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Most recent update (having lived with the system for 25 months):
Value for Money: 4*
Quality of System: 5*
Installation: 5*
Customer Service: 4*
Has the system performed to your expectations? Yes. After 2-years I have recouped 67% of my total outlay. Expecting to recoup the rest within the next year - as per expectation. My neighbor has a PV system twice the size of mine, and we regularly compare electricity generation notes to confimr both our systems are running as per expectations.
Inverter Brand: Sharp
Inverter Rating: 4*
Inverter Comments:
How do I rate an inverter?? To the consumer, it either works or it doesn't. All I can say is that it works, has not broken down, does not make any humming, whistling, or other noises. It works, if that means it good, then rating "good"
Solar Panel Brand: Sharp
Solar Panel Rating: 4*
Solar Panel Comments:
As per comments above re the inverter....

Kevin's Original Review (18 August 2010):

Have you bought a solar system since you got your quote? Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with? Origin Solar
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes? Best Quality System
Other - see below:
The supplier is only one part of the whole deal. It is important to get someone that can be trusted, but also to get panels that are supported by a local distributor (not just the installer). From the quotes I received, there were as many brands of solar panel as there were installers. Some chinese-made panels came from companies that have been manufacturing for only 5-10 years - how can the quality of their products be proven over this short period of time! Hence for me it was the manufacturer (brand) of the panel that weighed heavily. For this reason, I chose an installer that provided panels from a brand that I knew.
What size system did you go for? 1.5kW
How much did you spend? $3000 to $6000
Value for Money: 4*
Quality of System: 5*
Installation: 5*
Customer Service: 4*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?
Ray from Nicholls Solar provided a competitive, complete and professional quote and was a pleasure to talk to - I would recommend them if you are happy with the panels they supply.

Thumbs-down to LJWSolar on the other hand - they waited too long before calling me about my quote request (after I had already signed-up with another supplier), and then proceeded to tell me what a bad choice I had made and why I should have signed-up with them- sounded like sour-grapes to me.