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Kluem Electrical Services is a family owned and run business, providing Western Australia with electrical solutions in:

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At Kluem Electrical Services, we strive for industry excellence and are committed to providing our clients with high levels of customer service, whilst offering quality products, cost-effective and renewable solutions.

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First class experience from a small company of skilled enthusiasts

SolarQuotes included Kluem ES along with two other premium installers here in Perth. As a small, relatively new, company with few reviews, I was inclined to pick one of the others based on their ratings and longer time in business. However, I ultimately went with Kluem and, now about 2 months after the install, I'm glad I did and recommend them without reservation.

Pricing note: Adding Solar Analytics with lifetime monitoring added about $600 to the total system price given elsewhere in this review.

As a bit of a computer nerd and solar enthusiast (I had installed my first system 10 yrs ago in San Francisco and self-installed a DIY monitoring system), I had some specific requirements to evaluate. E.g. I wanted to add SolarAnalytics, which everyone was happy to do, but most wanted to talk me out of. I wasn't sure about a battery. I was trying to maximise the panel distribution for late afternoon sun to optimise for local consumption rather than peak power output. This meant some horizontal mounting rather than the default vertical.

My sales contact Chris at Kluem encouraged these questions and was happy to take them seriously, discuss them, and quote a few scenarios (e.g. battery + overbuilt panels). He stayed on top of the details, unlike the competition, for example, by including the discussed horizontal layout on the quote vs a standard layout from the other bidders with a verbal "Oh don't worry, we'll adjust it on the day".

This was all happening mid October '21, as panel supply constraints, in particular, were beginning to bite. Once I made a final decision, Chris sweated the details, including the Solar Analytics hardware & add-ons, to source it all for an install that happened very fast, but with no pressure at any stage in the process.

On install day, Mark and his team showed their professionalism (and good humour :) ). Clearly they've done lots of installs before (apparently quite a bit under contract to other companies), and the day proceeded with the ease that only comes with lots of prior repetition and experience. I'm no builder, but they appeared to take their time to do things carefully and correctly. For example, we discussed the inverter location tradeoffs, bearing in mind a potential future battery. Negatives of my proposed panel layout were raised (winter shading from a neighbour's tree revealed by a phone app from the rooftop). Conduit was thoughtfully and carefully placed with everything lined up "just right", certainly enough to satisfy most minor OCD concerns. Mark enjoyed geeking out on the Solar Analytics package and was as curious as I was to see it all working.

In terms of pricing and components, I ended up with a slightly better inverter and panels than similar priced competitors' bids. The big companies' low bids were no-frills inverters with average performing panels, while the higher quality panels & inverters were quite a bit more expensive than Kluem.

After the install, Kluem has followed up a couple of times since to check that everything is performing as expected - and also to get my feedback on Solar Analytics as they explore it for some of their other systems.

While only time will tell if Kluem stay in business long enough to provide warranty service if needed in 10 years, I was willing to take that risk and so far I would make the exact same decision again. Recommended.
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