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Infinite Energy Reviews

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About Infinite Energy, Solar Installers

Infinite Energy is one of the leading providers of solar energy systems in Australia for both residential and commercial applications. WA owned and operated with a head office and solar panel test facility located in South Perth, Infinite Energy has installed solar on over 8,000 homes, businesses and government facilities since being founded in 2009.

Dedicated to only stocking the highest quality products on the market, Infinite Energy stocks panels from SunPower, WINAICO and Canadian Solar, and inverters from Fronius, SolarEdge and SMA. Infinite Energy is also an approved Tesla Powerwall reseller, and in 2016 installed the first ever Powerwall in WA. Infinite Energy also stock solar batteries from Fronius and LG.

Infinite Energy is committed to delivering cheaper and cleaner energy to Australian homes and businesses through its five major divisions:
- Solar
- Battery Storage
- Electricity
- Embedded Networks
- Electric Vehicle Chargers

Notable projects include:
- WA Parliament House (17kW)
- Curtin University (50kW)
- UWA Business School (40kW)
- RAC WA (100kW)
- Sandalford Wines (100kW)
- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre (312kW)
- Sacred Heart College (94kW)

Infinite Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Infinite were great in every respect until the system was activated. It took some time for me to understand the web set up and monitoring.
I've since informed Infinite that they need to personalize their after installation service with a visit to help customers with the online web st up and monitoring. Simply leaving customers to figure it out themselves from instructions/manuals which are at best suited to those with a high degree of computer and internet literacy is where they let themselves down in the customer service area. Having said that I have had recent conversations with their technical support person Vidhi, who has helped me a lot, but this is about a week after the system was activated.
All up I would give them 4.5 Stars!
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I am still awaiting installation but have paid a deposit.
I compared only Synergy quote against Infinity; price is much the same but I got better information from Infinity. As I already got a recommendation to consider Infinity, from Finn Peacock, this is a good start for choosing the company.
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Sales staff professional and not pushy.
Installers were top notch. System installed in half a day and no mess or rubbish to be seen afterwards.
Their after sales support and service has been outstanding, able to answer my queries and provide solutions to my issues immediately.
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We have a lot of shade from trees and we knew that this would greatly reduce our production. Some vendors simply ignored this and said it wasn't a problem. Others just said it wasn't worth trying, mainly I think because with their systems if one panel is shaded out the whole system goes out. So we chose Infinite Energy because they came up with a good solution taking into account our shade problem.
But then they screwed up. The best location for the panels was on our patio roof and I sent them photos of the roof to check if it was strong enough to carry the panels. The sales guys said it would be OK. When the installers arrived they said it was not strong enough.
So back to square one. I considered abandoning the project. But Infinite Energy offered to provide two additional panels free to make up for the lost production by having to locate the panels elsewhere. We went through several iterations of the design and now I am happy that the distributed system we are installing is the best for our circumstances.
So far, I think the customer service has been fantastic as they worked hard to help us design the best system and made up for their original mistake.
From my experience, you need to take time over the design allowing for the different positions of the sun, morning and evening, summer and winter. Allow for any shade obstructions. Remember you might need access to gutters for cleaning.
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Infinite Energy seem to be honest and supply good quality equipment. Not the cheapest but I good value and I believe they will still be here in the future to honour their guarantees.
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Very happy with the overall sales and installation process with Infinite Energy.
The salesman had excellent product knowledge, and produced a solution very well suited to our house.
The company kindly accommodated us changing installation dates at late notice, and the installers did their job with no hassle.
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Good trusted company, only thing is they don't use their own installer but contract it out to other companies unlike some other companies that do everything in house. System is performing extremely well cant fault Fronius inverters and Sun Power panels Show additional information
Had contradictory information from suppliers especially about 3 phase power at my home. Had to speak to energy provider for correct info. Found your website really helpful for lots of information. Thank you. Maybe more advice about 3 phase? You have some but it seems to vary state to state. Show additional information
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I sent this email to you on Feb 17:

I used your website to assist my mother, who is the director for an organisation with an office in West Perth and they wanted to get solar on their roof. I work in Sydney, and I'm in the field of solar research, hence I wanted to support her with the process. For that purpose, your website was especially useful for finding out from interstate who would be the best installers to contact in Perth.

