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About SKY POWER ENERGY, Solar Installers

SKY POWER ENERGY is a Solar Power Installation company based in Hoppers Crossing and serves Vic. . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes


We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Charles Zammit was a delight to deal with. We had our solar system installed within 3 weeks of our initial meeting and we were very happy with the quote that he provided. The installation crew were great guys and very easy to deal with. Very happy with the end product. Thank you very much, we are now on our way to greatly reducing our power bills. Show additional information
We found Charles to be honest and informative and is a local company. The electrical installers were very informative as well as they work for other companies as well and gave us a bit of an incite of who not to choose to buy from. We got prices from companies from the home show and they were really expensive as they tried to sell top of the range systems. With all the info I have researched I found 20/265 Watt Jinko MX panels and Fronius inverter to be a good quality and reliable system.We could of got away with a 4KW system but i like to add a bit more for eventualities, knowing power companies and Governments, that's not a bad idea. On a bright sunny day it produces well over 5KW, sunny day with high cloud cover 3.5KW to 4.2KW average out put.These readings were taken at about 1.00pm at peak performance. We have 10 panels facing north and 10 on the west side due to roof configuration. Charles gave us a few choices on different panels and prices from other tier 1 panel suppliers, so with a lot of research we chose Jinko MX and the Fronius inverter with a 10 year guarantee. This system will easy pay for it self in under 5 years, you really need to do your home work to get the balance right. I would like to thank Finn and his team for a fantastic web site and the hard work they do in compiling all this information, they are happy to help in all aspects. You can also get more info from the Choice website as well, that had panel testing results which was handy in choosing the right panels.
Would like to thank Charles and his team from Sky Power Energy for a great job well done, and i'm very happy with my choices I made.
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An addendum to a posting a couple of months ago.

The installation is 15 x 270 watt Canadian Tier 1 solar panels each connected to Enphase S-Series microinverters and then to an Enphase Envoy S-Metered 'gateway'. The Enphase Envoy is accessed through the Enphase MyEnlighten app in my iPad. The Envoy feeds into the internet via the wifi here, with the performance of the individual panels able to be monitored worldwide.

Though it took a couple of months to get it working properly, the final link in my ability to monitor performance was completed last week when the Jemena smart meter began to show both consumption and feed-in when the meter is accessed on-line.

During the period the system has been operating we have been able to determine the least costly (best) time to use the high load appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine and only use the gas fire to supplement reverse cycle air conditioning, particularly sitting around the 'fire' at night.

The cost savings in reduced gas and electricity from the grid are already apparent.

