2nd May 2017 therefore it is difficult to rate the installation and backup service yet. However we have been impressed with the level of service received so far which included several email...some phone calls and two three visits to our property prior to installation Show additional information
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Infinite were great in every respect until the system was activated. It took some time for me to understand the web set up and monitoring.
I've since informed Infinite that they need to personalize their after installation service with a visit to help customers with the online web st up and monitoring. Simply leaving customers to figure it out themselves from instructions/manuals which are at best suited to those with a high degree of computer and internet literacy is where they let themselves down in the customer service area. Having said that I have had recent conversations with their technical support person Vidhi, who has helped me a lot, but this is about a week after the system was activated.
All up I would give them 4.5 Stars!
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I am still awaiting installation but have paid a deposit.
I compared only Synergy quote against Infinity; price is much the same but I got better information from Infinity. As I already got a recommendation to consider Infinity, from Finn Peacock, this is a good start for choosing the company.
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Sales staff professional and not pushy.
Installers were top notch. System installed in half a day and no mess or rubbish to be seen afterwards.
Their after sales support and service has been outstanding, able to answer my queries and provide solutions to my issues immediately.
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We have a lot of shade from trees and we knew that this would greatly reduce our production. Some vendors simply ignored this and said it wasn't a problem. Others just said it wasn't worth trying, mainly I think because with their systems if one panel is shaded out the whole system goes out. So we chose Infinite Energy because they came up with a good solution taking into account our shade problem.
But then they screwed up. The best location for the panels was on our patio roof and I sent them photos of the roof to check if it was strong enough to carry the panels. The sales guys said it would be OK. When the installers arrived they said it was not strong enough.
So back to square one. I considered abandoning the project. But Infinite Energy offered to provide two additional panels free to make up for the lost production by having to locate the panels elsewhere. We went through several iterations of the design and now I am happy that the distributed system we are installing is the best for our circumstances.
So far, I think the customer service has been fantastic as they worked hard to help us design the best system and made up for their original mistake.
From my experience, you need to take time over the design allowing for the different positions of the sun, morning and evening, summer and winter. Allow for any shade obstructions. Remember you might need access to gutters for cleaning.
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Infinite Energy seem to be honest and supply good quality equipment. Not the cheapest but I good value and I believe they will still be here in the future to honour their guarantees.
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Very happy with the overall sales and installation process with Infinite Energy.
The salesman had excellent product knowledge, and produced a solution very well suited to our house.
The company kindly accommodated us changing installation dates at late notice, and the installers did their job with no hassle.
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Good trusted company, only thing is they don't use their own installer but contract it out to other companies unlike some other companies that do everything in house. System is performing extremely well cant fault Fronius inverters and Sun Power panels Show additional information
Had contradictory information from suppliers especially about 3 phase power at my home. Had to speak to energy provider for correct info. Found your website really helpful for lots of information. Thank you. Maybe more advice about 3 phase? You have some but it seems to vary state to state. Show additional information
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I sent this email to you on Feb 17:

I used your website to assist my mother, who is the director for an organisation with an office in West Perth and they wanted to get solar on their roof. I work in Sydney, and I'm in the field of solar research, hence I wanted to support her with the process. For that purpose, your website was especially useful for finding out from interstate who would be the best installers to contact in Perth.

Mum had 4 installers come to do site visits and give quotes. This was a hugely valuable process, because each of them picked up on different things, had different perspectives and reasonings for their recommendations. For example, whether to tilt or not, where to put the inverter, how to deal with the clip lock roof, how to even get the panels up onto the roof (cherry picker vs crane), whether to cover the whole roof or only half because of partial afternoon shading. Each of them said different things! But the process was so helpful for my mum. She learnt a lot by talking to them all. The 4 who came were Infinite, Technaus, Clean NRG and Advanced. In the end the board decided to go with the quote from Infinite, but my mum was personally very impressed by and could connect well with the man from Technaus - he had a very sensible, genuine and non-salesman sort of approach. Both the other companies contributed good ideas too, but for various reasons their quotes were not the most competitive in the end.
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* Had to negotiate to achieve equitable payment terms, as the company seemed to believe that getting paid before the installation is complete and working is the way to go. Even after agreeing the terms, there was some further discussion on how to measure and judge the installation, once working.
* Requested and received a performance output specific to the residence, not generic.
* Did choose a system that is battery ready, allegedly, so that when battery pricing becomes reasonable it should be able to be fitted with a minimum of fuss.
* Every buyer needs to do research on solar systems that are commercially available so that you can compare the different offerings.
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Very Professional team so far. My system is being fitted on 24/3 really excited about this.
Chris my sales person was excellent and more then happy to answer all my questions.
Hoping the all goes well on the 24th March.
Solar quotes was also great whilst I was doing my recerch so informative, thank you Finn.
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