Mum had 4 installers come to do site visits and give quotes. This was a hugely valuable process, because each of them picked up on different things, had different perspectives and reasonings for their recommendations. For example, whether to tilt or not, where to put the inverter, how to deal with the clip lock roof, how to even get the panels up onto the roof (cherry picker vs crane), whether to cover the whole roof or only half because of partial afternoon shading. Each of them said different things! But the process was so helpful for my mum. She learnt a lot by talking to them all. The 4 who came were Infinite, Technaus, Clean NRG and Advanced. In the end the board decided to go with the quote from Infinite, but my mum was personally very impressed by and could connect well with the man from Technaus - he had a very sensible, genuine and non-salesman sort of approach. Both the other companies contributed good ideas too, but for various reasons their quotes were not the most competitive in the end.
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* Had to negotiate to achieve equitable payment terms, as the company seemed to believe that getting paid before the installation is complete and working is the way to go. Even after agreeing the terms, there was some further discussion on how to measure and judge the installation, once working.
* Requested and received a performance output specific to the residence, not generic.
* Did choose a system that is battery ready, allegedly, so that when battery pricing becomes reasonable it should be able to be fitted with a minimum of fuss.
* Every buyer needs to do research on solar systems that are commercially available so that you can compare the different offerings.
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Very Professional team so far. My system is being fitted on 24/3 really excited about this.
Chris my sales person was excellent and more then happy to answer all my questions.
Hoping the all goes well on the 24th March.
Solar quotes was also great whilst I was doing my recerch so informative, thank you Finn.
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I had an illegal cold call from a company that asked "Do you have solar yet?" I say illegal because we are on the DoNotCall register. I played them to find out who they were. I organised an appointment to see who came round. Euro Solar. Their "Quote" was an order form and when i refused to sign the salesman explained that i could cancel in the 10 day cooling off period. I still refused to sign. The order form said they were members of the CEC and displayed the logo. They aren't, according to the CEC. I told the sales rep that his practices were illegal in the building industry and i suspect in his as well. Under contracts law, small contracts like this are required to spell out what is being quoted on and the final price must be included and that price can never be exceeded. I don't know if the situation in W.A. is the same nationally but if it is, it would just need some convictions to happen to start cleaning up the industry. We also have a body called the Builders Registration Board. The consumer has very good protection if they use a registered builder. I also believe that it is illegal for a builder to not be registered. Same for painters. This body would be a very good role model if you want to go down this path.
I also got a quote from Synergy. They are not members of the CEC claiming that it is an industry body and membership proves nothing. Same same in building with HIA and others, so i understood that. Their Terms Of Business were eleven pages long and full of legalese which basically said if the s,,t hits the fan i am liable. I wanted to go with them as they are also the electricity provider and so i expected that their installation would comply with the power provider's (their own) requirements and they would wear liability. Not so! This put them in the same camp as all other quoters. Their panels were good but Infinite Energy's were better for close to the same price. I went with Infinite Energy.
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Didn't give the best price upfront Show additional information
Your service of information was extremely useful in discussion with other companies.
Shame only CBA gave us the quote and the other 2 didn't even follow up when left messages.
Infinite Energy we came across through locals that had also installed solar panel and they are more than happy to do the travel. Been great.
Solar Hart came out then failed to provide the quote with us.
Again it is a weakness on companies to want business and companies thinking customers are dreamers and not serious of what they want.

You have done well and appreciate your help in this step forward for us of saving money.

Thanks Again
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We printed out the information on your webpage and took it along to the meeting. The representative was impressed by the questions we asked and wondered if they had come from Finn Peacock! He was happy to go through the package and we could compare what he said with the information you provided regarding makes of solar panels and inverters. We have also gone for a solar hot water system using a heat pump. In for a penny ... Show additional information
About 3 years ago we bought this sytem to add to an existing 1.6 kw. All trouble-free until the inverter failed last year. Again, InfiniteEnergy was immediately on the case to get the replacement (although the manufacturer -- ABB -- lost the order at one stage, causing delays).
I would definitely use Infinite again.
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We chose the Sunpower panels for the longer (25 years) product warranty in addition to the usual 25 years performance warranty. We are close to the beach and corrosion is a real problem. Also, as the Sunpower panels are more efficient, we didn't need as many panels on the roof (20 vs 24).