Summarised, at this stage very satisfied.
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The installation ended up taking more than double the amount of time quoted due to problems with scheduling of installers but the job was very well done. When the inspection was done the inspector commented on the high quality of the system we had purchased and the high quality and neatness of the installation. Overall we are very happy with the purchase process and the end result. Show additional information
Was great friendly communication and information from Sales rep, Manager and Installers. The Installers were quick and did an excellent job, very clean and the finished job looks great. Thanks SolarQuotes and Finn Peacock. Show additional information
Great experience. Charles from Sky Power was brilliant to deal with. Listened to what we wanted and ended up saving money by going through Charles.
System running brilliantly. Installers brilliant. Hope to connect to grid soon to feed back into grid and save more money.
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Like everyone else, I really didn't know how I was going to choose which quote to go with, but in the end it was easy. Charles Zammit from Sky Power Energy took the time to explain everything. The system he chose for me was a quality one (based on the information on the SolarQuotes website) and a price that I expected and thought fair (based on SolarQuotes figures). The installers selected by Charles were reliable and cleaned up afterwards. I had a few leaks after a very heavy storm, and Charles and Mel promptly attended to the issue. I am so happy I finally have solar, and I couldn't be more pleased with the whole process. Deepest thanks to all involved. Show additional information
Charles promised and delivered a quality system at an excellent price.
From quote to install was only 4 weeks meaning we could benefit from our Melbourne summer and start making electricity quickly.
The installers were awesome, no mess left behind and our 20 panels were fitted to ensure the overall look of the property was not diminished in any way,
they also did a great job with the cable connections between the panels, inverter and main fuse box.
Our 5kW system consistently delivers an average 30kWH per day with a peak seen of 40.5kWH.
Would highly recommend.
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Very smooth from cradle to grave! Show additional information
Used the "local blokes" They spent a lot of time to make sure we got it right. Show additional information
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Appreciated the expert advice from Charles Zammit, plus very good and comprehensive quote, and most of all the installation was done within 2 weeks by excellent certified solar electricians. Charles personally supervised all aspects to ensure the process ran smoothly and on time. Price was very competitive and coupled with service from Charles and Issy from Eco Star Electrical made for a happy satisfied purchaser. The carbonTRACK installation enabled me to see clearly total electricity used, solar electricity generated, grid electricity used, solar electricity used and solar electricity exported. TOO EASY! At the moment 32% of my total electricity used was powered by my solar!! Show additional information
Still waiting for the Government people to connect to their grid. Have been advised that although the usage charge Is around 1.60 per kW hr, the refund for excess power generated Is around 5 cents per kw hr. Seems like a bit of a rip-off, but there you go! Got to love the government! Show additional information
Amazing customer service followed up with professional installation. Answered all of my questions, great product knowledge & took the time to explain solar to me so I completely understood my purchase. Kept me informed throughout the entire process & has kept in contact since install to make sure all is running smoothly. Couldn't be happier with this company & it's service. Everything ran smoothly from initial contact through to after installation care Show additional information
Charles from Sky Power was great, came to my house explained the system and the type and size he proposed and why.
Provided any information and detail I asked for and stayed in contact and updated me on when the installation was to happen.
Charles followed up the installation with another visit to check on the completed works.
Would recommend Sky Power to anyone who wishes to install solar.

The price was very competitive and quality products were used.
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From start to finish the solar installation has been made a simple process. Very happy with the work that has been done and how quickly it has all been organised and completed. Can't thank Sky Power Energy enough! Show additional information
Although I am happy with my supplier with his service and had address all my questions and concerns. I still have an outstanding issue, the certified installer that he quoted didn't turn-up during the installation day nor check the finished work after. Then an additional question I had when a CES was issued because I didn't hear anything that the inspection was happening. They did rang me and explained that the installer normally arranges the inspection. And the inspector might have checked it without me knowing but then they couldn't have accessed the property. They are raising my concern to the installer and have told me that they are going to get back to me. That was yesterday. So will wait and see. Show additional information
Charles Zammit from Sky Power Energy offered a cheaper system at first but when I requested a better quality system he was happy to provide the panels and inverter I wanted. He kept me informed throughout the process and the installation by Robert Kirkpatrick (the electrician) and his offsider was very professional. The total time from receiving a quote to installation was only two weeks. Everything went very smoothly and I can recommend Charles and Robert to do a hassle free professional job. Show additional information
Mr Zammit was extremely polite and went to great lengths to ensure we understood and were happy before we even decided. Show additional information
Skypower Energy are professional and know what they are talking about. The installers did a great job and answered any questions I had during the day and cleaned up when finished. I would recommend this company to anyone, at least for a quote. Show additional information
Charles runs a small local service in Hoppers Crossing. He attended on time to quote, listened to what we wanted and tried to work in with us throughout the process. The installer inspected the site before hand, was also on time, efficient and cleaned up properly afterwards. From quote to installation took two weeks only. Inspection took another two weeks and unfortunately AGL took another three. Even though the paperwork was submitted on the day of inspection (not very happy at all with their service at this time) . Jemna on the other hand only took three days to re-program my smart meter.

Would highly recommend Charles Zammit to be considered when looking for quotes.
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