The installation team were great, arrived when they were supposed to, were very friendly and communicated well about what they were doing and sought my input whenever they had a query about location of equipment etc. Due to the high winds that had come up by the time they were ready to put the panels up, for safety reasons, they had to come back another day and again they were on time and kept me informed.

There were some teething problems with the technology communicating between the inverter, the smart meter, Fronius Ap and Fronius website for the first few weeks, but with help from Infinite Energy, a Whirlpool forum and a bit of trial and error we eventually got it working. We can now monitor our production and consumption and analyse how much energy each appliance is using. This was very frustrating at the time and could have been managed better by Infinite and the installers.

While the system has only been in for a little over a month, thus far we are very happy with the outcome.
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The sales rep, Justin, was excellent, returning my emails promptly - right up to when I paid the full cost, then crickets. My emails were ignored. I paid just after the installation to take advantage of a $50 discount, but Infinite Energy had not yet connected my Solar Edge Inverter to the Solar Edge web site so that I could get readings. That took another 4 days, after I managed to contact another Infinite Energy rep. However, it seems that I'm not entitled to monitor data from individual panels, only the inverter, but Infinite Energy does the panel monitoring instead.

Otherwise I'm happy with my system (Solar Edge SE5000 Backup inverter with 19 Canadian Solar panels). I hope to install a 5kWh battery when the prices have dropped somewhat.
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1) Salesman gave a professional presentation, came armed with technical data sheets, and the next morning emailed me quotes comparing 3 systems
2) Bureaucracy at Synergy (W Australia) unbelieveable-delayed process by over a week
3) Application lodged with Western Power mid-December 2016. Still awaiting installation approval mid-January 2017
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Your site was extremely helpful and I would just like to say thank you and keep up the good work. Show additional information
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Be careful what you are told about adding to an existing system. There is a lot of advice out there and not all is true. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what can and can't be done especially when rebates are involved. Show additional information
Just that we are very pleased Show additional information
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Only one company turned up to quote. On the positive, they have bene very professional to this point (system not yet installed). Show additional information
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James was excellent in his sales pitch and extremely helpful after installation in setting up the wifi Overall Infinite Energy were extremely professional and easy to work with Show additional information
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A briefing email was forwarded outlining the various aspects of the installation process. Expected time of arrival and completion of the installation process. Forewarning of any potential problems that may occur ie; Broken roof tiles and having spare tiles on hand if required ( 2 in my case ), Inverter placement etc.
On completion of the installation process I was taken through the setup procedures for connection to my WiFi system and now have instant feedback on how the system is operating.
Overall the process was handled with smooth efficiency and I was very happy with the workmanship of the crew involved.
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Thanks for all your advice Finn, it really helped!! without your impartial advice I would have been lost. Show additional information
This is a solid company in for the long haul. They aren't the cheapest but they are value for money, using quality components. I have used their main rival in WA for another system in rural WA and there is variation across companies. Part of the problem is the sales people who don't have enough specialist knowledge and have a formulaic approach to problems. (eg partial shading: "use microinverters"). Just ask to be put through to the technical people if this happens, as you are still doshing out a fair bit of money. I reckon $3900 for a Fronius inverter and Canadian Solar panels for 3kW is fair value (just don't show me this in a year's time). Show additional information
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Would be better to do this after the installation. Show additional information
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It's a minefield out there and even with lots of research we were never sure of who to select as our supplier. This website really helped us with our decision making process. Job now done so now we wait!! Show additional information
We were very happy with everything. but i am still waiting for the paperwork regarding warranty etc. assuming we are supposed to get some?. i have asked once and it has been some time. Show additional information
Infinite Energy were excellent. They were ready to install the system in just over a week from signing up.
All the information they provided was accurate and detailed.
Price was very competitive - I had another supplier quote the same system components and they were more than 30% more expensive.
Installers arrived on time and the install was very quick and professionally done.
All round a very positive experience
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